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  1. I'd like to say hey and cheers to everyone. I like the community you have. I have not seriously used a pokemon game since crystal. Which I loved. I'd love to play some of the newer games like pokemon diamond, or the new hg or ss. My only problem with these is of coarse, I want to use my old team. Which is a lot of hoops to jump through. I'm all for hacking and that's fine means for me however, I'm running a mac that has os x (obviously) and 64bit windows 7. instead of really just tinkering and tampering with everything and learning how to. I was thinking I might just pay some one to do it. One of you, since I understand that you guys do this sometimes. (this project pays 15$) (paypal) but if more than one person is interested, we can have a reverse auction where someone will do it for cheaper and cheeper. (we'll see what happens) I do however have a few things that I want; -The six pokemon requested will have legit stats. (high but not hacking detectable high) -I get a file that is compatible with Visualboy advance. (which shouldn't be a problem) -A save file from both pokemon Heartgold and either Diamond/Pearl/Platinum. That's it. I believe that all my pokemon have legal moves that are appropriate with them. if anyone is interested in making some money, though not a lot please respond here or send me an email at I really appreciate it guys. Hopefully everyone has a great thanksgiving.