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  1. This thread is where to post all feedback for the theme: SoulSilver Luigia. I recommend using the same structure that I am using. Overall: In my opinion, it would be good for those who don't like dark colors, although I am not one of those people. The smaller font looks good, although it can become annoying after a while (especially if you are used to the font size of "Site Theme". Pros: -Internal Site Links (Unlike the "Site Theme") -Nice "Clean" look -Can compete with "Site Theme" for Default Theme -Gradiant Background for Quotes Cons: -Not enough contrast between visited links and background, and a few other situations. -Icons for "Forums Read", and "New Posts" don't contrast enough, so it isn't obvious which forums have new posts. -User Title and Badges are not directly Below the username. -Age/Gender not shown in posts ("Site Theme" dosn't show Gender Either) -Text Color in "Title" textbox when replying to a message dosn't have enough contrast [Edit]: I have added a poll with likely options.
  2. I'm going to PM the mods of the section for permission to sticky this. So I've been kicking this idea around for a while. All those special one-off Pokemon that are gotten in trades and stuff like that, should be collected, posted here ITT, and then we can submit it to the admins for contribution to the site. So first, let's compile a list of starters, received Pokes from NPC, and In-Game Trades from NPC. As well as re-appearances of Legendary Pokemon* *That means the birds in FR/LG would NOT go here, but the Birds from Platinum would. Then, after the list is compiled, we can put names down by people who want to collect these Pokemon. And then the list will change again once it's completed/uploaded. Lime will be the username when it's assigned, and it'll turn red upon uploading. Oh, and this is for uploading of Legit Pokes. That means from the game, then uploaded to here. No saving it legally. And keep them untouched. Yes, that's hard to do with starters. It means doing your worst in the first battle and running from everything else. But it's possible, I can attest to it. So a post will eventually look like this: Game Title: Pokemon Requested: [username] or [username] If anyone has suggestions on a better format, I'm all ears. Oh, and I don't own a flashcart at the moment, so I can't upload any of my stuff. I'll trade with anyone who offers though. Currently I've collected the 3 Diamond starters completely untouched. They just need uploading. At the moment, I'm only listing "starters". I'll re-edit everything else in later. EDIT: For now, I'm adding in the one-off Pokemon (legends) to D/P/Pla since most appear at a different level in Plat than in D/P. Appropriate adjustments will be made once I check to see which ones the main site already has hosted. Pokemon Diamond: Pokemon Pearl: Pokemon Platinum: Pokemon Fire Red: Pokemon Leaf Green: Pokemon Sapphire: Pokemon Ruby: Pokemon Emerald: Oh, and one more thing. As far as I'm concerned, this project is going to only be for the North American releases. However, if you all have the ability to do the same for Japanese or other foreign releases, I'm more than happy to add their own section. (If you can trade with me, PM me and we can chat on AIM/MSN/Yahoo).
  3. Ever since Pokemon made it's first video game there were also cards to go along with them... So the question is ''What is your favorite Pokemon Trading Card?'' Be it nostalgic or new:rolleyes:, feel free to post it here.:smile: My favorite is - Neo Destiny - Shining Mewtwo Holofoil - Ultra Rare Holofoil It was really really hard obtaining it. Considering that my country had no more that bout 50 boosters. And noting that it is an out-of-set card made it even more difficult. I got it from a guy that sold it to me for about 8-9 dollars. Awesome card that is in 2 protectors, keeping it mint.:biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
  4. This is where i will post my art or whatever you want to call it, if anyone wants i will make then somthing yeh thats how bored i am:bidoof: My first ever thing made in photo shop, its like a meltalic sorta effect no brushes where used. The avatar to go along with the enti sig, this was my second avatar. done with just with a render and brushes. i like ithis one alot one i made for gallade im becoming very competitive agianst telos lol i didnt mean to make this but hey made for bob i like the "Aura" of this one meh More to come!
