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  1. Article Posted by <a href="/forums/member.php?25">randomspot555</a>: <a href="/news/278/Every Unova Poképun Explained">Every Unova Poképun Explained</a><p> With the upcoming release of Black/White, there will be endless discussion on what the names mean and what puns they are based off of. Fortunately, <a href="http://www.twitter.com/sazorak">Zorak</a> of the <a href="http://forums.somethingawful.com">Something Awful forums</a> has done the work for everybody.</p> <p> Here is the list, in all of it's unmodified glory:</p> <p> <u>Victini</u>: V FOR VICTORY, also A Small Thing (tiny). Because that's it's thing.<br /> <u>Snivy</u>: An Ivy Snake, also possibly snide but that's probably a coincidence.<br /> <u>Servine</u>: A Vine Serpent. It's a Serpent that looks like a vine.<br /> <u>Serperior</u>: A Superior Serpent. It's the previous thing but better.<br /> <u>Tepig</u>: A Tepid (Warm) Pig. Slightly warm pig.<br /> <u>Pignite</u>: A Pig that Ignites stuff. A PIG THAT SETS SHIT ON FIRE.<br /> <u>Emboar</u>: An Ember Boar. This pig is on FIRE CONSTANTLY.<br /> <u>Oshawott</u>: Ocean + Otter + Water! It's an otter that lives in the water/ ocean! Also Oshawa could be referring to River-crossing, like the city (near where there are sear otters!)<br /> <u>Dewott</u>: Dew + Otter. Dew is water!!!<br /> <u>Samurott</u>: Samurai + Otter. It's a Samurai Seal that uses shells as blades I mean come on.<br /> <u>Patrat</u>: Patrol + Rat. It's a prairie dog/ meerkat: they watch things, and this thing has a WATCHING YOU theme.<br /> <u>Watchog</u>: SAME THING REALLY BUT DIFFERENT (watch + Groundhog)<br /> <u>Lillipup</u>: LITTLE + PUP. It's a small dog!<br /> <u>Herdier</u>: It's a terrier that herds things. HERDIER.<br /> <u>Stoutland</u>: Stout + Newfoundland (like the dog breed, they swim well and Stoutland can learn surf!!).<br /> <u>Purrloin</u>: Purloin (Steal) + Purr like a cat. It's a dark type cat ok what do you expect.<br /> <u>Liepard</u>: Lie + Leopard: DARK TYPE CAT.<br /> <u>Pansage</u>: Pan (the genus of Chimpanzees) + sage (the plant). It's a plant monkey. Name also goes with the WE'RE WAITERS YO of the Gym leaders that use them.<br /> <u>Simisage</u>: Simi (Infraorder of higher primates, includes chimps and us!) + sage (the plant). A bigger/ more advanced monkey.<br /> <u>Pansear</u>: Pan + Sear (burn). More semi-cooking imagery.<br /> <u>Simisear</u>: DERP<br /> <u>Panpour</u>: Pan + Pour (Pouring a bucket of liquid). ETC.<br /> <u>Simipour</u>: DERP DERP<br /> <u>Munna</u>: Moon + Luna, two words for the Moon (which this has a theme with, since they're associated with dreams and sleep). The mu in its name in Japanese can mean Dream which it also goes with too!<br /> <u>Musharna</u>: the above, plus an onomatopoeia for eating possibly (MUSHIN' DAT SHIT). One of those carry overs.<br /> <u>Pidove</u>: Pidgeon + Dove, two very related bird groups (basically the same group, different name).<br /> <u>Tranquill</u>: A peaceful (TRANQUIL) bird. Quill means feathers, which a bird has. WORKS. Doves are symbols of peace, and Tranquill is supposed to live in a peaceful place where there's no war.<br /> <u>Unfezant</u>: An unpleasant pheasant (this owns, shut up). It's supposed to be unpleasant to people not its trainer/ territorial so THERE YOU GO.<br /> <u>Blitzle</u>: Blitz (lightning in German) + little. Blitz also refers to speed (ie, quick as lightning), so it's a fast/ quick/ electric zebra.<br /> <u>Zebstrika</u>: A Zebra that strikes things, like lightning. Blitz (in its pre-evo as I mentioned) is often used for fast/ quick strike warfare so there you are!<br /> <u>Roggenrola</u>: A NAME THAT OWNS. It's a ball-like rock, so making a Rock and Roller pun is totally justified imo.<br /> <u>Boldore</u>: Boulder.