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  1. I'm far from a naive idealistic, if anything, I'm a heavily pessimistic with no expectations from anyone. I'm not hiring anybody to work for free, I'm slowly working to accomplish the task all on my own. I've had basic web design classes way back in my early high school years, I've just gotten WAY rusty since then, and barely know what I'm doing with the massive interface overhaul from the version I worked with to CS4. As for the translator, this is a little more complicated. I'll never have the patience to learn a whole new language, as I stopped trying to learn Spanish 20 minutes into my first class way back in middle school, and its not even that hard of a language. Japanese is a whole different story, as there is much more to learn to get a full understanding. I'm not asking for constant help right now so I can work them to the bone with a ton of translations week after week. If someone would help with the 6 basic translations up top, I'd be done for quite a while, these forms are just one of the most important parts in the Dragon Ball universe. I just know that online translator sites and gadgets butcher almost everything. In short, I'm not hiring anyone. I'm not asking you to work 9-5 for no wages, its a volunteer job. You aren't required to do anything, and I'm not expecting anything from anyone. Seriously who would in this day and age? People rarely ever even stop to help those with flat tires on the roadside anymore. But I'm not helpless, and even if it takes me years, I will accomplish it myself. I mean after all, its the same basic principle as this site. Building a database of event Pokemon collected by the fans for those who don't have the means to accomplish their collection on their own. I was just hoping there might be someone out there willing to help a little, if not, it's not a big deal.
  2. You should have to go to the Power Plant, talk to the guy towards the top (that is kinda standing on a platform near the center pit). He will chit chat with you about how the place isn't working. On the way out, you should be stopped by a security guard who mentions that a suspicious person was seen with the part in Cerulean City. Return there to the gym and a grunt should run out the door. Follow him to the nugget bridge to challenge him so that he will reveal where the part is in the gym. After you find the part, you return it to the Power Plant. Then you can go towards Bill's house and interrupt Mistys date (been a while, you may have been able to do that before all this) and challenge her at the gym. After that crap is done by Bill's house, Suicune should appear, but not before every other event in the area is cleared.
  3. Okay, so that was my introduction for me to ask for help. As you can tell, I'm more than a bit of a Dragon Ball fanboy (in addition to my Pokemon fandom), but my downside is that I don't understand a more than a lick of the series original language. I got very few romanji down, and even less kanji, and hiragana...nada. So I need some help with those who have a decent understanding of the language. To be honest, I need more than SOME help, but this will do for now. I either need to find a buddy to be my personal translator/dictionary, or do it myself (which won't happen). Anyway, my later plans are to make a site for all the images and a database detailing all the information needed for DBN, like stuff I clarify for my take on the series, things I've changed or retconned, etc. I want to do this in a similar format to a Wiki, though only in information, not in actual layout. So for starters to get my foot in the door, I need some help translating. To start off, for those who don't know, the original Super Saiyan transformation has 3 actual levels: Super Saiyan (grade 1) Super Saiyan grade 2 Super Saiyan grade 3 The romanji for each level is: Sūpā Saiya-jin (dai ichi-dankai) (Super Saiyan grade 1, aka Super Saiyan) Sūpā Saiya-jin dai ni-dankai (Super Saiyan grade 2) Sūpā Saiya-jin dai san-dankai (Super Saiyan grade 3) Similarly, the kanji for each is: 超サイヤ人 (I'm actually missing the kanji for the "dai ichi-dankai" part if you feel like helping =P) 超サイヤ人第2形態 超サイヤ人第3段階 So to finish it all up this is most wiki's format: Super Saiyan grade 2 (超サイヤ人第2形態, Sūpā Saiya-jin dai ni-dankai; Super Saiyan 1 Stage 2) Now to get to my point (I know, it was a long time coming, huh?), I want to create these stages as a part of my "Fannon" for Super Saiyan 2 and Super Saiyan 3. So I need help translating my intentions. Form: Super Saiyan 2 English: Super Saiyan 2 stage 1 of the second transformation Kanji:??? Romanji:??? Form: Super Saiyan 2 grade 2 English: Super Saiyan 2 stage 2 of the second transformation Kanji: ??? Romanji: ??? Form: Super Saiyan 2 grade 3 English: Super Saiyan 2 stage 3 of the second transformation Kanji: ??? Romanji: ??? Form: Super Saiyan 3 English: Super Saiyan 3 stage 1 of the third transformation Kanji:??? Romanji:??? Form: Super Saiyan 3 grade 2 English: Super Saiyan 2 stage 2 of the third transformation Kanji: ??? Romanji: ??? Form: Super Saiyan 3 grade 3 English: Super Saiyan 3 stage 3 of the third transformation Kanji: ??? Romanji: ??? Any help would be appreciated. Feel free to clean up anything that needs to be fixed, I know Japanese seems to be a very literal language so the removal of certain words just to include the needed information is fine, as long as it fits with the right word style (like how some kanji are different but means the same thing, or vice versa.). I know Guested could probably do this sleeping... lol Sorry for the wall of text, I just didn't want to confuse anyone, which I probably did anyway. And also still looking for someone with experience making a website, preferably in Dreamweaver, or anyone who doesn't mind being bombarded with a ton of questions about the Japanese language.
