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  1. Got mine for trading in old PS3 and paying £70, definatly worth it, and in my eyes (Not in manyothers >.>) easily, the best console out now, I can't imagine my life without Metal Gear Solid 4/Gran Turismo 5 and, the only "Good" exclusive game 360 has is like... er.... Halo, which I hate anyway, so yah @Nara-Chu: Definatly get the slim, and keep your old ps2, if you have enough plugs, it's not even too much effort to switch your ps3+ps2 around ;P
  2. That will be handy It works on Platinum aswell then, Since that is the version I have
  3. I'm not sure, If this is a bug, whether it was just a one off bug, or repeatable, i'll try again later on & I'm not sure if there's a thread on it, so sorry if there is Anyway, I'll tell you mywhole story, since I'm bored. So, I was looking for a Machamp, and went to GTS and put in an offer, Machoke for Machoke and left it there, and couldn't find any other Machoke offers I could do, so I looked at Machamp, and saw Turtwig Any Level/Female Gender (Didn't realise this >.<) , and I had a Torterra, so *yay irl*. So I went to the Daycare, Bred a Turtwig, Hatched it, went back, annnnnnd it was male, and I need female (FML). So, back to Daycare and bred more until a female came out. Back to GTS and traded it, Got my Machamp. Went to summary and my Machoke hadn't traded so I canceled, while my pokeball was coming back I went downstairs to grab a drink, came back upstairs, and saw the "What?" evouloution screen, I thought "What the hell? o_O" and my Machoke evolved from being canceled from traded. Maybe it was jsut me, but I always thought trades had to be completed for them to evolve, and not just canceled O_O. So like, has anyone else had this "bug"? Hell, is it even a bug for that matter? If it can be repeated though, will save me alot of time filling up my pokedex I haven't had time to try it again yet, but will do soon.
  4. You've listed 7 Pokemon there... and sorry, No Idea.
  5. Eigakan Arceus Attached Please (: 07189 Eigakan Arceus PRE-RELEASE Mild 070509.pkm
  6. Last few for my friend, i'll be waiting in the room.
  7. Last ones I hope 2 Of those are for a real life friend, who's internet doesnt let him use wifi oddly >_> I'll be waiting
  8. Lugia looks funny I like Entei looks all serious, and ho-ho looks as ridiculous as he's always looked in my mind. Looks good if the rest of the game is like this Edit: On a second look, Entei looks like he's about ... funny too
  9. Pfft How hard can it be? *Jinxes it*
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