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Found 14 results

  1. Which theory of time travel do you think is more accurate? -If you go back in time and do something, it wouldn't cause anything in the future to change because it had already happened. (eg. In Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and in Artemis Fowl and the Time Paradox) -If you go back in time and do something the future will change drasticly. I think the first theory is more accurate because if the second theory was correct and you kill your grandfather or something you wouldn't exist to go in time and kill your grandpa.
  2. If there any code or way to edit the save to reactivate pokemon that just sppear once and are gone when you catch them like the Legendary Birds and the Regi's in Platinum and Darkri, Shaymin, Acerus, Cresilia, Rotom, Regigigas, Gratina, Digalga, Pilkia, and the pixies I want to reactivate them, expically the Regi's and the the Birds in my Platinum game. Thanks for your time.
  3. I need a Latias thats legit(tradeable on the GTS) i tried using pokesav and using the legit check and it sai wasn't legit Edit: forgot to put, can it be in a .pkm file Please? Thanks
  4. I've been playing with PokeSav for a while now but usually only to add a few items or a rare Pokemon to my game for the Pokedex entry. I wanted to try making my first legit Pokemon as a request for a friend, so I followed the guide, checked the file with legal etc and everything said it was ok. When I load my game up, I notice the Pokemon is in an egg and it says "Bad Egg". I've attached 2 images in the spoiler above, if anyone has time just to have a quick look to see what the error is I would really appreciate it. :smile: P.S. Friend wanted a light ball so I attached it to Larvitar, and h
  5. I'm pretty much a new guy around here and I don't have an AR whatsoever. For those of you who can assist me, I request for my Diamond version:
  6. Does anyone know when does pokemon sunday air? except at 7:30 am which was 2 hours ago to me because i found this program which lets me watch tv stations in tokyo and i want to watch pokemon sunday on it. NOTE: am i allowed to post how to watch it and not get an infraction? cuz you need to download this 1 program.
  7. The reason it was so successful was due to all the new innovations it introduced The following is taken from IGN http://ds.ign.com/articles/980/980866p1.html Color The colors, Duke, the colors! Yeah yeah, big deal, right kids? But for those of us who played Pokemon when it only had two colors – olive green and puke – getting to see an actual yellow Pikachu was a big freaking deal. As simple as it was, the Game Boy Color made the world of Johto come alive. Luckily for late adopters (and my little brother) the games worked on the greyscale Game Boy too. Clock and Calendar Gold and Silver w
  8. It was unforgivable and could only be remedied by banishing him to the Alternate Dimension. So, what was this "violent" act Giratina did that resulted in Arceus laying down the ban-hammer?
  9. So like, we totally need to get people playing this game. Maybe we could setup weekly questing sessions? Or just get together and play the story mode? I need people to play with, is what I'm trying to say you guys.
  10. I need some one with a digital camera and moderate editing skills, with the ability to hack pokemon, I request a battle to show all of EmoDisc's ability, previously not well shown. In this battle you must: Own an english version of platinum. Attack it with super effective moves against water type. Attack it with a fighting or normal type move. Attack it with a 1 hit KO move. Make legendary pokemon kids love look bad. If you are interested or have any interesting ideas, PM me. This will be the final video, so I'd like it to look interesting.
  11. Okay hi, I'm Deuryn, I'm new here. I won't be around too much, but when I am, I'll be behind you... Doin stuff.
  12. I'll also be very close to a Pokemon store. Hopefully. In other words, I might be the one to upload projectpokemon's 2009 Tanabata Jirachi (gleee!). Random question. If I accept it with my real cartridge and transfer it to my flashcart, will any data be lost? inb4 "why not just get two, one with the real cart and one with the flashcart?" Just in case its a one-per-person deal and they shoo me out as soon as I get it.
  13. Hello, as on the old forum i hope to deepen my knowledge about Pokemon, Pokemon hacking and have fun with you . Glad to follow you on this new, pratical forum
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