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  1. VBA Link with e-Reader Support (and e-reader save, and Eon Ticket saves)

    A modified emulator, that is able to connect a main game to a digital copy of the e-Reader, to send files to the intended main game.

    Additionally, if you rather not use the .raws provided, we also have e-reader saves with the Eon Ticket already scanned into the e-reader.

    Huge thanks to @javier_himura for mixing the VBA versions to craft this,
    and also huge thanks to Team Fail, Hacky, Ajxpk, Gocario, Real.96, Suloku any other involved in Gen 3 Mystery Gift research thread, for the e-reader saves.

    Original Thread and Instructions on Usage:

    [We will not distribute any ROMs, and it is against our rules to ask for it]


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