<br /> <u>Gigalith</u>: Giga = big, lith = A ROCK. A big rock.<br /> <u>Woobat</u>: A bat that woos people (ie, seeks affection/ court). It's a love themed bat so yeah!<br /> <u>Swoobat</u>: A bat that makes people swoon!<br /> <u>Drilbur</u>: Drill + Burrow. It's a mole with claws shaped like shovels.<br /> <u>Excadrill</u>: Excavate + Drill. It's a mole that is literally a drill what the fuck do you expect from the name?<br /> <u>Audino</u>: Audio + I Dunno. Audio because its supposed to have great ears, and the I Dunno thing is a carry over from the Japanese name with the same pun because it's supposed to be a nursing and helpful with medical conditions.<br /> <u>Timburr</u>: IT'S HOLDING A TIMBER<br /> <u>Gurdurr</u>: IT'S HOLDING A GIRDER<br /> <u>Conkeldurr</u>: IT'S HOLDING CONCRETE AND is also Elder because it's the oldest one. Conk+Elder.<br /> <u>Tympole</u>: Tadpole + Tympanum. The Tympanum is your eardrum, as well as the hearing organ in general for frogs/ toads. It's a sound-themed tadpole that has giant tympanums on the side of its head. Can also reference the Tymphany instrument, same root. Vibrations/ sound etc<br /> <u>Palpitoad</u>: Palpitate (Shaking/ rumbling/ beating) + toad. Again, sound themed.<br /> <u>Seismitoad</u>: Seismic Toad. After all, seismic activity (Earthquakes etc) are the same exact thing as sound, just in the ground.<br /> <u>Throh</u>: Throw.<br /> <u>Sawk</u>: Sock.<br /> <u>Sewaddle</u>: Sew + Waddle. A silk producing caterpillar that is a baby (so it waddles). Also swaddle, which is to wrap a baby in cloth. MULTIPLE LEVELS.<br /> <u>Swadloon</u>: Swaddle + Cocoon.<br /> <u>Leavanny</u>: Leaf/Leaves + Nanny. It's a leaf bug that takes cares of babies, yup!<br /> <u>Venipede</u>: Venomous centipede.<br /> <u>Whirlipede</u>: Centipede rolled into a ball. Whirling Centipede.<br /> <u>Scolipede</u>: Scolopendromorpha (Centipede group) + Centipede. Or maybe also/ instead Scoliosis + Centipede. Scoliosis is the curving of the spine. It's a centipede with its back bent.<br /> <u>Cottonee</u>: It's a cotton ball. Corruption of cottony (RESEMBLING COTTON)<br /> <u>Whimsicott</u>: A whimsical ball of cotton. It's got a mischievous theme, and it's based on the vegetable lamb of Tartary so hey!<br /> <u>Petilil</u>: A petite (small) lentil (seed). Which it is! Might be lily at the end though.<br /> <u>Lilligant</u>: An elegant Lily.<br /> <u>Basculin</u>: A masculine/ aggressive bass. It's theme is how it's a PISSED OFF FISH/ AN ASSHOLE, which is a thing bass are known for being!<br /> <u>Sandile</u>: A SAND CROCODILE.<br /> <u>Krokorok</u>: A crook of a crok with a name that works in both directions.<br /> <u>Kroocodile</u>: Krokorok except more obvious.<br /> <u>Darumaka</u>: A Macaque that looks like a <a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daruma_doll" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">daruma doll</a>. The maka also means crimson in Japanese.<br /> <u>Darmanitan</u>: An orangutan who looks like a Daruma Doll. Darumas are also known as Darhma Dolls, hence the name. It even has a daruma mode it activates.<br /> <u>Maractus</u>: A dancing Maraca-wielding Mariachi Cactus. <img alt="" border="0" src="http://fi.somethingawful.com/images/smilies/smile.gif" title=":)" /><br /> <u>Dwebble</u>: It's a hermit crab that Dwells in a Pebble.<br /> <u>Crustle</u>: A crab with Crust/ stratum on it. <br /> <u>Scraggy</u>: Craggy is to be rough, harsh, rough. LIFE ON THE STREETS IS TOUGH.<br /> <u>Scrafty</u>: One has to be crafty and full of guile to make it on the streets...<br /> <u>Sigilyph</u>: Sigil (sign/ image with magic power) + glyph (same). It's a weird psychic bird thing that looks like one of those.<br /> <u>Yamask</u>: Yama is the lord of the dead in Hindu/ Buddhist mythology. It's a dead thing in a mask.