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  1. I'll try to get the save onto my computer this weekend to explore. I do still have a few Pokemon with my original trainer/secret ID on my pearl to copy over and can make reasonable assumptions as to when I caught everything else (Starter was on my birthday in 2010, I remember the days of the week and roughly when in the month in 2010 I got the other things in my team so can use old calendars to piece together), so worst case scenario I could use AR Codes to catch them and then edit them in PkHex to have virtually identical data to how they were, though exploring the save sounds more promising and interesting.
  2. Just a thought regarding finding them in the save; Action replay codes exist allowing you to capture enemy Pokemon. Would such a code be an easier solution? Also how would they react to trainer house Pokemon, are OTs retained? Gosh all these questions make me really wish I had access to his save now as even beyond me getting similar copies of my old Pokemon, I'm just curious now.
  3. Thank you so much this is so useful! Concerning the save itself its just that I dont have his save specifically backed up yet sorry I didn't phrase my original post very well. In terms of reading from memory, I'm a little inexperienced. Can desmume do this directly or would I need a second hex reader running in the background?
  4. I don't see an option for the trainer house teams in PKHeX, though the saves I currently have access to don't have anything stored in there which may be a contributing factor. I haven't been able to find any info online that there is an option in PKHeX to view trainer house data, so am unsure what to do when I do manage to back the save up.
  5. Heya! Without going into too much detail, I lost my heart gold copy in 2013 and lost what was on my team, however my friend still has my teams data in the trainer house of his heart gold from back when we used to use the Pokewalker with each other. He let me back his save onto my computer, and I am now curious if anyone would have any idea as to how to extract my Pokemon data off the save. Thanks!
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