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  1. sorry my bad i forgot where to put stuff about SOA, haven't been on the forums in a while lol
  2. I want to erase my current save, but i have all the special missions and i dont know if i will lose them or not when i erase my game can any one help? Thanks, Cheese
  3. thats odd because on the shoddy page of the site it says up
  4. I Recently downloaded and tryed to setup shoddy battle on my PC that has Vista(if that helps) i followed the setup guide and got so far to the point of setting up my own server(which i dont want to do) i just want to connect to the project pokemon server. i open shoddy battle, click advanced, in Host i put battle.projectpokemon.org and in port i put 50000,clicked connect and got Error: Connection timed out: connect message. can anyone help? Thanks
  5. Do you have a router for wifi? if not that may be your problem, either that or you DS/DSi may not have a internet connection setup
  6. I wouldnt be suprised if their was a DSL or a DSi, but one comment about the first post, you didn't add pictures of the 600 Giratina DSL's nintendo gave away in Japan earlier this year, with the wifi events we never confirmed lol
  7. Actually, I think the event is activated by just an ARCEUS with the fateful encounter flag activated, Im not 100% positive but make a code for a lvl 100 ARCEUS, check the fateful encounter flag and it might work
  8. Cheese


    I can't go on our sites main page! i get an "Internet Explorer cannot open internet site Operation Aborted" error message, any one else experienceing this saame problem? If posible how can this be fixed?
  9. Hellz yeah, i was like 2 when the original games came ou, so i never got to play them... my older brothers though, had gold and silver and lost them, so we almost shit ourselves when we heard a few years back(when it was still a rumor) that Nintendo was doing G/S remakes, sadly though my oldest brother has gotten sick of pokemon, so only me and my 17 year old brother are buying it lol! I am buying Soul Silver and he is buying Heart Gold, CANT WAIT!!! Unfortunatly though we will be waiting til 2010, unless we get the JP ROMs, which we will, because he knowns the original story line lol
  10. Hey guys, I got my DSi last Sunday, and really need a new Flash Cart. I would like at least a 2GB memory card included, my price range is about $20-30 depending on how much people give me for my B-day party next saturday. So what I'm really asking is can some one give me a link to a cheap flash cart in my price range on a reliable site? I EMPHASIS RELIABLE!!! I don't want to pay my hard earned cash and not get what i want. Thanks, Cheese
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