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  1. Did you get it to work? Otherwise I can help you with the japanese. みんな is under ひと ハッピー is under きもち かんたん is under きもち つうしん is under つうしん I play my game with kanji not hiragana and my words come up like that so your menu should be written the same way.
  2. I was asked by a friend to record the intro to Black&White so he had at least something while suffering the long way for the game to come out in English and then thought there might be others that also would wanna see it. http://www.videofy.me/kiminostyle/?vid=126631 I think it's a great game but am being mopey about my starter choice, I should have tried water for a change but went with safe fire. So lame of me. Anyway, enjoy for those that wanted to see! I added some gameplay to the end, not much just a tiny bit to show what it looks like without spoiling.
  3. So now I wanna play the trading card game and I have cards at home but no energy cards or so just Pokemon. How should I think when I choose starter deck? Should I have the deck I want to build in mind or is the starters so default that it really doesn't matter and I can just grab one with the special Pokemon I would think is cool to have?
  4. I can only speak for myself but I am not scared of the Nintendo Police.. I just don't want all my 100% legit, legal (and all the other fancy titles that means they are real) Pokemon (that some ar paid for with train fares, movie tickets etc) and all my hours of hard honest work without any stats editing, time editing item editing and so on wont be shot down and denied because others choose to make changes in their games not approved by Nintendo. Thats all. I don't think I'm overreacting at all, I do think though that I could have read the whole thread better and apologize for asking something that had pretty much already been answered. Thank you for the answers. Don't know what I should think though, the only way to find out I guess is to join a tournament and have them check. Or replay my whole game after just transfering the even Pokemons over DS to DS trades..
  5. Now I'm getting nervous.. I haven't used Pokesav to edit any of my Pokemon in anyway.. only thing I did was transfer my save file from my R4 to my bought copy so I wouldn't have to replay the whole thing. When you save a regular save in the game after that (x2 for the backup) the traces should be erased, no?
  6. Haha of course peoplpe, I odn't know why I chose the word human. I think it's been too much video games and too little reality lately. I am not annoyed or anything by the switching.. just a little surprised that I try my hardest to make sure the pokemon I start battle with is strong enough for the whole battle instead of having to switch out. It's interesting.
  7. I did some youtube research, watched battles between humans etc.. and I got a better picture of it now, people seem to also waste rounds on switching Pokemon a lot. So as I suspected it is a whole different fighting style compared to in game or battling your neighbor.
  8. I am one of those who always went for the warrior in RPG games and never the magicians.. so when I went on Pokemon I kind of continued in the same way I always had. Meaning that by my own default my team pokemons had all physical moves and all the leer, taunt etc.. were quickly replaced by the moves that actually inflicts damage on the foes. But now being a complete Pokemon nerd with no turning back, I read and hear that a lot of people include these attack up, defense up, defense down, speed down etc attacks in their ultimate movesets. Using one of these attacks lets your foe attack first and in game it feels like winning is all about the order the attacks come in. You attack first = bigger chance of winning. But if I have a Pokemon that I spent a lot of time breeding, with nice IV stats making up for what it usually lacks by nature (like defense for example) does it really need to have a move that boosts defense anyway? Or if the speed is really high IV wise.. same there do I need to boost it more really? Obviously I have never battled against real people since I'm still too scared, hah, and that's probably why I don't really get it. Sorry for my long rant post.. I just really want to hear what you guys have to say about it?
  9. So in other words.. if I buy one of those cardthings that can read an original DS cart.. can I put my savfile from my R4 card onto the original card? I have been dreaming about being able to do that..
  10. I don't play Platinum but in Pearl I always took it as you HAD to atleast do one contest to continue with the game, you know the gym leaders are NEVER where they should be *sigh* but of course I could be wrong.
  11. Myume

    TM Moves!

    Well then it makes more sense to me, for some reason I used to have the idea that everyone used their original Pokemon.. but it's kind of impossible to EV train them as you use them to complete the game. Is that so? Then maybe TMs aren't as limited as I thought. I'm thinking it would be fun to make a team and do some battles, take it to the next level you know ; D Thank you a lot!
  12. Myume

    TM Moves!

    Thank you, I did actually know this but for some reason didn't think of it at all. I suppose most people play the game with their Pokemon and then decides their favorites etc and then breeed/recatch/trade a new one and THEN do the EV training and TMs and such? Battletrainers that is..?
  13. Myume

    TM Moves!

    Thank you for your detailed post! Hacking does sound like a more suitable word for it. I guess I should think about what I want out of my team before I decide the rest. It seems like the smartest way to have them work together than make them all strong by themselves and then pairing them. You go from one day thinking it's only about catching them all.. Pokemon just gets more and more fun.
  14. Thanks everyone : ) Well, hehe, yes it was a tiny relief when I was able to actually understand the games I was playing and also the choices became insane. It's a pity how the rest of the world doesn't even get a fingernail of the games we have here.
  15. Myume

    TM Moves!

    Well yeah I think it is kind of.. but somehow I still approve of it, like you said for those reasons, makes life a little easier. I figured, I googled it and found the website, thanks for the tip!
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