  5. For those who have missed my modified Gym Leaders proposal, click here. This is a continuation of the proposal, only for rematches. This time, ANY suggestions are welcome, even with Sinnoh/Hoenn Pokemon. So let her rip! Johto Gym Leaders Falkner: Bugsy: Whitney: Morty: Chuck: Jasmine: Pryce: Clair: Elite Four Wil: Koga: Bruno: Karen: The Champion Lance (why are you champion?!!): Kanto Gym Leaders Lt. Surge Sabrina Erika Janine Misty Brock Blaine Green (Blue in U.S.) Other Trainers Red Double Battle: Red and Green/Blue (takes place before rematch with Blue or Red) Coming Soon: - Kanto Leaders - E4 - Bonus trainers? Misc: Klaatu's Lineup
  6. Would any one like to battle us? We are new here and have never battled before on wifi our friend codes are: Zach: 2493 0975 8031 p.s. i'm the weakest of us two f.y.i. Colt: 2407 1982 3452
  7. Competitive Battling Blacklist Thread There are some conniving battlers battling Pokémon in the Pokémon Community. When you are preparing to report make sure you are aware of everything that has occurred and reviewed the conversation thoroughly. Please be sure to prepare evidence as well. There will be two sections, both in their respective Forums. Wi-Fi Trading Blacklist Thread Competitive Battling Blacklist Thread. Competitive Battling Section They will be "Blacklisted" if they performed one (or more) of the fallowing actions: 1. Denied/No Notification of the Battler's Pokémon's Legality - Battler battling with Pokémon containing illegal movesets, stats, etc. without notifying you. 2. "Other" Legitimate Reason Contact the Moderator of the Forum, Greencat, if you would like to mark down a report. Hopefully we won't need this much, however, I wish you happy, safe, battling. Competitive Battling Blacklist Section Format The fallowing is the format that will be used: User Name | Friend Code - Reason Here Blacklist None At The Moment
  8. 1 time, any thread I started I was able to delete but now I can't Why can't I?
  9. *** This is an archive of Narwhal and Illithian's Sig Thread. *** If you would like to request, go here. Welcome to Narwhal and Illithian's Sig thread! Please specify what type of font you would like, what it should say, what kind of background you want, and the Pokémon and/or other main image in it. you may post an image link for the images you would like us to use. As you probably know, there is a sig cut-off (in some skins/themes). Beware of this fact when adding one of these images into your signature. Rules: We will not use art that you do not have permission to use. I will not accept friend requests for making you a signature. Nothing inappropriate. Please do not request more than one signature in a day. If you don't have your sig within 3 days of your request, post in the thread again and we will make it as soon as possible. We hope you enjoy our thread. Our artists, in order of activity: Toffeuy (moderate-high activity) Narwhal (moderate activity) oni link (moderate activity) Naru-Chu (moderate activity) Mr. Swalot979 (moderate-low activity, novice artist) Illithian (moderate-low activity) bear831 (low-no activity) Retired Artists: telos Loading kunaidude34 If you would like to become an artist, PM Narwhal. Featured Signature: Please support us! Put one of these banners in your sig: PLEASE READ: We will not tell you how to set these as your signature if you ask. Here is a guide: If you would like your sig in a spoiler, follow this guide:
  10. NOTE: ALL FUTURE BATTLE ME POSTS MUST BE POSTED IN THE WIFI BATTLING THREAD! ^--- click this big red text to get there ---^ "Battle Me" Thread Format Rules: - Edited as of 8/29/09 "Battle Me" threads are quite self explanatory. Basically, its a thread asking others to battle you over Wifi. Many such threads don't include nearly enough information for potential battlers to accept your challenge, so please follow these rules when posting a "Battle Me" thread. Required: Your "Battle Me" thread must include: 1. Rules Ex. Lv. 100 6vs6 Singles; Lv. 4vs4 100 Doubles; Lv 50 3vs3 Singles; etc. 2. Restrictions Ex. Ubers Allowed; Only OU and Below; No Arceus; etc. 3. Friend Code Ex. What every your code may be. 4. Be Specific With Hacked Pokémon Restrictions (Added April 22nd, 2009) Ex. Please post what you consider a Hacked Pokémon and what limitations you have on them. Recommended: Your "Battle Me" thread is recommended to include: 1. Times you are Available To Battle - Makes people aware of when you are available for battle. 2. IRC - You can use the chat IRC as well to help when battling. I greatly recommend this since you can comment instantly on a move made from your opponent. This can add a lot more to the fun. Hopefully this will cause less confusion when looking for a battle. If you have any questions you may PM me or Illithian. Please follow these rules and have fun battling! ~ Updated 8/29/09 by Illithian ~ Updated 6/27/17 by jasenyoface: updated the link at the top of the page.
