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  1. I did the thing on Mac, but I know it's similar: you have to install (in order) Python Qt library SIP extension for python PyQt extension for python. These are the dependencies for PPRE. The windows edition is a package that includes already all the stuff, so you don't need to install. I suggest you to checkout the svn repository for the latest PPRE and NOT to build yourself the Qt library if you don't want your computer to waste a day. For the other components you should try to install first from your package manager, and only if you don't find them, you have to download the source packages and via terminal build them with the well known ./configure && make && sudo make install. Good luck.
  2. The immense power freed by earth shall remind us how little do we know of it. For all the improvements done by technology in the latest years, no one has found out the earthquake. Despite the earthquake, the tsunami made the worse damage, as I've been said. Considering Japan being 'ready' since they are in a seismic area, I get how little chances has other countries to endure such an event. May the number of fallen stop, they are already too much.
  3. LeoI

    Use on mac

    Initially I used wine, but it kept being difficult and not user-friendly. I am not the one who don't face with trouble, but adding windows' one to mac... till I discovered Crossover (last: v10). Okay, it's not the free one, but works with pokegen.
  4. I have found some iteresting thing at apointlessplace.net wondermail s codes has been hacked!
  5. A friend of mine has tried comparing an unpacked patched rom (Japanese!) with another unpatched. Rudolph patch seems to change 3 bytes in overlay 001 and 112 (if I remember well...). Comparing other language rom with one japanese appeared that other have one more overlay file. Sizes are not compatible and if you try to put japanese overlay in non-japanese rom, it will crash. We are trying to develop a program that allow us to save the structure of files in a rom when we unpack it (ndstool repack it, but put files alphabetically).
  6. I tried searching them with google, but I think I didn't found the right things. Can you add links?
  7. Does anyone knows cheats for PMD3 or has advices on how I should work? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I would be one of the best programmers if I could download ideas from my brain.
  8. I want to try to edit sav of the new game. I want to know if I can use progress made for older games, after I check that they work also in this version. I hope I'm not going to do it without other's help (especially by evandixon that has worked to PMD 2).
  9. I need one for HG. I tried to put it on with bokesav, but until there are Mistery Gift, I can't do it!
  10. There is a way to get the Arceus Event? I tried to import the .pkm but obviously it didn'work.
  11. Here are other offsets ( I obtained them searching for DP save structure) 0x08 - 0x0B: save count 0x0C - 0x0D: unused
  12. You should try with an Hex Editor... i tried with the platinum one, but i added bytes and it after did not work. I suggest you HxD. If you x7l7j8cc are italian, I think i can explain you better than in English. You have to search into the program the Japanese name of a pokemon/item/etc (it should start with a dot) and after you change the bytes of the name typing the italian name. be careful to fit the text without overwriting the dots... and also don't add bytes or the program won't work (it didn't worked when i did that). Remember to save and try your changes often.
  13. Yesterday I found the Pokemon HG-SS roms (and they work!) so I want to make a program that allow to edit save files as Pokesav or PPSE. I will try, but I'm not good in Python or C# so I hope I'll have help. Since I haven't ever done things as these, please notice me if I need particular programs or files.
  14. The iDeaS emulator has a plugin to connect wirelessly. I haven't ever tried it, so I don't know how to use it.
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