<br /> <u>Cofagrigus</u>: Sarcophagus + egregious (ie, outstanding). Also has some coffin in there. It looks like a pharaoh's sarcophagus so it fits well!<br /> <u>Tirtouga</u>: Corruption of Tortuga, or turtle in Spanish.<br /> <u>Carracosta</u>: Carapace + Coast. Sea Turtles hit dem beaches a lot. Additionally, more pseudo-Spanish stuff going on.<br /> <u>Archen</u>: Archeopteryx inspired, obviously. Simpler name because... I dunno!<br /> <u>Archeops</u>: Archeopteryx inspired + more name!<br /> <u>Trubbish</u>: Trash and rubbish.<br /> <u>Garbodor</u>: Garbage + Luchador. He's a garbage man that looks vaguely like a luchador. Alternatively, just Garbage + the -ador part, so it's just a Garbager.<br /> <u>Zorua</u>: Zorro (Fox in Spanish) + Rua (Red hair). It's a fox with red hair sooo<br /> <u>Zoroark</u>: The above, plus it's DARK so Zoroark. They're evil illusory foxes ok.<br /> <u>Minccino</u>: Mink + Chino cloth possibly. It's a mink with a clothing/ cloth/ fur theme so it works.<br /> <u>Cicinno</u>: Chinchilla + Chino cloth. <br /> <u>Gothita</u>: A little goth. Goth + Lolita. <img alt="" border="0" src="http://i.somethingawful.com/forumsystem/emoticons/emot-stare.gif" title=":stare:" /><br /> <u>Gothorita</u>: Goth + senorita.<br /> <u>Gothitelle</u>: Goth + Mademoiselle. Also "tell", since it can see the future preow.<br /> <u>Solosis</u>: A solo (single) + -sis (Latin for being in the "state" of, often dealing with biological processes). So it's a single cell existing alone.<br /> <u>Duosion</u>: A duo/ splitting cellular structure. Yup.<br /> <u>Reuniclus</u>: A nucleus of reunited structures. Also homunculus, a created man.<br /> <u>Ducklett</u>: A SMALL DUCK<br /> <u>Swanna</u>: A graceful swan.<br /> <u>Vanillite</u>: A small vanilla icecream.<br /> <u>Vanillish</u>: A biggerish vanilla icecream.<br /> <u>Vanilluxe</u>: A deluxe vanilla icecream.<br /> <u>Deerling</u>: A small deer. You could say it's an.... UNDEERLING.<br /> <u>Sawsbuck</u>: This one is potentially very multi-layered. Sawbuck - A thing that holds wood to be sawn. Buck - male deer. SAWS is an acronym for the seasons. Yeaaaaaah.<br /> <u>Emolga</u>: Corruption of the Japanese name. Emon = dressing/ drapery (flaps on the flying squirrel) + momonga (flying squirrel)<br /> <u>Karrablast</u>: Karakauseli (escargot) + BLAST. It hunts escargot for their shells.<br /> <u>Escavalier</u>: Cavalier (Knight) + Escargot (snail). It's a bug wearing a snail's shell so hey.<br /> <u>Foongus</u>: Fungus.<br /> <u>Amoongus</u>: A humongous fungus. Also A FUNGUS AMUNG US.<br /> <u>Frillish</u>: A frilly jelly fish. It's royal so.<br /> <u>Jellicent</u>: A magnificent jelly fish. It's royal so.<br /> <u>Alomomola</u>: It's a mola mola (sunfish) that is motherly to stuff (MOM).<br /> <u>Joltik</u>: Jolt + Tick (Which arachnids!)<br /> <u>Galvantula</u>: Galvanize (stimulated with electricity) + Tarantula.<br /> <u>Ferroseed</u>: A ferrous (iron) seed.<br /> <u>Ferrothorn</u>: An iron thing with spikes.<br /> <u>Klink</u>: ...<br /> <u>Klang</u>: ...<br /> <u>Klinkklang</u>: yesssss<br /> <u>Tynamo</u>: A tiny dynamo.<br /> <u>Eelektrik</u>: An electric eel/ lamprey/ leech.<br /> <u>Eelektross</u>: A big electric eel/ lamprey. Albatross are the biggest birds so THERE YOU ARE.<br /> <u>Elgyem</u>: A <b>L</b>ittle <b>G</b>reen <b>M</b>an. Term for aliens.<br /> <u>Beheeyem</u>: A <b>B</b>ug <b>E</b>yed <b>M</b>onster. Again!<br /> <u>Litwick</u>: A lit candle wick. <br /> <u>Lampent</u>: A lamp here to take you to hell so repent your sins. Lamp + Repent.<br /> <u>Chanelure</u>: A chandelier that lures your soul and burns it to a crisp.<br /> <u>Axew</u>: Axe. Accent on the x here. Bladed dragon.<br /> <u>Fraxure</u>: Fracture. Accent on the x again.