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  2. You're better off using Synthesis over Ingrain, to gain 50% health in normal weather, and 100% health in sun back.
  3. Looks like a solid team actually. Somewhat weak to stall, but you also have Celebi and Suicune to handle that. Good job bro!!!
  4. There is no need for Flash Cannon on Heatran, you should use Explosion instead. Starmie would be better with Life Orb instead, so you can get to do strong damage and flexibility. I don't think you need to worry that much about Breloom in your team, but it's all up to you. You're also in trouble against Infernapes, Scizors and Gyarados... try to prepare counters for them.
  5. Sword Dance Lucario and Sword Dance Scizor can destroy your whole team after a Life Orb Sword Dance. Lucario's Extremespeed and Scizor's Bullet Punch 1HKO everything except for Lucario and Blissey (not 100% sure about the ladder though). Also don't expect Lucario to be able to stop Scizor or survive Extremespeed if your Lucario is not with a lot of health still. I guess I should say that you're weak to offense and stall, which you could somewhat break using Gliscor w/ Earthquake, Toxic, Taunt and Roost
  6. Here's a list of possible Blissey sets. I know it's really confusing, but err I'll break it down into the options. Blissey - Bold @ Leftovers and always 252 Defense Seismic Toss/Thunderbolt Softboiled/Wish/Rest Aromatherapy/Protect/Flamethrower/Ice Beam/Counter Toxic/Stealth Rock/Thunderwave/Flamethrower/Heal Bell/Calm Mind/ice Beam/Protect/Counter OK. Again this is confusing but I think it could help you out. Seismic Toss should be on every Blissey set that isn't running Calm Mind or a set that has boosted in Special Attack to counter threats. (Since I don't recommend either to be used, best stick with Seismic Toss) Softboiled doesn't need explanation. Wish is if you want to heal the party or you like to make the Toxic stalling set with Wish/Protect/Toxic/Seismic Toss. Wish should ALWAYS be used with Protect. Rest may seem pointless on Blissey since you can't do anything for two turns after, but Blissey has Natural Cure (of course it would have, it wasn't already unfair to begin with) and when it switches out, it's healed from status (Sleep) This is if you're going for a set meant to attack Pokes, and switch out instead of the usually stalling. Aromatherapy heals the team, I could babble for a long time on how good this move is. Protect should only be used if you also have Wish, Toxic, or Counter. As it's also a great scouting move. Flamethrower is there to hurt steel types and also damage Ghosts who think they can Sub behind against a Blissey. Ice Beam is for Salamence and Gliscor... Both who should be 1HKO'd with Stealth Rock unless they are Roosting. Counter is just optional, and if you think about it, Blissey has such high special defense that it's physical attack bait. This move could actually 1HKO some things like Swampert who attacks you with Earthquake or a bulky Gyarados with Waterfall Toxic shouldn't need explanation on a wall like this who can't do too much direct damage, and is especially useful to wear down walls, Swampert, Vaporeon, Hippowdon, Zapdos, etc Stealth Rock is just there to let you know it can learn it, if you're using mostly offense and don't have other Stealth Rock users or something. Thunderwave is mostly for countering fast threats, Salamence, Gengar, Lucario, Infernape, etc. Flamethrower again for Steels. Heal Bell if you're using Wish/Protect, but it doesn't allow you to use Aromatherapy with it. Calm Mind if you're using special attacks with it and actually want to try the CM set. Ice Beam was previously mentioned for its uses, as well as Counter and Protect. And below are the sets you should actually use. Bold @ Leftovers Wish Protect Seismic Toss Toxic/Heal Bell/Counter Bold @ Leftovers Seismic Toss Softboiled Aromatherapy/Flamethrower Toxic/Thunderwave Modest @ Life Orb Thunderbolt Ice Beam Flamethrower Rest This last one is just for fun, but still usable and surprisingly usable.
  7. Actually, it does on Shoddy, but I think in the real game whenever a Pokemon faints after Wish within turn 1 and 2 of Wish being used, it's not meant to work. As if something is phased away via Roar/Whirlwind.
  8. You're teams weak to offensive users, and also needs at least one mixed attacker. It's very late and I'm tired right now, but I suggest that you use Drain Punch, Substitute, Bulk Up and Ice Punch on Gallade, Lucario would owrk, but needs a custum team if you're going for Calm Mind. The subject changed multiple times, but what is your actual team atm?
  9. I don't see the reason for adding Shadow Ball, seeing that most things take a lot from Psychic and it could use the coverage from Hidden Power-Fighting or Ground(for max speed) Also this set isn't excatly unique
  10. For the Rain Dance Swamper: I recommend Hydro Pump a bit more, and the reason is because it may be able to 1HKO some Rotoms, Forretress and Skarmorys, and seeing that you'd be using many other things with Surf or other water moves, you'd be better off with the risk due to the turn limits of Rain Dance. Also you could add a bit of speed to Swampert to be fatser then Machamp and Blissey (32 btw) Anyways this is a really nice set! (Sorry, I somehow messed up and the set was way before my post)
  11. Hm... Blizzard seems like a cool set,but make sure to have something for Tyranitar and Heatran.
  12. Hm... I don't see why you'd add Choice Scarf and Sword Dance. To be honest the set really doesn't look too good. Flare Blitz, Stone Edge/Thunder Punch, Superpower, and Earthquake is what I'd recommend.
  13. There seems to be a lot of upgrades that needed to be done. Metagross has limited use for Zen Headbutt, so I recommend that you use Stealth Rock over it. (Stealth Rock should be used in every team BTW) You should also consider using Explosion over Thunder Punch, it hurts many things for a 1HKO and Metagross does have the game's strongest Explosion. For you Salamence you could try using Dragon Dance, Substitute, Dragon.Claw and Earthquake. Wielding a Liechi Berry Milotic would be better off using Toxic over Hypnosis. This will allow it to weaken things significantly while using it's bulky defenses and Recover to Toxic stall your opponent It also becomes a Gyarados counter which your team is threatened by. I don't recommend using Electivire due to it's many counters, but if you have to use Electivire, opt for Thuunderbolt, Cross Chop, Hidden Power-Grass and Ice Punch with Life Orb. As for your last poke, you're weak to Infernape, Lucario, Salamence, Gliscor, Heatran Swampert and Skarmory. I suggest using a Choice Scarf Celebi to beat some of these threats. Psychic, Leaf Storm, Earth Power and Trick! Lucario is better off with Sword Dance, Crunch, Extremespeed, and Close Combat. Wielding a Life Orb.
  14. It doesn't. I suggest that you add a team of 6 of these guys and call it your Zelda team. Wraith89 had a Megaman them (awesome BTW) One of my friends had a Color them (creative) and another had a Nazi theme... Go Registeel, Azelf and Xatu!!? Sorry if I offended anyone with the last comment.
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