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Found 17 results

  1. Version 1.1.2


    Cool save with all competitive fully evolved Pokémon. Also has top placing Battle stadium teams which I've translated and updated every season. Sources are in the description. Includes: All final form Pokémon in the game with competitive sets. All Legendary, Mythical and Ultra Beast Pokémon with competitive sets. Top placing teams from every Battle Stadium Singles season so far. (Teams within the top 15) (Translation done by a native Japanese speaker) Smogon Anything Goes and Over Used tier teams. All Pokémon that can legally be shiny are shiny. All Poké
  2. While we're not a mecha for competitive battling, and I like seeing diversity in RMT forums, most in-game RMTs consist of this: *6 pokemon +moves* *people comment on moves* *repeat* But at the same time, I know that a well balanced team can help in the main 8 gyms + E4 game. Sure, you CAN beat everything with a level 100 Caterpie if you REALLY wanted to, but it's frustrating. So, here is what I was thinking of implementing, and everyone please feel free to comment on my ideas, modify them, or suggest your own: One thread for all the typical in-game stuff. 6 random Pokes, nothing e
  3. I have entered the January Wi-fi battle Tournament and I have two teams that I use and both seem to do fairly well in online wi-fi battles, I use a Volt-Turn team and a Drizzle team but I am wondering given the current Meta what team should I use? Here are my Teams; Volt Turn: Forretress (m) @ shed skin Trait: Sturdy EVs: 252 HP / 177 Def / 80 Spd Relaxed Nature ( +D, -S) - Toxic Spikes - Spikes - Rapid Spin - Volt Switch Rotom @ Leftovers Trait: Levitate EVs: 185 Hp / 4 Def / 144 SDef / 176 Spd Modest Nature (-A, +SA) - Volt Switch - Will-O-Wisp - Hydro Pump - Hidden Power (
  4. I think it would be really cool if pokegen could integrate PO copy and paste teams or vice versa. I cant tell you how often I will make a team on PO and then put it on my game. What do you guys think would be cool?
  5. :bidoof: For ages people and pokemon lived together in peace and harmoney. Pokemon are mythical creatures we use in our daily life. We love and care about our pokemon. With each pokemon trainer out there are different pokemon tactics and pokemon teams. Some people will ask, what is this thread for? This thread is where we post our pokemon tactic (meaning how do you battle) and our pokemon teams. By doing this, we can learn how to battle better and to learn how to create our own pokemon tactics and teams.
  6. UnderXRay u just made me this team i just havent got it. You made me this one. i just want not shiny ones. Im sorry for so many requests...
  7. Since i got a Platinum version i thought i'd leave the "old" Diamond version and create new Teams for Platinum. i would like to use Pokemon i havent used before so i came to this team Idea: Still not sure about Movesets and Items. 1) Azelf - Lead Stealth rock Explosion Psycic Taunt 2) Magnezone - ? no Idea just want one Explosion Flash Cannon ? Charge Beam ? ? Hidden Power ICE ? ------ 3) Cresselia - Wall Calm Mind Psycic Moonlight Ice Beam 4) Scizor - Revenge Killer U-Turn Bullet Punch Superpower Pursuit 5) Bronzong - Wall Stealth Rock Gyro Ball Earthquacke Explos
  8. Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver Speculation Thread Please use this thread to discuss possibilities of things that you think might or might not be in HeartGold and SoulSilver. Please make a note of confirmed information in the thread here: http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?p=50138#post50138 Some information from GSC: Regarding Pokémon availability: The game will most likely use the Johto Pokédex which included all 251 known Pokémon at that time. However, not all of them were available to be caught in the games. Unobtainable Pokémon in Pokémon Gold: Unobtainable Pokémon
