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Found 15 results

  1. Version 1.2.1


    This is the rarest possible form of Sinistea I could think of This Pokémon possesses the following attributes: star/square shiny, antique, has Pokérus, rare mark, has all earn-able SWSH ribbons, Level 100, fully EV trained, competitive nature, In a Beast Ball, battle ready, max PP, dynamax level 10 holding a Master Ball. It's fully legal and technically possible to encounter, but the chances of encountering one like this are so extremely low. The IVs are optimized for competitive (Perfect IVs except for 0 in attack)
  2. Version 1.0.0


    this save contains all evolve forms of all available pokemon with their shiny and competitive form i included all legendarys and some events from past gen ans some shiny eggs, i will keep updating more this save is ready for giveaways or pokemon for use in battle heres a video where you can see all the pokemon on this save
  3. Version 1.0.0


    Anti Tox is the answer to fighting any gigantamax toxitricities. You could enter a 5-star raid alone with this mon and come out just fine. Enjoy!
  4. Competitive Details ID (Decimal) 172 ID (Hex, Big Endian) 0x00AC ID (Hex, Little Endian) AC 00 Pokemon with Ability 1 ID (Decimal) ID (Hex, Big Endian) ID (Hex, Little Endian) Pokémon
  5. Hello, im pretty new to this place. I unfortunately cant inject pokemon in my 3DS because of the firmware. I dont know if this is the right forum but ill try anyway. So this is my request: FC: 1650-5602-9625 Mii Name: Cheeseball IGN:Pewpewqchew(Ingame brendan) Game Version: Omega Ruby Timezone:Eastern Pokemon: Yveltal Serebii/Bulbapedia Link:http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Yveltal_(Pok%C3%A9mon) Shiny:No Nickname: Hades Gender: Level: 50 Nature: Rash Held Item: None Ability: Dark aura Game/Location/Met Level: Y/Team flare HQ/ Level 50 Ball: Duskball IV Spread: 31/31/3
  6. I was thinking up a competitive team that I would enjoy playing, and I got this far. I can't think much else without needed to play around with it a little, so these are the 'mons I'm looking for right now Of course the goal is to keep everything legal. The game I'm running is Omega Ruby here is my friend code : Mew @ Sitris Berry Ability: Synchronize Shiny: Yes EVs: 252 HP / 252 SpDef / 4 SpAtk Calm Nature - Roost - Bulk Up - Baton Pass - Defog Lucario (M) @ Lucarionite Ability: Inner Focus Shiny: No EVs: 4 Hp / 252 Atk / 252 Spe Adamant Nature - Close Combat -
  7. Gaia (Torterra) @ Leftovers Ability: Overgrow Shiny: Yes EVs: 252 HP / 128 Atk / 128 Def Adamant Nature - Wood Hammer - Earthquake - Stone Edge - Synthesis GrnRnger (Scizor) (M) @ Leftovers Ability: Technician Shiny: Yes EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe Adamant Nature - Baton Pass - Agility - Bug Bite - Bullet Punch Leonardo (Blastoise) @ Assault Vest Ability: Rain Dish EVs: 112 HP / 104 Def / 252 SpA / 40 SpD Modest Nature - Rapid Spin - Scald - Hidden Power [Electric] - Ice Beam MtLBird (Skarmory) @ Leftovers Abilit
  8. Post movesets here! Here are 2 weather Audinos. Sun Audino-Regenerator-Heat Rock Sunny Day Solarbeam Flamethrower Shadow Ball Rain Audino-Regenerator-Damp Rock Rain Dance Thunder Surf Shadow Ball Pros:Near perfect type coverage,good weather focus. Cons: Ouch , Hydreigon!
  9. Note: I changed my team entirely around. This team is deprecated and is only there for nostalgic purposes in the rare case that I feel like looking at my previous failures again. Hello. After several really unsuccessful and some moderately successful attempts of creating a team, I'd like to get my current team rated. Illithian gave some advices earlier and they were really helpful. Currently, I'm either rampaging through a team or losing completely, it's rare to get a close situation. This team abuses Toxic Spikes to cripple sweepers while keeping the pace of the battle. TS gives me the pos
  10. Competitive Pokémon Role Guide Welcome to the Competitive Pokémon Role Guide! Located below is information regarding the Role of Pokémon usually associated with Competitive Battling. Hopefully this will be found helpful. Sweeper Comment: Sweepers are Pokémon with amazing Attack and usually are fallowed up with great speed (And sometimes Stat Boosters). If they don't have great speed, they tend to have great Defenses as well to sustain at least some damage and Agility or Rock Polish it's speed up to par. They are usually defined as a Special or Physical Sweeper depending the stats. Howeve
  11. hi everyone I need some major help making my team. Here is the team i just need help with the IV's and the EV's bc I am going to make them in pokesav. Aggron @ Focus Band Adamant Nature Trait: Sturdy Moves -Substitute -Focus Punch -Stone Edge -Thunder Wave Blaziken@Choice band Adamant Nature Shiny LV:100 Moves ~Fire Blast ~Focus Punch ~Brave Bird ~Sleep Talk Salamence @ Life Orb Trait: Intimidate Brave Nature LV:100 - Draco Meteor - Earthquake - Fire Blast - Outrage Metagross@Choice Specs Trait:Clear Body Serious Nature LV:100 -Meteor mash -Earthquake
  12. Okay, I'm new to this whole thing and I've read a couple of guides and stuff and have made myself a team, but I'm not sure if I've done it right and just need a little feedback. Team: Ninetales - Shuffler Jolly Nature Charcoal 252 Speed/252 Defence/4 HP Will-O-Wisp Roar Flamethrower Toxic Salamence - Physical Sweeper Jolly Nature Life Orb 232 Attack/24 Spec. Attack/252 Speed Dragon Dance Outrage Earthquake Dragon Claw Alakazam - Special Sweeper Timid Nature Synchronize Ability Choice Specs 252 Spec. Attack/4 Spec. Defence/252 Speed Psychic Focus Blast Signal Beam Hidd
  13. Currently after realizing that my favourite pokemon just dont cut it in the real world,i decided to start the long path of makeing competitive teams however, i cant seem to find one that works. i either have the time of my life faceing a heatran that wont go down, or stuck faceing a zapdos that thunderbolts everything away (with help of a stealth rock) i myself am not fond of using such pokemon (legendary pokemon like zapdos and heatran) can anyone help me set up a team??
  14. Competitive Battling Blacklist Thread There are some conniving battlers battling Pokémon in the Pokémon Community. When you are preparing to report make sure you are aware of everything that has occurred and reviewed the conversation thoroughly. Please be sure to prepare evidence as well. There will be two sections, both in their respective Forums. Wi-Fi Trading Blacklist Thread Competitive Battling Blacklist Thread. Competitive Battling Section They will be "Blacklisted" if they performed one (or more) of the fallowing actions: 1. Denied/No Notification of the Battler's Pokémon's Legal
  15. NOTE: ALL FUTURE BATTLE ME POSTS MUST BE POSTED IN THE WIFI BATTLING THREAD! ^--- click this big red text to get there ---^ "Battle Me" Thread Format Rules: - Edited as of 8/29/09 "Battle Me" threads are quite self explanatory. Basically, its a thread asking others to battle you over Wifi. Many such threads don't include nearly enough information for potential battlers to accept your challenge, so please follow these rules when posting a "Battle Me" thread. Required: Your "Battle Me" thread must include: 1. Rules Ex. Lv. 100 6vs6 Singles; Lv. 4vs4 100 Do
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