  11. Welcome to my Trading Thread. I can SAV, Trade Legits, catch legit Shinys, and I can put platinum moves on your pokemon. How i Post the Pokemon: Pokemon Name: Nickname Nature IVS HP/ATK/DEF/SPL.ATK/SPL.DEF/SPE EVS HP/ATK/DEF/SPL.ATK/SPL.DEF/SPE Ability Moves Baby Pokemon Posting Pokemon Name Nature Egg Move IVS HP/ATK/DEF/SPL.ATK/SPL.DEF/SPE RULES: 1. When You Post A Pokemon to Trade me Please make it Legit not a sav'ed pokemon. 2. No Double Posting 3. If you want to Trade COMMENT! please do not PM me. 4. I will make a specific section for my SAV'ed Pokemon and the caught and trained legit pokemon. 5. List Evs and IVs please when you offer a Trade. 6. Be patient while you are waiting for me to reply to your trade. Event Pokemon UNTOUCHED! TRU Shaymin: "SHAYMIN" Timid, Modest, Calm, and Bold Timid IVS:18/9/22/20/31/29 Modest IVS:21/6/28/21/29/23 Calm IVS:31/12/21/31/30/29 Bold IVS:31/20/28/29/31/29 UT Hayley Event Mew Modest! Moves: Synthesis Return Hypnosis Teleport I got this in a trade i dont have a Wii yet. MOVIE Darkrai: Timid and Modest Timid IVS: 30/10/15/31/24/31 Modest IVS:23/8/29/31/29/31 UT Non-Legit Arceus Rowap Berry Careful and Modest Moves: Judgement Roar of Time Spacial Rend Shadow Force Stats Hp 353 Attack 251 Defence 249 Spl Attack 239 Spl Defence 293 Speed 258 Legit Shiny EV'ed Pokemon Claydol: "Dollhead" Calm IVS:26/9/30/28/31/18 EVS:252/0/128/0/128/0 Levitate Moves Earth Power Psychic Explosion Cosmic Power Hypno: "Psychic###" Timid IVS:14/6/26/28/15/21 EVS:6/0/0/252/0/252 Insomnia Moves: Psychic Switcheroo Nasty Plot Hypnosis Ditto: "Transformr" Adamant IVS:17/31/30/13/20/8 EVS:6/252/0/0/0/252 Limber Moves: Transform Floatzel: "Aqua Tail" Adamant IVS:19/18/9/20/18/31 EVS:6/252/0/0/0/252 Swift Swim MOVES: Waterfall Ice Punch Crunch Brick Break Ludicolo: "HeadLeaf" Calm IVS:11/17/13/22/12/28 EVS:252/0/0/76/180/0 Swift Swim Moves Leech Seed Protect Surf Toxic Poliwrath "Wrath" Adamant IVS:8/30/31/21/24/18 EVS:252/252/0/0/0/6 Water Absorb Moves Bulk Up Substitute Focus Punch Ice Punch Mawile: "IronMouth" Adamant IVS:2/21/19/19/30/14 EVS:252/252/0/0/4/0 Hyper Cutter Moves: Iron Head Focus Punch Crunch Swords Dance Gardevoir: "SlowPepper" Modest IVS:20/12/22/15/14/24 EVS:0/0/128/252/64/64 Trace Moves Psychic Calm Mind Hypnosis Thunderbolt Magnezone Bold IVS & EVS not sure but ill post stats Hp 324 Attack 157 Defence 315 Spl Attack 358 Spl Defence 216 Speed 155 Moves: Magnet Rise Substitute T-Bolt HP Regular Shinys Weedle "Hornz" Lv.6 Jolly IVS:26/15/26/12/4/11 EVS: None Shield Dust Moves: Poison Sting String Shot