<br /> <u>Haxorus</u>: Hack + us to make it sound very dragon-y. If you didn't catch it, the x refers to cutting shit.<br /> <u>Cubchoo</u>: A sneezing (achoo!) bear cub.<br /> <u>Beartic</u>: An arctic bear.<br /> <u>Cryogonal</u>: An octagonal snowflake cryin' like a babby. Cryo- also refers to cold/ freezing so M-M-MULTI PUN.<br /> <u>Shelmet</u>: Shell + Helmet. It's a snail with a shell for a helmet.<br /> <u>Accelgor</u>: Accelerate (because it's a ninja) + gor because it sounds cool probably.<br /> <u>Stunfisk</u>: Because Stun Fish sounded too obvious. Also fisk is kind of insulting and this fish is probably insulted a lot.<br /> <u>Mienfoo</u>: Mien (Appearance/ Behavior/ Personality) + Kung Fu. It does have the appearance of a Kung Fu Master. Mien is also an ethnic term for several Chinese ethnic groups, some of which immigrated heavily to the US (UNOVA)<br /> <u>Mienshao</u>: Mien + Shao, which is a common Chinese surname refering to nobility/ royality.<br /> <u>Druddigon</u>: It's a Ruddy Faced Dragon. Druddigon. <img alt="" border="0" src="http://fi.somethingawful.com/images/smilies/biggrin.gif" title=":D" /><br /> <u>Golett</u>: It's a smaller golem. -Let is a diminutive suffix.<br /> <u>Golurk</u>: A golem created by an ancient civilization and left to lurk on this earth.<br /> <u>Pawniard</u>: Pawn (as in the Chess piece) + Poniard (A small sharp dagger). <br /> <u>Bisharp</u>: Bishop (as in the Chess piece) + Sharp (AS IN ITS GONNA CUT YOU WITH ITS SHARP BLADES)<br /> <u>Bouffalant</u>: Buffalo + Bouffant/ Bouffante. It's a buffalo with a puffy afro what do you want???<br /> <u>Rufflet</u>: It's a ruffled/ fuzzy headed little eaglet.<br /> <u>Braviary</u>: A BRAVE BIRD. It flies so its' Aviary. Brave + Aviary. BRAVIARY.<br /> <u>Vullaby</u>: Vulture + Lullaby because it's a big ol' baby in an egg-shell.<br /> <u>Mandibuzz</u>: Mandible (BONES) + Buzzard (you know, like vultures).<br /> <u>Heatmor</u>: Heat + EATMORE because he's an anteater that loves to eat...<br /> <u>Durant</u>: A durable ant. It's a steel type so yeah. It isn't very durable against ^^ though.<br /> <u>Deino</u>: Ein (One in German) + Dino.<br /> <u>Zweilous</u>: Zwei (Two in German) + Zealous.<br /> <u>Hydreigon</u>: Drei (Three in German) + Hydra + Dragon.<br /> <u>Larvesta</u>: Larva + Vesta (Greek Godess of the Hearth, symbolized by the sacred fire that burned eternally in her temples)<br /> <u>Volcarona</u>: Volcano + Corona. It's sun-god moth found near volcanos so yeah<br /> <u>Cobalion</u>: Cobalt, as in the metal and color. It's a steel type so yeah. Also a beast so -lion.<br /> <u>Terrakion</u>: Terracota (color and material) + Lion. An Earth Beast, in other words.<br /> <u>Virizion</u>: Viridian (Green)/ Viradarium (Garden) + Lion. A Plant Beast.<br /> <u>Tornelos</u>: It's a tornado god.<br /> <u>Voltolos</u>: It's a lightning god.<br /> <u>Reshiram</u>: It's just a name. The shira in it is from shiro, or white. Re was used because it sounds softer, what since it's Ying.<br /> <u>Zekrom</u>: It's just a name. The kro in it is from kuro, or black. Ze was used because it sounds harsher, what since it's Yang.<br /> <u>Landlos</u>: It's a land god.<br /> <u>Kyurem</u>: Kyuurei (rapid cooling) + Rei (Zero). It's a dragon of absolute zero cold/ so YUP. It's Wuji after all.<br /> <u>Keldeo</u>: Name is from Kelp/ Kelpie, that ol' Celtic water horse.<br /> <u>Meloetta</u>: Melody + etta (female suffix). As expected.<br /> <u>Genesect</u>: A genetically engineered/ modified insect. Alternatively also a <b>GENOCIDAL</b> insect.</p>
