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Found 23 results

  1. Is there way to tell if an event on a Generation 3 game cartridge was received from the event itself (versus being hacked in, injected from third party flashcart, etc.)? If so, what is that method and what are some signs it is legit? Thanks.
  2. I want to create a nuzlocke tracker website directly from the .sav file. PKHex allows to export box Pokemon data to CSV but there is no way to export party pokemon. Is there a way to do it?
  3. please tell me what is your favourite Pokemon movie it could be any Pokemon Movie you like and also tell me what character do you like best or Pokemon in the Movie please comment below i would like to know if you have any thank you very much if i missed any movies please put it down below
  4. Hey people i would like to ask what do you think about the new website of Project Pokemon what is your best feature. i Just made a post to thank you all people of Project Pokemon
  5. I sort of thought it would be interesting to discuss the firmware updates the Wii receives every few months. At the time of writing, the Wii is at version 4.2 for most, if not all places. The newest update was added about a week ago. This update deleted many homebrew applications, along with updating some internal software. What are your thoughts on this? Do you think Nintendo should spend more time working on new applications and improving aspects of older software (such as the update to My Pokémon Ranch, or a better Internet Channel), or do you think it's justifiable for them to spend so much time working against the homebrew community? You can also talk about future updates (predictions, release dates, etc.), previous updates (your opinion, pros, cons, anything), basically anything about future and past Wii firmware and apps. PS - I do not support, nor go against the homebrew community, although I have been tempted *wink*. PPS - When my math teacher wants my class to move their desks farther away from each other for a test, he shouts "MEGATRON, ASSEMBLE!". Is that off-topic, or what?
  6. Tier Discussion Rules: Welcome to the Tier Discussion forum. This forum is dedicated to discussing any changes our community feels the need to make from Smogon's Tiers, which are currently used as our standard. Changes should only be proposed with the following three tiers: OU, UU, and Uber. With that said, please don't post ridiculous changes, like asking for Kyogre to be moved down to OU, which isn't going to happen. Proposing a Change: If you feel that a pokemon in OU, UU, or Uber just isn't in the right place, feel free to post a topic about it. However, please use this format: Pokemon you wish to change: Tier the Pokemon is currently in: Tier you propose to move it to: Reasons why you wish to move it: Also, you MUST make your thread a Poll. You can do this by going into Additional Options and checking the box next to "Yes, post a poll with this thread." Your poll should have two options: 1. I agree with this change 2. I disagree with this change Since this board does not have much activity, I will be able to watch any threads that get created in here. The poll will be unofficial; it is just preliminary to see if there is some support for your idea. If an idea gets support, I will create an official thread and people will state arguments for and against it. Then, the community as a whole will vote on your change, and if it passes, the change will be made. All Other Threads: This forum doesn't need many other threads then proposing changes. However, if you want to discuss any aspects of the tiers, then feel free to do so. Thank you for reading, and have an excellent day! ~ Illithian
  7. IF there isnt there should be, i think it would be more fun
  8. So recently this episode aired in the USA at 8:00 A.M central time to 8:30 A.M central time. This episode held the long awaited battle between gym leader byron and Ash. Each of them used 3 pokemon and I found it to be a battle to behold. Here are the pokemon they used and a description of the battle. Ash -chimchar -buizel -glyscor Byron -bronzor -steelix -bastiodon So what did you think of this episode. I thought it was great and am looking forward to glyscor's next appearance. I also liked to see that little monkey overcome some of his fears that paul gave him from the intense training. Seeing glyscor finally battle the right way was a thriller too! I rate it a 10/10