Regular EV'ed Pokemon Umbreon Impish IVS & EVS not sure recieved in trade thou. Stats: Hp 363 Attack 160 Defence 289 Spl Attack 133 Spl Defence 359 Speed 160 Moves: Curse Payback Wish Toxic Walrein Bold IVS:31/12/29/24/19/31 EVS: HP 252 Defence 252 Speed 6 Moves: Hail Substitute Protect Toxic or Encore Donphan "DONPHAN" Adamant IVS:4/31/24/31/30/22 EVS:252/6/252/0/0/0 Sturdy Moves Rapid Spin Ice Shard Earthquake Stone Edge Snorlax "Fatty" Careful IVS:26/28/31/1/23/24 EVS:168/0/120/0/220/0 Immunity Moves Curse Body Slam Rest Earthquake Regigigas "REGIGIGAS" Adamant IVS:29/31/28/11/29/18 EVS:252/252/6/0/0/0 Slow Start Moves Confuse Ray Thunder Wave Return Earthquake Ninjask "Ninjask" Jolly IVs:31/22/26/17/22/30 EVs: 6 HP 252 Defence ~ for bullet punch etc. 252 Speed Moves: Protect Substitute BP SwordsDance Mamoswine NN scrub EVs: 6 HP 252 Attack 252 Speed Moves: Stone Edge Ice Shard EQ Blizzard Info: This is a awesome sweeper in any Hail team, but i need to get rid of blizzard and put in avalanche. Any suggestions on another move would be helpful! Victorebell NN Fly Trap Moves Swords Dance Sunny Day Leaf Blade Sucker Punch Info: my own combo does well cause ppl dont kno this pretty self explaintory. Tyranitar Jolly IVS:idk havent checked EVS: 6 HP 252 Attack 252 Speed ~ A dragon dancer Moves: DragonDance Aqua Tail EQ Stone Edge Baby Pokemon AWESOME! Eevee: Modest Wish Yawn IVS:30/21/29/31/28/30 Slowpoke: Modest Belly Drum Block IVS:21/30/22/21/31/31 Cubone: Jolly or Adamant Belly Drum Perish Song Jolly IVS:21/25/30/12/2/31 Adamant IVS:18/28/31/16/31/31 ImageChimchar: Adamant Fake Out Thunderpunch IVS:5/15/21/15/21/15 Finneon: Modest Psybeam Agility IVS:31/6/15/29/20/20 WANTED LIST Timid Houndour Lv.1 Naive Delibird Lv.1 Moves: Ice Shard Ice Punch Quick Attack Adamant Teddiursa Lv.1 Moves: Cross Chop or Close Combat Night Slash Image Jolly Heracross Lv.1 Jolly Marill Lv.1 Moves: Aqua Jet Belly Drum Super Power Timid or Modest Mewtwo If you don't have any of those pokemon comment saying i want ******* and than say view my trading thread for a pokemon you want to trade for and I will be happy to do that.
  12. Are "Posts" when you make a new thread? It says I have only one post, but I have made a new thread and replied a total of four times. I have only made a new thread once, though.... is that what it means? In the old Pokesav Forum, number of posts was how many new threads you made and the number of replies together..... *EDIT Actually, it must be a bug, because I just posted this thread and it still only says I have one post. Weird, isn't it?