  2. Article Posted by <a href="/forums/member.php?25">randomspot555</a>: <a href="/news/277/Pokémon American Mall Tour Underway!">Pokémon American Mall Tour Underway!</a><p> A promotional tour for Black and White has already launched. If you're planning on attending the event, stop by our <a href="http://www.projectpokemon.org/forums">forums</a> or contact us via <a href="http://www.twitter.com/project_pokemon">Twitter</a> and tell us your story. </p> <p> The tour will take place in malls across America. A playable demo of Pokemon Black and Pokemon White will be available. There will also be a variety of activites that you can participate in as well as merchandise sold. </p> <p> The prices for merchandise are as follows, <a href="http://serebiiforums.com/showpost.php?p=11935563&postcount=17">according to Shining Mew of SPPF</a>:</p> <p> Zorua, Zoroark and Pikachu Poke Dolls ($10 each)<br /> Oshawatt, Snivy and Tepig plush ($10 each) <br /> Zorua, Zoroark, Pikachu, Reshiram, Zekrom, Oshawatt, Snivy and Tepig Tomy MC figures ($5 each)<br /> Youth T-Shirts of Pikachu, Starters and Dragons ($20 each)<br /> 12" Dragon Plush ($20 each) <br /> 6" Large Dragon Figures ($10 each)</p> <p> A Livejournal community has pictures of the event <a href="http://community.livejournal.com/pkmncollectors/8312832.html">here</a> and <a href="http://community.livejournal.com/pkmncollectors/8315765.html#cutid1">here</a>.</p> <p> You can find a complete listing of dates and locations at the official <a href="http://www.pokemonblackwhite.com/en-us/news/pokemon-mall-tour/">site</a>.</p>
  3. Article Posted by <a href="/forums/member.php?25">randomspot555</a>: <a href="/news/274/Shiny Johto Beast Trio and English Celebi Leaked, Now Available!">Shiny Johto Beast Trio and English Celebi Leaked, Now Available!</a><p> The distribution cart distributed to Gamestops across the nation for the upcoming shiny Johto beast distribution has leaked. And research has shown that an English Celebi is also included within this distribution cartridge. </p> <p> Like the Japanese Celebi, it is at level 50, inside a Cherish Ball, with a Classic Ribbon. It's OT is "gamestp" and it's Trainer ID number is 02271. It's moveset is Leaf Storm, Nasty Plot, Heal Bell, and Recover.</p> <p> Based on it's Trainer ID number, it has been speculated that distribution will start February 27, 2011 at Gamestop stores across the United States.</p> <p> Special thanks to Nigoli for extracting the Wondercards. You can download them <a href="http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?5164-Event-Contribution-Collection&p=109784&viewfull=1#post109784">here</a>.</p>
  4. Article Posted by <a href="/forums/member.php?25">randomspot555</a>: <a href="/news/271/Ash's Pikachu to be distributed at Toys R Us!">Ash's Pikachu to be distributed at Toys R Us!</a><p> The <a href="http://www.toysrus.com/shop/index.jsp?categoryId=4311963 ">Toys R Us website</a> has announced that Ash's Pikachu will be distributed from January 30, 2011 until February 5, 2011 at their retail stores. </p> <p> Ash's Pikachu was originally distributed in Japan as Satoshi's Pikachu and was available via Wi-Fi. It had a pre-set Naughty nature. It was in a Cherish Ball and had a Classic Ribbon, preventing it from being traded on the Global Trade Station. It had the moveset Volt Tackle, Iron Tail, Thunderbolt, and Quick Attack, which is the moveset Ash's Pikachu has used in the animated series since Hoenn.</p>
  5. Article Posted by <a href="/forums/member.php?1555">CuleX</a>: <a href="/news/268/Battle4Charity – A Wi-Fi Charity Battling Stream">Battle4Charity – A Wi-Fi Charity Battling Stream</a><p> There's an upcoming event called “Battle4Charity,” consisting of a multitude of well-known YouTube battlers battling on Wi-Fi over almost four days in order to raise money to donate for <a href="http://www.freethechildren.com/">Free the Children</a>.</p> <p> There will be a multitude of well-known YouTube battlers participating. The full schedule can be found on the description of this YouTube video: <a href=" "> </a>. More information about the event and the charity can be found on this video: <a href=" "> </a>.</p><p> If this sounds interesting to you, please do take a look at it and consider donating money for a good cause. The streams and chat can be found on <a href="http://www.battle4charity2.tk">http://www.battle4charity2.tk</a>.</p>
