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  1. wheres the member list function on the forums?
  2. which is better: 1) psp go or psp 2) nerf vulcan or nerf raider -cbs
  3. hi, i found a calico disposable lighter and its out of fuel(butane). how would i refill it? btw im not a smoker, im 12. i just think lighters are cool. -cbs
  4. Does PPRE have trojans/viruses/torrents embeded in it? im very careful
  5. well, i would use a 50. cal machine gun, a katana, and maybe a chainsaw and shread the undead.
  6. happy birthday sabre, hope you have a wonderful day, and thanks for all the good deeds you have done for this site, and everyone on it, we all appreciate you. have a good bday -cbs
  7. cantbesaved


    hi, my ipod is stuck on the cydia download screen where you press reload springboard and it says loading but its been loading for 5 mins, any suggestions? -cbs
  8. hi, im thinking about jailbreaking my non jailbroken ipod 2g to a jailbroken 3.0, even though i have legit 3.0, is that possible? i also need another link to a non torrent for redsn0w ipod 2g jailbreak, i have olny found it non torrent for iphone. thanx -cbs
  9. this backround is so cool, who couldnt love it, y'know. -cbs
  10. i used a .ipsw file on my ipod, to make go from 2.2.1, to 3.0. but the prob is that when i turn it on, it showa the apple logo for a little while, and goes away anto a blank slightly lite black screen or 20 secs or so. is that normal?
  11. uhh..., i get a error, do u know the link to it? cause i dont. ill look, but...
  12. hi, i need someone to give me a non trojan/ non torrent link to: iPod2,1_3.0_7A341_Restore.ipsw. i already looked, and all i can find on google is all torrents/trojans. to whomever can help, you have my thanx, -cbs
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