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  1. Don't think so, but blender might be able to help, never used it, but I think it can
  2. Does anyone have an XY save file before the gym battle with olympia?
  3. Huh, I guess I didn't see that. Thanks for the fast response.
  4. Is anyone able to get the team city builds? I can't seem to access them. I click log in as guest, and they aren't there. Were they removed?
  5. Thank you all so much! They work great!
  6. Ok, so if I have this right, Make the pokemon in pokegen with moves from the gen it was supposed to come from, bring the pokemon to phkex, edit the moves, and save?
  7. Oh! I see! So pokegen is still the best for the older generations.
  8. Thank you! BTW, How did you generate the PID, The input box seems too small to hold any.
  9. How would I find a valid PID? Also, it seems even if I just give it pound, it says the moves is illegal.
  10. In this forum, I recommend reading the rules at the top of this section to learn the request format.
  11. Hi, I would like a Legal shiny faraway island mew. No matter how much I try, it keeps getting flagged as illegal. If it helps, here's the one being flagged as illegal. FarawayMewShiny.pk7
  12. The problem was that it decompressed as x.x.darc It compressed if I renamed it to x.darc
  13. When I decompressed the GARC, it looked like this. [ATTACH=CONFIG]12823[/ATTACH] I recompressed it and it looks the same.
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