  6. Article Posted by <a href="/forums/member.php?25">randomspot555</a>: <a href="/news/264/English Names for Starters Revealed">English Names for Starters Revealed</a><p> The official<a href="http://www.pokemonblackwhite.com/en-us/the-starter-pokemon/"> North American site</a> for Pokémon Black Version and Pokémon White Version has revealed the English names for the three starters. The Grass-type starter is <strong>Snivy</strong>, the Water-type starter is <strong>Oshawott</strong>, and the Fire-type starter is <strong>Tepig</strong>. </p> <p> The English name of the new region has also been revealed. It will be called <strong>Unova</strong>. This is in contrast to previous regions, which were very similar in pronounciation between Japanese and English.</p> <p> The Black and White games are due out in Spring 2011.</p>
  7. Article Posted by <a href="/forums/member.php?25">randomspot555</a>: <a href="/news/259/Mew to be Distributed Via Wi-Fi">Mew to be Distributed Via Wi-Fi</a><p> <a href="http://kotaku.com/5661870/the-original-secret-pokemon-returns">Kotaku</a> is reporting that an event Mew will be distributed via Wi-Fi from October 15th until October 30th. The Mew will come in a Cherish Ball and have a Premiere Ribbon. It also says this Wi-Fi distribution will be limited to Pok<span style="font-size: 16px;"><small>é</small></span>mon H<span style="font-size: 12px;">e</span>artGold and Soul Silver.</p> <p> <br /> This is likely the English release of the Japanese 10th Anniversary Mew that was distributed shortly after HeartGold and Soul Silver's Japanese release.</p>
  8. Article Posted by <a href="/forums/member.php?25">randomspot555</a>: <a href="/news/258/Project Pokémon Hosts GTS Distribution">Project Pokémon Hosts GTS Distribution</a><p> For those that have been following the intense research in our <a href="http://projectpokemon.org/forums/forumdisplay.php?79-Game-Mechanics-and-Enhancements">Game Mechanics and Research</a> forum, it has recently been discovered that there are exploits so that the GTS can be used to distribute digital Pok<span style="font-size: 16px;"><small>é</small></span>mon files. These can be received on game carts as if they were picking up a completed trade at the in-game Global Trade Station featured in the fourth generation of Pok<span style="font-size: 16px;"><small>é</small></span>mon games.</p> <p> One of our forum members, Bond697, has kindly set up a distribution where he hosts several Pokemon that are obtained via the RNG method. These are generated within the game and use no external device in the creation of the Pokémon. They often come with very high Individual Values, egg moves, and are sometimes shiny. He also includes instructions on how to set up your own HyperGTS server, and has an archive of all the previous pkm files he's hosted. Check out his thread <a href="http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthread.php?11627-Competitive-Pokemon-GTS-Distribution-Thread">here</a>, and feel free to make requests.</p>
  9. Article Posted by <a href="/forums/member.php?25">randomspot555</a>: <a href="/news/257/Project Pokemon is Now On Pokemon Online">Project Pokemon is Now On Pokemon Online</a><p> Project Pokemon has decided to support <a href="http://www.pokemon-online.eu">Pokemon Online</a> over Shoddy Battle. Pokemon Online is a battle simulator that has several features not available within Shoddy Battle. It has support for Double Battles and a tier set up for those competing in the Video Game Championships, among other features. Download it and come join us at Pokemon Online!</p>