  13. Pokédex Trading Thread Need a certain Pokémon for your Pokédex, but having troubles making a simple trade? Post here with a Pokémon you really need to trade for your Pokédex. Note that this is for simple trades for filling your Pokédex, so please don't request a certain nature, move set, etc. If/when someone replies to your request, please take it to PM after you have found a match.
  14. Pokémon Platinum Video Thread If you have any videos you have uploaded on to Nintendo-WiFi Connection of your battles, please post share with us your accomplishments in the Battle Frontier. Uploaded Videos: Code | User vs Facility (Note) 26-39851-87683 | 4evil vs Battle Hall (Silver Print Battle) 72-38980-16968 | 4evil vs Battle Arcade (Silver Print Battle) 56-38280-50091 | Midnight vs Battle Castle (Silver Print Battle) 11-07776-74706 | Pender vs Battle Tower (Gold Print Battle) 96-00890-97267 | Pender vs Battle Arcade (Silver Print Battle)
  15. When I saw that there was going to be a remake, I was excited. I got up and just, was excited. The questions simple, how did you react when you came here and saw those two beautiful remake logos staring you in the face? Were you happy? Did you yell? Say it here!
  16. Hey, anyone want to go at PBR? My FC is 1032-7980-2335. PM or post your FC to battle
  17. Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver Speculation Thread Please use this thread to discuss possibilities of things that you think might or might not be in HeartGold and SoulSilver. Please make a note of confirmed information in the thread here: http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?p=50138#post50138 Some information from GSC: Regarding Pokémon availability: The game will most likely use the Johto Pokédex which included all 251 known Pokémon at that time. However, not all of them were available to be caught in the games. Unobtainable Pokémon in Pokémon Gold: Unobtainable Pokémon in Pokémon Silver It's also possible that the Pokemon included in the Johto Dex who now have new evolutions from Gen 3 or 4 could see those evolutions present in the new games and possibly a newer version of the Johto Dex. Or perhaps they won't be, like FR/LG? What do you think? Pokemon that have been introduced in Gen III or IV that evolve from or into a Johto Dex Pokemon: Despite being able to travel to Kanto, these Pokemon were unavailable: Out of these listed Kanto Pokemon, the fossil Pokemon are able to be found in the Underground in DPP, the three legendary birds are found in Platinum, but the starters are only obtainable by migration from FRLG and Mewtwo/Mew are not available in a 4th Gen game yet. Also, Celebi was obtainable through an item-activated event in the Japanese version, but not American. Therefore, it could be possible that a Celebi event could be in the new games. Perhaps with a GS Ball event similar to the Member's Card or Oak's Letter. What do you think about the Kanto starters and Mew/Mewtwo? Do you think there could be something similar to Birch giving you a Johto starter in Emerald? Or perhaps an item-activated event for Mewtwo in the Cerulean Cave? Legendary Pokemon in GS: I think it's safe to say that the Regi-trio Pokemon will not be included in these versions since they were already in Platinum (as well as obviously being in RSE). Obtainable Pokemon through in-game gifts Rumors: * N/A ATM Keep in mind this thread is purely for speculation as we have no actual information to go on. What do you think about this? Do you think other Pokemon will be included? Do you think Kanto will be included (or do you think it will be cut since it already appeared in FR/LG)? Do you think more of Kanto's Pokemon will be available? Do you think Kanto will be the same size? Bigger/more in-depth than in GS? What kind of legendary/event Pokemon do you think will be in the game? What kind of Pokemon do you think we'll get through item-activated events (such as Darkrai, Shaymin and Arceus)? Do you think we'll see ways to obtain Mewtwo, Mew, Celebi or even Jirachi's first in-game obtainable appearance? What other aspects of the game do you think will be included? Or what do you think will be cut from the original release of GS? I'm personally really hoping to see something like the Battleground from Platinum where you'd be able to re-battle the characters from GS such as the Johto and Kanto Gym leaders (and maybe even Red, if he comes out of his cave...). Let's talk about it.
