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  1. sup guys sorry havent been around for what about 2 months? been busy with school ect, seeing as how im back i think a new sig , narwhal is it alright if i can be an artist again
  2. yeh starting highschool(i think its junior highschool in america) and my website and other stuff
  3. Is under construction, on a free host until october (NOT FREEWEBS!) So if anyone has any suggestions ie should i have fourms or know some html or css and right now even the name (i have one in mind but still)
  4. welcome to the team mr swalot and now im Retiring from making sigs its been good guys:smile:
  5. because business is slow mr swalot, i want a treeco sig and if it is to my liking i shall tell you a secret...
  6. made another one :cool: i like them both http://i30.tinypic.com/2ew2oed.jpg[/img*][/url*] take aways the *s
  7. i made a supporter badge:smile: pokehacker just say the word and ill change it, if anyone wants it in there sig just put http://i30.tinypic.com/qzelqd.jpg[/img*][/url*] (take away the *s)
  8. toffeuy i would stick to gimp for the folloing reasons 1.gimp is free and it is like photoshop in many ways 2 the liquify tool is basicly smudge blur and sharpen stuck in to one tool and i failed to think up anymore:mad: but its up to you
  9. hey, if you want i could work on some artwork of the pokemon and/or make box art or somethinh:bidoof:
  10. so do i:smile: edit i made this just messing around and seeing how everyone has a naruto sig or avatar it gave me a nice avatar
  11. well its only been a week but im back lol:smile: i have free time again woot! you guys are geting good! cya telos:grog: hi Toffeuy we havent really met , Nara-chu you getting good, (goes insane and thinks "must kill him... oh to photoshop and my my own new style:biggrin:) edit witch ones better this one or the otherone?
  12. Hey guy im sorry but i cant really do this in the summer (as in the hole fourm thing) so im leaving project pokemon... for the summer ill be back late august cya!
  13. hey guys im back from cornwall so ill ve active(ish) just to let you know:smile:
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