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  1. Article Posted by <a href="/forums/member.php?25">randomspot555</a>: <a href="/news/278/Every Unova Poképun Explained">Every Unova Poképun Explained</a><p> With the upcoming release of Black/White, there will be endless discussion on what the names mean and what puns they are based off of. Fortunately, <a href="http://www.twitter.com/sazorak">Zorak</a> of the <a href="http://forums.somethingawful.com">Something Awful forums</a> has done the work for everybody.</p> <p> Here is the list, in all of it's unmodified glory:</p
  2. Article Posted by <a href="/forums/member.php?25">randomspot555</a>: <a href="/news/277/Pokémon American Mall Tour Underway!">Pokémon American Mall Tour Underway!</a><p> A promotional tour for Black and White has already launched. If you're planning on attending the event, stop by our <a href="http://www.projectpokemon.org/forums">forums</a> or contact us via <a href="http://www.twitter.com/project_pokemon">Twitter</a> and tell us your story. </p> <p> The tour will take place in malls across America. A playable demo of Poke
  3. Article Posted by <a href="/forums/member.php?25">randomspot555</a>: <a href="/news/274/Shiny Johto Beast Trio and English Celebi Leaked, Now Available!">Shiny Johto Beast Trio and English Celebi Leaked, Now Available!</a><p> The distribution cart distributed to Gamestops across the nation for the upcoming shiny Johto beast distribution has leaked. And research has shown that an English Celebi is also included within this distribution cartridge. </p> <p> Like the Japanese Celebi, it is at level 50, inside a Cherish Ball, with a Classic Ribbon.
  4. Article Posted by <a href="/forums/member.php?25">randomspot555</a>: <a href="/news/271/Ash's Pikachu to be distributed at Toys R Us!">Ash's Pikachu to be distributed at Toys R Us!</a><p> The <a href="http://www.toysrus.com/shop/index.jsp?categoryId=4311963 ">Toys R Us website</a> has announced that Ash's Pikachu will be distributed from January 30, 2011 until February 5, 2011 at their retail stores. </p> <p> Ash's Pikachu was originally distributed in Japan as Satoshi's Pikachu and was available via Wi-Fi. It had a pre-set Naughty n
  5. Article Posted by <a href="/forums/member.php?1555">CuleX</a>: <a href="/news/268/Battle4Charity – A Wi-Fi Charity Battling Stream">Battle4Charity – A Wi-Fi Charity Battling Stream</a><p> There's an upcoming event called “Battle4Charity,” consisting of a multitude of well-known YouTube battlers battling on Wi-Fi over almost four days in order to raise money to donate for <a href="http://www.freethechildren.com/">Free the Children</a>.</p> <p> There will be a multitude of well-known YouTube battlers participating. The full schedule can
  6. Article Posted by <a href="/forums/member.php?25">randomspot555</a>: <a href="/news/264/English Names for Starters Revealed">English Names for Starters Revealed</a><p> The official<a href="http://www.pokemonblackwhite.com/en-us/the-starter-pokemon/"> North American site</a> for Pokémon Black Version and Pokémon White Version has revealed the English names for the three starters. The Grass-type starter is <strong>Snivy</strong>, the Water-type starter is <strong>Oshawott</strong>, and the Fire-type starter is <strong>Tep
  7. Article Posted by <a href="/forums/member.php?25">randomspot555</a>: <a href="/news/259/Mew to be Distributed Via Wi-Fi">Mew to be Distributed Via Wi-Fi</a><p> <a href="http://kotaku.com/5661870/the-original-secret-pokemon-returns">Kotaku</a> is reporting that an event Mew will be distributed via Wi-Fi from October 15th until October 30th. The Mew will come in a Cherish Ball and have a Premiere Ribbon. It also says this Wi-Fi distribution will be limited to Pok<span style="font-size: 16px;"><small>é</small></span>mon H<sp