  9. Pokemon Platinum marks the newest phase in the Pokemon Metagame. For a long time, a website named Smogon has been put in charge of organizing the competitive Pokemon scene. Smogon can be related to Smashboards in terms of importance and influence. It has been accepted throughout the Pokemon community that whenever two people battle with each other they follow what we call "Standard Rules." These rules have been fashioned by Smogon.com to ensure the balance of battle. Here is what these rules contain: No Ubers First and foremost, Standard rules deny the usage of Uber Pokemon. These Pokemon overcentralize the standard gameplay and have been deemed too powerful. - Arceus - Darkrai - Deoxys (all forms) - Dialga - Garchomp - Giratina (Both forms) - Groudon - Ho-oh - Kyogre - Latias (with Soul Dew) - Latios - Lugia - Manaphy - Mew - Mewtwo - Palkia - Rayquaza - Shaymin (Sky Form only) - Wobbuffet - Wynaut Why are Garchomp and Wobbuffet banned? Garchomp and Wobbuffet/Wynaut are the only two/three Pokemon deemed Uber who are not legendary. Both have similar reasons. Neither of them have counters. Wobbuffet's ability, Shadow Tag, prevents switch-outs and draws battles into unneccessary lengths of time. Garchomp's ban was established a few months after the dreadul "Yachechomp" set was created. Yachechomp is the name for a Garchomp holding a Yache Berry, one of the 16 berries that decreases the damage of a super effective attack. Yache Berry decreases the power of Ice attacks. This berry essentially makes it so that no Pokemon can successfully switch into battle against Garchomp and defeat him. Evasion Clause Moves that boost evasion, such as Double Team and Minimize are not allowed. Abilities that boost evasion such as Snow Cloak and Sand Veil are still allowed. The item Bright Powder is also still allowed. The reasoning behind this is simple. If moves like these were allowed, the gameplay would be overcome with poor accuracy and would essentially turn into a game based solely on luck. Freeze Clause No two Pokemon may be frozen at the same time. There is no move as of current time that solely freezes a Pokemon, therefore this Clause cannot be enforced except for in controlled environments such as Battle Revolution and Shoddy. OHKO Clause Moves that cause a one-hit KO such as Sheer Cold and Fissure are not allowed. Similar to the Evasion Clause, luck should not win a battle but rather strategy. Sleep Clause The players may not put more than one Pokemon on the opponent's side to Sleep. The move Rest is not affected by this Clause. If it were not for this clause, Pokemon like Breloom, Butterfree and Darkrai would run rampant putting everything they see to sleep, preventing the player from essentially doing anything. Species Clause No two Pokemon of the same species may be used on the same team. For example, two Gardevoirs would violate this clause but a Gardevoir and a Gallade does not. This is because teams are suited for countering specific Pokemon only once. A team of Zapdoses would essentially require everyone to have a Blissey. It would destroy the balance of the metagame, and just imagine a team of 6 Arceus. Self KO Clause If both players have only one Pokemon remaining in battle moves that KO the user, such as Explosion or Destiny Bond, are not allowed. If a player uses a move that causes recoil damage such as Flare Blitz ends the game in both Pokemon fainting, the player that attacked LAST is announced the winner. This is largely because the player knows full well before hand that a move like Flare Blitz will have the chance of fainting their Pokemon. This clause is also available in PBR. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ In addition to the Standard rules, there are also some clauses people may initiate when starting a battle. They include the following: Item Clause A Clause heavily enforced by all official Nintendo tournaments. Players are not allowed to have two or more of the same item on any of their Pokemon. Few players will initiate this rule, largely due to leftovers being very popular. Hax Clause This Clause bans the use of the items listed below: - Brightpowder - Quick Claw - Focus Band - King's Rock The reasoning behind Hax Clause is similar to the Evasion Clause. Either way, most of the time the player using Hax items would get a far larger advantage if they were to use an item like Life Orb or Leftovers. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Tiers There are currently six tiers in addition to the aforementioned Ubers Tier. They are Overused (OU),Underused (UU), Borderline (BL), Neverused (NU) and Not Fully Evolved (NFE). A Pokemon's ranking is determined by their overall usage. Obviously, the strongest Pokemon are used the most. Pokemon like Yanmega are strong but they are just not used that often, typically as a result of how other Pokemon are used. Even though there are six tiers, there are only three styles of gameplay. "Ubers" enable the usage of every Pokemon available. Obviously, the best Pokemon to use are in the Uber Tier which was previously mentioned. "Standard" is the style of gameplay most people play with. All Pokemon are permitted to be used in this style of gameplay except for Ubers. This is the default mode every player uses unless the player specifically states that they want to play "Ubers" or "UU" "UU", or "UU/NU" gameplay is a mode where Uber, OU and BL Pokemon are all banned. These are the tiers as of April 15 2009. Overused: Borderline: Underused: Neverused: Not Fully Evolved: Well, thats it. These are the rules we all play by. Check Smogon.com for more information. As time progresses, standards change.
  10. To keep things un-cluttered I am adding this sticky thread for us to discuss a possible G/S remake. Feel free to say why you think there will or will not be a remake, things that could complicate making the remake. Is a faithful remake possible?
