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Found 15 results

  1. Event pokemon i want *=ut POKEMON I WANT READ THIS READ THIS: IF U HAVE A SHINY NINCADA RAISE TO LV 20 WITH AN EMPTY SLOT AND U GET A SHINY SHEDINJA SO ITS like getting 2 SHINYs IN 1 DAY lf a bagon japanese named and ot japanese,lf cancea japanese named an ot in japanese, and spoink 2 Last edited by xxTHExxJOKERxx; Today at 08:23 AM.
  2. hey guys i need a few .pkmn files please Gengar Dragonair and Dragonite i cant use the ones on the site because they are too low level or too high leveled basically i need a dragonair that is between level 45-55 a dragonite that is level 55-56 or a gengar between 40-55 they have to be legit/legal, i dont want over powered pokemon :\ thanks for the help guys
  3. Request for 4 PKMN in Soul Silver Please use PID/IV generator Please make each code separate, since I enter it by hand it makes it easier Thank you
  4. Hello out there... I have three PKMN AR codes and was looking to see if someone is able to input AR codes into their Action Replay and trade over the PKMN. I'd do it myself but I lost my Diamond game and the code is for Diamond so I can't. Thank you
  5. Request for 3 PKMN Please use PID/IV generator and let me know if any changes Please make three codes, one for each PKMN since I enter it by hand and it's easier to check Thank You
  6. Like the topic says. There's a question mark in one of my slots. When I go to my party through the main menu, there's an empty spot. However, when I try and withdraw one from storage into the party, it says my party's full. I look at it through the "party pokemon" button at the bottom and there it is. What's going on?! It's strange. I've never had this problem before now. Luckily, I have a save from before this started occurring. But now I'm back one gym..
  7. Hi guys, may be a noobish question but I've recently dowloaded pokesav - to speed things up in competetive battling - and when i try to edit a pokemon it doesnt seem to work.. Basically i'm using action replay with my pokemon diamond and i load up the codes ive created into pkmn diamond via ar, but when i press l+r and then x to view my team all i get is a blank space... Any suggestions as to what i should do?
  8. Hey guys, I'm Hiddenub, I'm new at this forum. I have some experience with Pokésav, but i cant make Pokemon from scratch yet(I'm close to it:wink:). My favorite game is Pokemon Platinum and my Favorite online game is Jamlegend. I completed Pokemon Pearl twice but never completed Platinum cuz my rom broke. Grtz, Hiddenub
  9. Hmm I don't know if this really count as a request, but does anyone have a PKMN file for a Latias that can pass the Vs. Recorder checking system and looks legal? I don't think this requires my in-game info since it can count as a Pokemon I Pal Parked. I would prefer it if it was this type of Latias Latias @ Life Orb Ability: Levitate EVs: 4 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Spe Timid nature (+Spe, -Atk) - Thunderbolt - Recover - Surf - Draco Meteor With great IVs and so. I have Pokesav and I used it but it was mostly to make bred Pokemons. I never tried it for Pal Parked Pokemnos so I wouldn't know how to make them legit. I just need the PKMN file since I can do the rest myself. Thanks.
  10. Request for 3 PKMN in Soul Silver Please use PID/IV Generator and let me know if any changes Please make 3 separate codes
  11. Request for 3 PKMN for Diamond, and 4 PKMN for Soul Silver. I know this is a large order and there isn't many people around right now to take request but if there is I would greatly appreciate it. Please use PID/IV generator and let me know if there is any changes. Please make seven codes, one for each PKMN since I enter it by hand (I have a Mac so I don't have the AR code manager program) and it's easier to check. Diamond Soul Silver Thank you very much
  12. I posted this in the Pokemon Platinum USA Official AR Code Request Thread, but no one would pay any attention to me in there, so I'm posting this code request in its own thread: Four days later... Still no response, eh? This place... I'm disappointed.
  13. I have Pokemon Platinum on my R4, but I don't know if it will work with Pokemon Battle Revolution. I have tried multiple times on records that have had no activity with other Pokemon games, but my Platinum keeps freezing on a white screen when I attempt to connect. Is there a way to make it work? I really hope there is. I appreciate the help.
  14. Thread Closed Until Further Notice. I do not know how to fix the checksum. Please see this thread. --------------------------------- Do you ever in Diamond or Pearl, do something and think to yourself, "I can always change it later. I'll just use PokeSav"? Have you ever done the same in PkMn Mystery Dungeon 2, but then remembered that there ISN'T a SAV editor for it? I have. So, I have decided to make one. This, is easier said then done. First, I have to find a value to change, when there are 262,144 bytes to look at, and at the same time, all the bytes relating to each other are on completely different locations. ---------------------------------- Currently needed: -Someone to check to see if the SAV for Time and Darkness are the same. -Time. I could really, really use some time. If only someone could help find wich locations go with wich values, then send them to me (hint, hint). -Suggestions, to give me some things in particular to look for. Please? ---------------------------------- My Current Progress: -Edit Team Name (Pretty Useless, Isn't it. This can be done in-game) ---------------------------------- Status: Delayed Why?:Because Nintendo didn't make this easy. If I was anyone else, I would have given up long ago. But, this is testing me. I will not let it win!!! ---------------------------------- The latest version can be found at: http://www.uniquegeeks.net/apps/PMDEOTSavEditor/ V VERY early stage of development. So early, that I haven't even had time to perfect the GUI. For those curious, it is being coded in VB.Net. Is anyone out there? ANY QUESTIONS/COMMENTS/SUGGESTIONS/RESPONSES TO MY HELP REQUEST/ANYTHING?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? --------------------------------- Requested Features: -Inventory -Mission Edit -Team Edit List of people who would be black-mailed because they voted yes, if I didn't say I wouldn't: -Chase-san -Friendsxix - claims to have accidentally voted :kikkoman: -skymin ----------------------------------- Assistance needed. Please contact me if you are interested. To begin, find what locations store what values. If I do not get any assistance, then it will take forever and a half to finally edit something at all. I change all instances of "Piplup" to "123456", and still, my partner's name is "Piplup"!!!!!!!!!!!! -------------------------------------- Sorry if anybody out there is becoming impatient. I am currently experimenting with ways of finding the values. I suspect that the bits do not line up on the byte perfectly, so I am planning a program to turn bytes into bits and back. Once I finish that, I will publish it here.
  15. Oh my gosh. You guys are AWESOME! For all this time i've been scared to show my pokesavs in trade because i didint know how to make their locations and stuff legit...but you guys did it. And i couldent make pokesavs that would work on PBR but with you guys' .pkmn files for pokesav you pretty much fixed that,just wanted to say thanks and keep up the awesome work
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