  8. Article Posted by <a href="/forums/member.php?25">randomspot555</a>: <a href="/news/258/Project Pokémon Hosts GTS Distribution">Project Pokémon Hosts GTS Distribution</a><p> For those that have been following the intense research in our <a href="http://projectpokemon.org/forums/forumdisplay.php?79-Game-Mechanics-and-Enhancements">Game Mechanics and Research</a> forum, it has recently been discovered that there are exploits so that the GTS can be used to distribute digital Pok<span style="font-size: 16px;"><small>é</small></span&g
  9. Article Posted by <a href="/forums/member.php?25">randomspot555</a>: <a href="/news/257/Project Pokemon is Now On Pokemon Online">Project Pokemon is Now On Pokemon Online</a><p> Project Pokemon has decided to support <a href="http://www.pokemon-online.eu">Pokemon Online</a> over Shoddy Battle. Pokemon Online is a battle simulator that has several features not available within Shoddy Battle. It has support for Double Battles and a tier set up for those competing in the Video Game Championships, among other features. Download it and come join us at
  10. Article Posted by <a href="/forums/member.php?17683">Turtwig</a>: <a href="/news/250/Pokemon Sunday: New Pokemon Revealed, Yanappu">Pokemon Sunday: New Pokemon Revealed, Yanappu</a><p> Pokemon Sunday had revealed a new Pokemon, Yanappu. A grass Pokemon seen earlier as a toy in a Japanese message board (2ch). Yanappu knows a new move called "Acrobat" used in triple battle's to attack any opponent in battle. Yanappu also has an ability known as "Gluttony".</p> <p> <img alt="" height="193" src="http://i37.tinypic.com/2q04zeu.jpg" width="280" />
  11. Article Posted by <a href="/forums/member.php?25">randomspot555</a>: <a href="/news/249/Pokemon-gts.net to close September 14, 2010">Pokemon-gts.net to close September 14, 2010</a><p> The official web site, Pokémon GTS, will be closing on September 14, 2010. The announcement specifies that although the website will be closing, the Global Trade Station found in the fourth generation will still be fully functional. </p> <p> <br /> Source: http://www.pokemon-gts.net/info_close/en-US.html</p>
  12. Article Posted by <a href="/forums/member.php?17683">Turtwig</a>: <a href="/news/245/Enigma Stone Event">Enigma Stone Event</a><p> The Enigma Stone event, which unlock's Latios and Latias is a wifi event that is available for Heartgold and Soulsilver. Each Pokemon is revealed to a specific version (HG or SS). This event last from July 31st 2010 to August 27th 2010, and is available for the following countries: The U.S, Europe, and Austrailia. The way to obtain the Pokemon is fairly simple, you first head down to the Pewter city Museum and you'll recieve the Soul
  13. Article Posted by Silverwing: Legendary Pokemon, #000 Victini A new legendary Pokemon was revealed on Pokemon Sunday, referred to as Victini. Currently number #000 on the Isshu Pokedex. An event set on September 18th 2010 to October 18th 2010 allows user's to meet Victini in the game, via Nintendo Wi-fi connection, through the Liberty ticket revieved during the event. <img src="http://projectpokemon.org/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=4936&stc=1" />
  14. Article Posted by <a href="/forums/member.php?25">randomspot555</a>: <a href="/news/241/More on Next Wi-Fi Japanese Event: Ash's Pikachu">More on Next Wi-Fi Japanese Event: Ash's Pikachu</a><p> The next Japanese Wi-Fi Event, Ash's Pikachu, now has a confirmed level, move set, nature, and held item. It will be at level 50, holding a Light Ball, with a Naughty nature. The move set will be Iron Tail, Volt Tackle, Thunderbolt, and Quick Attack.</p> <p> <br /> The event will start on July 15, 2010 and will be available for Japanese copies of
  15. Article Posted by <a href="/forums/member.php?25">randomspot555</a>: <a href="/news/239/Next Japanese Wi-Fi Event: Ash's Pikachu!">Next Japanese Wi-Fi Event: Ash's Pikachu!</a><p> According to an advertisement promoting the current Japanese Wi-Fi event, Goon Scizor, the next will be Satoshi's Pikachu. Satoshi is the main character from the anime, where he's elsewhere known as Ash Ketchum. The only known information is that the event will start July 15, 2010.</p> <p> The advertisement can be seen <a href="http://pokemon1111.blog89.fc2.com/blog
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