  18. OK here are the shiny Pokemon that I have up for trade. They are all legally caught or hatched from an egg. Shiny Lv 25 Honchkrow Male Shiny Lv 70 Mewtwo Shiny Lv 12 Mismagius Male Shiny Lv 60 Torterra Male I am looking for event Pokemon. Thank you. My in game name is Colt and my FC is 4683 5403 0433
  19. So I created this thread with the purpose of sharing desktop customization "tips and secrets" or whatever you want to call it. Rocket dock, Rain meter,Instant messaging programs, minimalistic skins, custom media players and Visual styles or shell replacements or even problems with the doing stuff like this. Lets talk about it all here! Anywho, here's my current desktop. So anyway I'm running Left mid ->Old version AIM Top left -> Rainmeter -> http://code.google.com/p/rainmeter/ and then use Deviant art/ Customize.org to find modules/skins Bottom left -> Songbird - Pure player : Birdie skin A custom vista visual style MNLSTK -> http://invaderjohn.deviantart.com/art/mnlstk-VS-94538135 Top right -> A rocket dock "mac bar" -> http://rocketdock.com/ , Customized icons and theme though, defaults kinda bulky. Xfire - Custom theme found here -> http://www.gunsammocrate.com/content.php?content.4 I also use "LogOn Studio Vista" to change my log on screen picture to something considerably nicer, which can be found here -> http://download.cnet.com/LogonStudio-Vista/3000-2072_4-10696252.html I also sometimes run LiteStep over Vista as it just seems to start up and run faster and although I actually prefer the LiteStep right click option to find stuff, this vista setup I have now looks too sweet for me to want to change it. Although you need to tread carefully when using Shell replacement programs like LiteStep,Geoshell,Avedesk( during install anyway ) 2 Day Edit * 30 views and not a single reply!
  20. Hm, I actually like this one so much ... My other junk:
  21. Ok, so me and Enkidu were talking, fortunately for me, he was impressed with my photoshop and sig making expertise. Later on, we decided it might be fun to make a signature creation/request thread. So first things first, proof that I can actually make anything on photoshop/previous sigs Ive made in the past: So I can make sigs from stocks like so: Or... Now, when you ask for requests, I will try my hardest to achieve what you ask for, however I tend to work best if I am able to explore multiple possibilities and different paths within the process. So what this means is that basically, I will always keep the original pokemon character image present within the signature, but the effect of it all, may look slightly different. Long story short, if you just provide me with a pokemon to use, and leave the rest up to me, it will allow me to explore my visions much more thoroughly. If by chance the image you provided does not work well in terms of composition, or quality, I will ask you if I can use a separate image of the same pokemon or character. To prevent this post from getting too much longer, Enkidu will be discussing what makes a render or stock photo "good" for sigs, and what makes others crap. When it comes to text within the sig, I will also include whatever you want to have put in the final sig. However it may wrench my heart and destroy my soul if I am forced to somehow incorporate a horrible super cheesy quote thats made of fail. So, I would be glad to take signature requests from yall, however please do not expect them within the same day, as I have a job, school, and life and may not be able to get to crafting them for you right then. I will however get them in to you within 1-2 days, and if I cannot make the deadline, I will notify you. Thanks, who wants first ups?
  22. It has been decided that the avatar thread will make a banner.The artists of the thread have decided to make banners and let you the public decide which is best via a public vote here are the entries, Telos, Narwhal, pokemonfan, Enkidu, Bear831, All entries are now in! Please say who is your favourite and/or why and vote for them on the poll I urge anyone who looks at this thread to vote for there favourite!
  23. Sorry if the question is too noobish. I've been trying to figure it out, and I haven't found out yet... lol help please?
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