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  1. i would pick the grass snake but the water otter is a real close second due to the stat comparison
  2. <p><p><p><p><p>well well well its been a while. i admit your really impressive and your still holding up that thread. honestly people need to be patient though. so hes gone for a while he's probably busy. hope things are still as well as before ray. good luck</p></p></p></p></p>

  3. yeah it will take a little longer since it Xed out on me while saving should be done in a few
  4. wait so you got it now well that is a small relief if you got my message
  5. sorry about that z-master, i only told one person to ask you anyway but still sorry
  6. i just came back from school and noticed the thread people please stop spaming and pm us if it is off topic or start a new topic about it i really dont want this thread locked up
  7. benngy here and i miss the old forum but of what i heard this forum is suppose to be better and changes are going to be made eventually to make it look better i was a pokesav code maker in the old thread and have a typhlosion rank but i still am a code maker with the same name. i only dont have the rank i guess
  8. i hate it it is too windy right now 21
  9. its windy and sunny here 19 it was 17 but i was posting when another was
  10. 15 hey thats my age:D woops two posts at once again i mean 16 maybe we have to post something that involves the number for something extra
  11. none taken and thanks okami what about my first one i think it was the best out of all of mine
  12. if it goes down -1 then doesnt it go up... just messin 13 i'm good for now and i am going to use them when i get a good chance
  13. here are my other ones #1 his name is anortucks #2 unknown name (still thinking) the last one here my friend made actually its name is Wetinaruskbat (again friend made the name)
  14. thanks i will try it now here it is what do you think? i like it, it has no name for now, the others will be up later
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