  11. We have released the first version of the pokedex. For now it only includes data from platinum and we are missing a few things like egg moves and platinum tutor moves. Expect frequent updates. http://projectpokemon.org/pokedex/ Discuss your opinions, suggestions etc here. Please explain with as much detail as possible.
  12. For lack of a better name, I want to start what I'll call the Project Pokemon FAQ (frequently asked questions) System. It will be hosted on the main site, and all users will be expected to have checked it before asking questions. It should be searchable or at the very least easy to navigate. The goal is to provide a better experience for our members as well as cut down on repeated questions in the help forums. I'd like for this to be a community project for several reasons. I think having all of you involved will make for a more well-rounded list of questions, your input will make for more intuitive answering, and doing it myself or even between all 5 admins would just be too tedious. The purpose of this specific topic is to get your input and, eventually, your help building and maintaining this system. Please reply only if you have something valuable to contribute. The obvious point of discussion here is what questions/answers to include, but I'd like to put that on hold for a short while. Instead consider some of the following points: Technical aspects - How would the backend of this system work? Intuitiveness - What is the best way to structure this system so that users can find an answer without confusion? What is the most efficient way to ensure that users have checked the system before asking for help? That's all I've got for now; there's probably more though. Don't let what I've mentioned limit you; I want to hear any and all suggestions.
  13. This is directly relevant to this board, as it is clearly the source. http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/genmessage.php?board=946308&topic=49132526 Summary: A few kids attempting to twist meanings in their own way that the NOK Mew is legit in the English copy of the game, apparently, they have selective hearing too. Oh and a few trolls here are there, however, those are common occurrence on GFAQS. Discuss on how the database may want to inform of people of errors such as the above, as the database is unmatched in being the unofficial official location of all legit collection of event Pokemon. Preferably some input from moderators on what to do, as they do maintain and will be the ones to place the disclaimers.
  14. While we're not a mecha for competitive battling, and I like seeing diversity in RMT forums, most in-game RMTs consist of this: *6 pokemon +moves* *people comment on moves* *repeat* But at the same time, I know that a well balanced team can help in the main 8 gyms + E4 game. Sure, you CAN beat everything with a level 100 Caterpie if you REALLY wanted to, but it's frustrating. So, here is what I was thinking of implementing, and everyone please feel free to comment on my ideas, modify them, or suggest your own: One thread for all the typical in-game stuff. 6 random Pokes, nothing else. And when posting it, pretend you are on at least the 7th gym, so by that time your Pokemon have evolved. Of course, Battle Tower/Frontier teams can have their own individual threads. If you're making an interesting gimmick team for in-game completion, that can warrant it's own thread. Some mono type, or Luvdisc/Unown/Feebas play through. You know, some type of theme. I spent like 5 minutes thinking about this, so I'm sure you all can think of something better. Previously said by other people:
  15. Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver Speculation Thread Please use this thread to discuss possibilities of things that you think might or might not be in HeartGold and SoulSilver. Please make a note of confirmed information in the thread here: http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?p=50138#post50138 Some information from GSC: Regarding Pokémon availability: The game will most likely use the Johto Pokédex which included all 251 known Pokémon at that time. However, not all of them were available to be caught in the games. Unobtainable Pokémon in Pokémon Gold: Unobtainable Pokémon in Pokémon Silver It's also possible that the Pokemon included in the Johto Dex who now have new evolutions from Gen 3 or 4 could see those evolutions present in the new games and possibly a newer version of the Johto Dex. Or perhaps they won't be, like FR/LG? What do you think? Pokemon that have been introduced in Gen III or IV that evolve from or into a Johto Dex Pokemon: Despite being able to travel to Kanto, these Pokemon were unavailable: Out of these listed Kanto Pokemon, the fossil Pokemon are able to be found in the Underground in DPP, the three legendary birds are found in Platinum, but the starters are only obtainable by migration from FRLG and Mewtwo/Mew are not available in a 4th Gen game yet. Also, Celebi was obtainable through an item-activated event in the Japanese version, but not American. Therefore, it could be possible that a Celebi event could be in the new games. Perhaps with a GS Ball event similar to the Member's Card or Oak's Letter. What do you think about the Kanto starters and Mew/Mewtwo? Do you think there could be something similar to Birch giving you a Johto starter in Emerald? Or perhaps an item-activated event for Mewtwo in the Cerulean Cave? Legendary Pokemon in GS: I think it's safe to say that the Regi-trio Pokemon will not be included in these versions since they were already in Platinum (as well as obviously being in RSE). Obtainable Pokemon through in-game gifts Rumors: * N/A ATM Keep in mind this thread is purely for speculation as we have no actual information to go on. What do you think about this? Do you think other Pokemon will be included? Do you think Kanto will be included (or do you think it will be cut since it already appeared in FR/LG)? Do you think more of Kanto's Pokemon will be available? Do you think Kanto will be the same size? Bigger/more in-depth than in GS? What kind of legendary/event Pokemon do you think will be in the game? What kind of Pokemon do you think we'll get through item-activated events (such as Darkrai, Shaymin and Arceus)? Do you think we'll see ways to obtain Mewtwo, Mew, Celebi or even Jirachi's first in-game obtainable appearance? What other aspects of the game do you think will be included? Or what do you think will be cut from the original release of GS? I'm personally really hoping to see something like the Battleground from Platinum where you'd be able to re-battle the characters from GS such as the Johto and Kanto Gym leaders (and maybe even Red, if he comes out of his cave...). Let's talk about it.