  10. Article Posted by <a href="/forums/member.php?17683">Turtwig</a>: <a href="/news/250/Pokemon Sunday: New Pokemon Revealed, Yanappu">Pokemon Sunday: New Pokemon Revealed, Yanappu</a><p> Pokemon Sunday had revealed a new Pokemon, Yanappu. A grass Pokemon seen earlier as a toy in a Japanese message board (2ch). Yanappu knows a new move called "Acrobat" used in triple battle's to attack any opponent in battle. Yanappu also has an ability known as "Gluttony".</p> <p> <img alt="" height="193" src="http://i37.tinypic.com/2q04zeu.jpg" width="280" /></p>
  11. Article Posted by <a href="/forums/member.php?25">randomspot555</a>: <a href="/news/249/Pokemon-gts.net to close September 14, 2010">Pokemon-gts.net to close September 14, 2010</a><p> The official web site, Pokémon GTS, will be closing on September 14, 2010. The announcement specifies that although the website will be closing, the Global Trade Station found in the fourth generation will still be fully functional. </p> <p> <br /> Source: http://www.pokemon-gts.net/info_close/en-US.html</p>
  12. Article Posted by <a href="/forums/member.php?17683">Turtwig</a>: <a href="/news/245/Enigma Stone Event">Enigma Stone Event</a><p> The Enigma Stone event, which unlock's Latios and Latias is a wifi event that is available for Heartgold and Soulsilver. Each Pokemon is revealed to a specific version (HG or SS). This event last from July 31st 2010 to August 27th 2010, and is available for the following countries: The U.S, Europe, and Austrailia. The way to obtain the Pokemon is fairly simple, you first head down to the Pewter city Museum and you'll recieve the Soul Dew, and the Latios or Latias will appear outside of the Museum.<br /> </p>
  13. Article Posted by Silverwing: Legendary Pokemon, #000 Victini A new legendary Pokemon was revealed on Pokemon Sunday, referred to as Victini. Currently number #000 on the Isshu Pokedex. An event set on September 18th 2010 to October 18th 2010 allows user's to meet Victini in the game, via Nintendo Wi-fi connection, through the Liberty ticket revieved during the event. <img src="http://projectpokemon.org/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=4936&stc=1" />
  14. Article Posted by <a href="/forums/member.php?25">randomspot555</a>: <a href="/news/241/More on Next Wi-Fi Japanese Event: Ash's Pikachu">More on Next Wi-Fi Japanese Event: Ash's Pikachu</a><p> The next Japanese Wi-Fi Event, Ash's Pikachu, now has a confirmed level, move set, nature, and held item. It will be at level 50, holding a Light Ball, with a Naughty nature. The move set will be Iron Tail, Volt Tackle, Thunderbolt, and Quick Attack.</p> <p> <br /> The event will start on July 15, 2010 and will be available for Japanese copies of Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, Heart Gold, and Soul Silver.</p> <p> <br /> Source: http://www.pokemon-sp.jp/news-sp/2010/07/0709_01.html?a001=news</p>
  15. Article Posted by <a href="/forums/member.php?25">randomspot555</a>: <a href="/news/239/Next Japanese Wi-Fi Event: Ash's Pikachu!">Next Japanese Wi-Fi Event: Ash's Pikachu!</a><p> According to an advertisement promoting the current Japanese Wi-Fi event, Goon Scizor, the next will be Satoshi's Pikachu. Satoshi is the main character from the anime, where he's elsewhere known as Ash Ketchum. The only known information is that the event will start July 15, 2010.</p> <p> The advertisement can be seen <a href="http://pokemon1111.blog89.fc2.com/blog-entry-59.html">here</a>.</p> <p> Thanks to forum moderator Guested for the notice, and for <a href="http://serebii.net">Serebii</a> for showing the advertisement to Guested.</p>
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