  4. Nothing right now, and in your case, at all. Its not available in game, and since you already have the crystal, and haven't triggered the event legitimately (via Mystery Gift), it won't work regardless. You'll have to remove it from your game and then get it by Mystery Gift once a PGT is made and the Events section in Pokesav HGSS is opperational, or an AR code is generated for it. Had you got it the right way, you give up the crystal and find out its a Soul Dew, once given the Soul Dew by the examiner and some talking with Steven, the alternate Lati@s of your version will challenge you.
  5. If he were playing Heart Gold, that would be true. In SoulSilver, Ho-Oh is your second bird. I'm not sure if you can go after Ho-Oh as soon as you obtain the Rainbow Wing, or if you have to obtain all of Kanto's badges first. I personally can't say as I always do all of Johto first, and once I'm in Kanto I stay there till I finish everything and beat Red, after that I jump from region to region. But I always obtain my second box legend after I beat Red, SO I don't know when,...if, you are allowed to get him before that. It may be entirely possible that Ho-Oh will never show up until you actually talk to the man in Pewter City where you are supposed to get the other feather. Talking to him may set of the chain that trigger's the event. @ bsure: Power Plant, Cerulean Gym, Nugget Bridge, Cerulean Gym, Power Plant, Route 25's Cape, Cerulean Gym. lol Pretty sure I got that right.
  6. I don't know if you meant to change anything, but your quote is the same as the one I gave and DOES tell you how to get the number. lol Anyway, it never hurts to check before asking, a lot of the time its often faster if no one responds for a while. Oh and @Temeez: No...lol No fire Pokemon till Ecruteak w/ Magmar in the Burnt Tower.
  7. I've said it before, Serebii has this sort of information. Even if you guys don't like Serebii, it IS there. To quote them: "The sixteenth gym leader, Green, is another Gym Leader whom doesn't leave the gym for you to obtain their phone number. Instead, to get his phone number, you have to show a Pokémon of full happiness to his sister, Daisy Oak in Pallet Town after she has massaged your Pokémon 5 times. Once she sees it, she will give you his number. Then, on Sunday Night, you can call him to arrange a rematch."
  8. You aren't bothering me, I'm still trying to help. lol I just don't want to do all that work and capture all the Pokemon, I'll be bored when I have to do it the second time.
  9. Did you check for researchers in the ruins/ruin buildings themselves? I'm sorry I can't be of more help, but I'm not going through and actually unlocking and capturing EVERYTHING myself until the game is released in English, not just a patch.
  10. Its supposed to be at the back of the main entrance. Once you are in the actual ruins where the Unown battle you, the ladder you climb, it should be at that back of the room you enter after talking to one of the researchers.
  11. Actually, I was more curious where the 4th Gen Pokemon were already predetermined to appear. I don't really wanna change where any of the Pokemon appear, but if a Giratina was place in the Pal Park, where exactly in the Pal Park would he appear? Mountains? Grassland? More curious what the "natural habitat", out of the 5 areas, they belong to.
  12. theSLAYER, Serebii has preliminary pages on both the Unown and the Safari Zone. Well, the Unown page is probably more final than the Safari Zone page.. I know Serebii may have some misinformation sometimes, but as of right now, he is one of the only ones with a page telling you most of what you want to know, even if it isn't specifically detailed yet.
  13. I can't help ya there, both my HG and SS sav files have 90% of the stuff accomplished and saved afterwards. The only things I haven't done are the Gym Leader trades and getting getting their numbers for the rematches.
  14. Here, so no one will ask for the other...
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