  16. Sleepless in pre-battle (I messed up with the title) This is one of the most recent pokemon episodes and today's episode. It was aired at 7:00 AM central time. Synopsis:warning, this could include spoilers if you have not seen the episode Pokemon featured: Pikachu (no duh) Swinub Cresselia Darkrai Piplup Croagunk Meowth (if team rocket is why not him?) Some other team rocket pokemon I believe were featured as well. Discuss! Did you like it, did you not like it? What could've been improved? What did you not like about it or what you liked? I liked the featureing of the legendaries and the evolution of swinub was pretty cool. However, I kind of wished swinub stayed small and cute.
  17. I'll just copy/paste what I posted about this episode from another forum: Previously in Pokemon: A BATTLE TO THE DEATH (not really) between two big time legendary Pokemon, which are almost never featured in the anime. AND the Darkrai movie gets a continuity reference with Dawn mentioning that item she has. Oh, and Darkrai appearing (though not the same as in the movie). AND an evolution happened. That episode sucked. NOW pretty much a filler episode. No real big battle. No evolution. TR don't even "blast off." So why was this episode, featuring a Pokemon more annoying than scary or useful, was so much better? It was hilarious. This episode was full of scenes that need to be screen capped and turned into GIFs. If nothing big is going to happen. at least make it entertaining. And that's what this episode was.
  18. The most recent episode in the Galactic Battles series (at least for the US) recently aired. It featured tons of new pokemon. Synopsis Overall a pretty good episode. What do you rank it I rank it...9/10 Discuss!
  19. I want to know what peoples best fighting team is. Please post here what it is! Here's mine: Blissey: leftovers ~softboiled ~psychic ~counter ~toxic Dragonite: persim berry ~fly ~dragon dance ~outrage ~hyper beam Muk: wise glasses ~acid armor ~toxic ~sludge bomb ~dark pulse Torterra: muscle band ~crunch ~earthquake ~frenzy plant ~seed bomb Kingler: wise glasses ~icy wind ~iron defense ~crabhammer ~hyper beam Rhydon: wide lens ~horn drill ~brick break ~rock slide ~earthquake
  20. Well, my school has been shut down for the rest of the week due to a suspected case of swine flu in one of our Seniors. It may continue into next week, as well. How is your community being affected by the news of the current swine flu epidemic?
  21. Off Topic Rule Re: Pokemon Discussion Lately there have been posts regarding Pokemon/ROM/RAM related discussions. So I would like to remind everyone this Forum is intended for the use of Thread Games, Discussions Unrelated to the other Forums and the Sub-Forum, Debate, is for Debates. The only exception to this is Pokémon Forum Games. Thank you.
  22. Seriously, though, they came out with Kingdom Hearts ll in 2006 and hav'nt even hinted us on a third gen. I don't know for sure if Chain of Memories for Ps2 is new, but it is for sure a spin off game. For me, I've been watching Youtube videos of trailers of supposed "Kingdom Hearts lll: Keyblade War" or "Kingdom Hearts lll: 365 1/2 Days". I'm guessing that these are either totally fake or they are cutscenes from the Final Fantasy movies and games. But if Square Enix doesn't get the show n the road, there's going to be some screaming: Kingdom FARTS!c So i suggest that they get busy on the next gen.
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