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Found 9 results

  1. Fan Animation By BellBlitzKing on YouTube: Watch Now Fusions battle, from Naruto, Bleach, Digimon, MHA My Hero Academia, DBZ and JoJo's Bizarre Adventure! YouTube.com/watch?v=5HDuGvrUC0Y You can download HD Art & Background from the video on ItchIO
  2. I commented. recently started with video editing. Hope you like it and leave your comments (if it's the best channel, the faster leere) and but here, tarry but will try to read more. His criticisms, opinions or advice, help me a lot to improve! If they win and give him like suscribe! : D Just is my second video, but I'm thinking of following up ... http://www.youtube.com/embed/rFFEGf3qLdU?wmode=transparent And if you want to see my first video ... Mix Effect / Fire and Rayo hand / Clone / Cup, filled single Sorry but let me put the video, so leave the link
  3. NOT the Pokemon Musical already circulating... [video=youtube;DiwPPlvtNOY] We performed at Sega's E3 party last week, too. Enjoy! o^w^o
  4. Yeah, i made i video showing all pokeballs (its just some Fail attempt :biggrin:) Otherwise enjoy :smile: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tTTSfQa3m4k
  5. My brother, Smoke is his online name, is ruined by video games. Here's how it all started, we got into a debate, like we usually do. I told him it is illegal to download a game even if you own it, you must dump it from your game. He said if you own the game, you can download it and still have it be legal. He turned to his site and started a thread http://www.pspmod.com/forums/all-about-psp-games/56341-okay-download-backup-psp-iso.html and then stated lies about me saying GameFAQ's offered ROMs yet still said downloading them is illegal. I posted saying that was a lie, and then he told me not to make spam accounts, that the site already had enough. It wasn't soon until he came over here and made a thread that is now closed under the Site Feedback section under the username of "Pokefail". I rushed to SCV on IRC and asked him to ban his username. That's when all hell broke loose. He started registering a new account, and I started telling him not to, I began to shout and it got pretty physical. We got into a fight and we were basically punching each other in the face and kicking each other all over the place. Our mother ran in and started shouting, she was frightened by the situation, I've never heard her yell like that before. That's when this turned for the worse. I started laughing at him as we saw that people who went to his site started saying that I was right, he got very angry, then the debate entirely changed. You see, my mom was going to buy me a PSP slim, my brother already had a phat. He stole this PSP slim from someone long ago and decided that the slim had a better d-pad, so he opened up the 2 PSP's to switch the d-pads. The slim broke and the phat was in terrible condition, it was not long until he decided to give me the phat so he could buy a slim. My brother's ego was huge as he started yelling at our mother that he wants the PSP and that he deserves it more, as I said I told her beforehand, and that I was buying it myself, so you wouldn't have to pay anything. I said he already has a perfectly good working one with him, so I deserved the slim. My mom acknowledges that I have a point and begins to tell my brother that she was only letting me get one. That is when everything went haywire. He started throwing a fit, literally striking his own mother in the face, my mom started to cry as my brother walked out of my room and hit the wall with tremendous force breaking a huge hole in the wall. When he noticed it he began to cry and lied on the sofa crying saying the words "Kill me now". I was shocked that this came to such an extent, it was terrifying. Currently, it's done for now, my mom decided to let us both get PSP slims to avoid any issues, and my brother is currently out with my mom going to Game Stop and getting groceries... The thing I'm trying to tell you with this stories is that my brother took video games way to seriously that he actually took it to such an extent, it was so shocking... he would actually damge the house and hurt his own mother because of a video game. this distracted me from everything that was going on, for example at the same time sabresite was asking me for help with some things, and I had to tell him something unbelievable came up... it was so strange... Please tell me what I should do because my brother will not leave video games alone and utterly hates me and all of you for liking Pokemon. Also share your opinion on the story if you were able to read it all....
  6. shinedown second chance this proabably the saddest music video i have ever seen i dont know if i am allowed to post this anywhere but i love the song just a sad video. ~hotpinkmunchlax P.S. i am sorry i dont know how to post videos i only know how to do links
  7. Pokémon Platinum Video Thread If you have any videos you have uploaded on to Nintendo-WiFi Connection of your battles, please post share with us your accomplishments in the Battle Frontier. Uploaded Videos: Code | User vs Facility (Note) 26-39851-87683 | 4evil vs Battle Hall (Silver Print Battle) 72-38980-16968 | 4evil vs Battle Arcade (Silver Print Battle) 56-38280-50091 | Midnight vs Battle Castle (Silver Print Battle) 11-07776-74706 | Pender vs Battle Tower (Gold Print Battle) 96-00890-97267 | Pender vs Battle Arcade (Silver Print Battle)
  8. [YOUTUBE]meB0cfC5hBU[/YOUTUBE] By the way that is me but since it's on youtube i didn't want to show my face just in case! I really did hit the corner though.
  9. Wasn't sure on what to name the thread....basically, these pokemon are awesome (and thank you to those who helped me create them back in the "All-Around" thread) But my only problem is that they can't be posted in the Online Battle Videos...it always says there's a problem with my pokemon and quits. But I can put them onto the GTS and do other things, just not that. Help please! My only thought is that the IVs are too 'perfect'...I just don't know :confused: AERODACTYL.pkm ALAKAZAM.pkm DRAGONITE.pkm LUCARIO.pkm METAGROSS.pkm VAPOREON.pkm
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