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  1. Already downloaded mine too, but will take me a while to get National Dex before I could claim that Shaymin
  2. That was what I planned to say earlier too, but I think this issue should not be given much priority by posting in the front page, though. Nevertheless, I would say that maybe you should give it a try. I guess people might notice it more that a stickied topic.
  3. As the topic said, I think it would be nice if someone would make a stickied topic in Event Pokemon forum regarding the issue, so that new people *might* stop and read the sticky topic first before flooding the forum with the same question. Mods, please close the thread if someone had already suggested this idea. :rolleyes:
  4. Judging from their sprite (personal opinion), Salamence: Looks quite intimidating with wings (besides the fact that they have Intimidate ability). Traditional flying dragon. Garchomp: Their sprites on Platinum are simply pwned for me lol Looks like it's yelling "Ready to strike, master!!" :grog:
  5. Lol, what a coincidence :bidoof: My first lvl 100 that I trained was Blastoise also, but in Red Version (Japanese version; guess my way through the game), followed by Altaria (should have been Latios, but somehow Alt manage to hit 100 first meh). Non on D/P/Pt yet, I don't have much time to play like when I was young anymore :frown:
  6. Let's say I would like to transfer my Platinum savefile (using Rudolph's wifi tool thing) so that I could put the Member Card WC into my savefile via PokeSav. Afterward, is it possible for me to transfer the save back to my retail cart?
  7. Um, Tentacruel in Diamond? Found it in the water while surfing (forgot which route though).I was about to hit run when I notice "lol this stupid jellyfish has green bumps?" :bidoof:
  8. I see. Thank you damio I was thinking about the ability too, because in Pokesav's PID/IV, it said that Swampert will have ability 2 (shouldn't it has only Torrent ability though?). But, how do you generate new PID with the same IVs and desired nature though? @damio: this is how it show up in my legit checker...(your fixed one)
  9. I created a pokemon from ground-up using Greencat's Legality Guide and Smogon's competitive Dex. Used trash bytes normalizer and Legit checker. When I check it in-game, though, the OT name has a ? in front of it I didn't used Input Own OT also. Any help? It is a pal-parked pokemon, but the legit checker said that it's from English-speaking country, AND Korea?? What's wrong with it? Swam.pkm
  10. I'll just get all of them (progress through the story to the point where you can use trading system, trade it to Platinum, restart the game to get another one. Rinse and repeat) Still, I personally like Cyndaquil most lol
  11. Gold&Silver remake will be release in autumn? Gimme some time to beat Platinum first please, GameFreak :grog:
  12. Just like what Aarux said, everstone does increase chances, up to like 60% of being the same nature as mother (personal experiences).
  13. That means, I can only make a gible learn outrage via breeding only, and for stone edge+earthquake, the only way I could get both of them on my gible is through TMs learning?
  14. Ok, here's the scenario: I put a male larvitar that already learned Stone edge and earthquake into daycare, along with my female Jolly gible (holding everstone). Eggs I received, when hatched, are gibles that know both moves. Then, I took one female gible, made it hold everstone, and put it in daycare again, but this time its mate was a male dragonite that learned outrage. Supposely, they should breed gibles that know outrage, stone edge, and earthquake, all within one gible. It turned out, however, that the new gibles only know outrage move. Did I do anything wrong here??
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