  9. I need all these Pokemon to do Doubles and Multi Battle rooms in the Battle Tower. I don't care how you go about with the IDs and dates, but everything must be legal. Metagross@ Lum Berry SHINY Clear Body Adamant Iv's- 31/31/31/31/31/31 Ev's- 252 Atk, 152 HP, 104 Spe - Iron Head - Earthquake - Rock Polish - Explosion *Gengar*@ Focus Sash SHINY Levitate Timid Iv's- 31/31/30/30/30/30 --- Hidden Power Fighting 70 Ev's- 252 SpAtk, 252 Spe, 6 HP - Shadow Ball - Hidden Power - Thunderbolt - Destiny Bond Azelf@ Life Orb Levitate Naive Iv's- 31/31/31/31/31/31 Ev's- 252 Satk, 22
  10. I had this in mind for a bit since I came into this forums..and also was the first thing I was looking for when I came here . The idea here is pretty simple. We separate the battlers of this forum into teams and we organize competitive events. The teams can be started by anyone...but must be organized and approved. I'd like to see a limited amount of teams..not 10 teams and 6 of them are inactive, the amount of teams for now should be preferably 3-4 teams. There will be events that will be organized by team leaders and what not. The battling can be done by wi-fi or shoddy. What I wanted is
  11. (Battler 1 v Battler 2) Shoddy Warstory Battle between two in-game teams Rules: Evasion Clause, Freeze Clause, OHKO Clause, Sleep Clause Pokemon: (In order of appearance) Chanticleer Pertelote
  12. Have you made so far? we have 4 generations and well I can't be training the same pkmn everytime... that would be boring So I made a list per generation... post yours! 1st Team (as used in Fire Red): [sprite]248[/sprite] [sprite]149[/sprite] [sprite]065[/sprite] [sprite]242[/sprite] [sprite]059[/sprite] [sprite]230[/sprite] 2nd Team (as used in Emerald) [sprite]260[/sprite] [sprite]350[/sprite] [sprite]229[/sprite] [sprite]306[/sprite] [sprite]282[/sprite] [sprite]376[/sprite] 3rd Team (currently using in Diamond): [sprite]471[/sprite] [sprite]405[/sprite] [sprite]475[/sprit
  13. I want to know what peoples best fighting team is. Please post here what it is! Here's mine: Blissey: leftovers ~softboiled ~psychic ~counter ~toxic Dragonite: persim berry ~fly ~dragon dance ~outrage ~hyper beam Muk: wise glasses ~acid armor ~toxic ~sludge bomb ~dark pulse Torterra: muscle band ~crunch ~earthquake ~frenzy plant ~seed bomb Kingler: wise glasses ~icy wind ~iron defense ~crabhammer ~hyper beam Rhydon: wide lens ~horn drill ~brick break ~rock slide ~earthquake
  14. Not really a request for a pokemon at the moment so much as it is a request for people to make ideas for interesting RP-related pokemon characters, and to form parties of them. Other sorts of thematic parties are alright. I would be quite interested in seeing what people can come up with, and create. Eventually, I hope to get the chance to battle a little with these concepts, as well. Examples: My team: Lævatein, the Forretress. Valentine, the pink Lopunny. Crevan, the dark Ninetails Lumina, the dark Gardevoir Yuki, the purple Froslass Malice, the Mismagius My friend's Frost tea
  15. Demonic Storm Wifi and Shoddy team. OK my friends, I get this wacky idea in my head to build one of my first ever weather based teams, when my brain is scrambling on what kind of deck I create based on weather, and I narrowed it down to two things: Rain Dance Sandstorm Rain Dance has its benefits of me being able to out speed most things and kill while boosting the power of water while sandstorm is kinda a stallish weather condition with the ability to screw up focus sash and boost special defense, now I have made a rain dance team but I like sandstorm teams more because of sandst
  16. So...If anyone has noticed a lot of RMT's have been have been.... A: Not in the right thread! B: Not in the right forum! C: Lacking any substance for us to rate D: Not in the right forum! So I was wondering if we could have a specific forum/Sub forum for Team rates? I happen to like giving advice to people on ways to fix up their teams but a lot of threads aren't being posted in the right forum/format, do not provide enough information for anyone to properly rate their team and as a whole they are taking up a lot of useless space. Having a separate forum for it would be beneficial. I also
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