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  1. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The world's first ever Pokemon XD:GoD hack! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Main Features: Physical/Special Split Gen VII type matchup chart including fairy type New set of shadow pokemon and other obtainable pokemon Over 100 Shadow Pokemon Over 50 Shadow Moves Over 75 Wild Pokemon Moves and abilities from later generations Mostly Gen VII Game Mechanics More challenging opponents Corrupted Save files Download Change Log: Known Bugs: Notes: How to patch: Recommended Dolphin Settings: provided by @Grip55 FAQs: Special Thanks @Tux @psy_commando @Tiddlywinks @Made_s
  2. Pokemon Neo X - Neo Y Base Game: Pokemon X/Y Current Version: 1.4 Released: 5/6/15 Updated: 21/5/16 -removed, when it contains files from the rom- Easy homebrew installation document- Easy NeoXY installation vid using homebrew Easy Homebrew installation Neo X & Neo Y are rom hacks of Pokemon X and Y designed to offer the player greater difficulty through expanded trainers and better variety through edited wild Pokemon encounters along with a plethora of other features. NeoX&Y are pretty much identical at this stage. Full and Lite Versions Full version contains all the features mentioned below Lite version contains only edited trainers and wild Pokemon encounters Main Features: Trainers - A more consistent but much harder level curve to greatly increase difficulty - Many trainers now have a greater amount of Pokemon with custom movesets, higher IVs and items - Gym leaders have been significantly upgraded. The get progressively tougher in terms of amount of Pokemon, IVs, Mega-Evolution, movesets and items - There are a greater number of rotation, double and triple battles Pokemon (See documentation for detailed information) - All 721 Pokemon now available in one playthrough. All areas now offer much greater variety - All previously unavailable Pokemon are now included - Eg; Rattata - Most Pokemon now have easy access to their Hidden abilities. Pokemon who had comparatively non-beneficial abilities have been given a new set entirely - Many Pokemon have had their stats slightly edited to make them comparatively viable; Some have also had their typing edited Eg; Golduck is now Water/Psychic - A lot of Pokemon have had their level up moveset edited to either match that of ORAS or improve those who didn't have a great moveset to begin with A few moves themselves have been edited. Disarming voice and Bubble/bubblebeam are now Physical moves because the game severely lacked physical moves for Water and Fairy Pokemon making them useless in the beginning of the game. HMs such as cut have had their typing changed and BP boosted - Pokemon who needed to be traded to evolve can now be evolved by alternate methods (usually by level up) - Pokemon who can mega evolve such as Mawile will have a small chance of carrying their respective stone - All Pokemon eggs now hatch extremely quickly Storyline - Team flare have a new ranking order (Leader Lysandre - Deputy Leader Xerosic - four Elemental admins - Commanders - Grunts) - Elemental admins are much stronger and use diverse teams according to their element - You now have more battles with Shauna, Tierno and Trevor. Most of these are optional and are initiated by seeking out and talking to trainers in areas - Eg; Santalune Forest Screenshots Install Guide There's a written guide in the download section along with a video guide. Don't ask about roms here they are banned - google is your friend Credits: Help: You will need a Gateway or Homebrew Bugs: Talking to trainers post-battle sometimes will bring up empty bubbles, ignore. Have at least two Pokemon in your team for Viola or the game will crash Changelog:
  3. Pokémon Blaze Black 2 | Pokémon Volt White 2 Base Game: Pokémon Black 2 | Pokémon White 2 Current Version: 1.1 Last Updated: 11th November, 2012 Summary Pokémon Blaze Black 2 & Pokémon Volt White 2 are essentially the sequels to my Black & White hacks known as Blaze Black and Volt White. The usual rules with my hacks apply; the main feature is that all 649 Pokémon are available for capture somewhere in the game, and the trainers have all had their rosters changed in order to maintain a much harder challenge than the original game, as well as having an increased variety of opponents to fight. There's also a large amount of alternative features these hacks offer, which range from differences to the Pokémon themselves to the presence of a couple new TMs. If I'm not mistaken, these are also the first Black 2 and White 2 hacks on offer. Additionally, the two versions only differ in terms of their aesthetic differences, such as the appearance of Opelucid City, the title screen, etcetera. So basically, just pick whichever colour takes your fancy! Specific Features The wild Pokémon have been edited in each and every area of the game. Most areas now contain at least 8 Pokémon species, and in most cases, more! You'll be able to attain a complete PokéDex within the limits of the game itself, and the majority of Pokémon are available no later than the seventh badge, meaning you can form basically any team you want! There's a couple legendaries that you can't get until after the Elite Four, but aside from that... The rosters of almost all of the trainers in the game have been edited. The exception to this at present are the Dome trainers, as they aren't really necessary and there's no proper trainer editing tool available for B2W2 yet. This has also raised the level curve of the game, meaning you can expect to beat the first round of the Elite Four somewhere in the 70s levelwise. Most notably Gym Leaders, your rival and the Elite Four have all been made significantly tougher. Gym Leaders will also have differing Pokémon amounts depending on the mode you play; Normal Mode will have them with anywhere from 3 to 5 Pokémon, whereas Challenge Mode will pit you against a full team of six. The Elite Four and Champion also hold some surprises in Challenge Mode... There's been a large number of edits to Pokémon. These can include the level up moves they learn, the abilities they get, their compatibility with Move Tutors and TMs, and even their base stats. There's a document included that will tell you all you need to know. This also makes Dream World abilities significantly easier to obtain. However, if this particular point doesn't appeal to you, the Vanilla version of the hack cuts it out. Some attacks have also been edited, for example the Pledge moves having 100 base power or Cut now being a Grass-type move. This is also removed from the Vanilla version of the hack. There's also been some changes to evolutions. The majority of these involve editing the trade evolutions; in most cases you will now simply be able to 'Use' the item like an evolution stone - for example, using a Magmarizer on a Magmar to evolve it - to do what you would normally need to trade for. For those who evolve by trade but don't need an item, a new item called the Covenant Ore has been introduced and is available in several places through the game; it works like an evolutionary stone, so you're still able to evolve them at any time. Leafeon and Glaceon are now obtainable through new items known as the Woodland Ore and Frozen Ore, to get around their areas being postgame. Shelmet and Karrablast instead follow a Mantyke routine where the other needs to be in the party for them to evolve. Finally, some of the Unovian Pokémon such as Scraggy, Mienfoo and Larvesta have had reductions to their evolution levels to make them more usable in comparison to the older species. Items that you receive and find lying in the field have been changed considerably - this is generally done in order to bring almost all TMs available before the Elite Four are defeated. Notable changes include much earlier Flamethrower and Thunderbolt TMs, and even an Earthquake TM as early as the fifth gym! Doesn't quite beat Platinum, but it's close to. You'll also be able to find a lot of evolution items on the map somewhere, such as the Reaper Cloth, Up-Grade and Protector. A couple of the Poké Marts around the region have had some edits. Examples include the ability to buy Luxury Balls in Virbank City, Heart Scales and shards in Driftveil City, and any sort of evolution item you want in the Route 9 department store. There have been some text edits; a couple of these are sprinkled references, but for the most part it's to made the item changes make sense with the dialogue. In addition, Juniper's speech at the beginning has been changed; this is the tip-off that you've got the hack working correctly. One-time encounter Pokémon such as Cobalion, Virizion, Volcarona, Braviary etc. have had their levels raised in order to fit with the new level curve. In addition, there's also a much bigger variety of one-time encounters, mostly dealing with legendaries. Ever thought you couldn't find Articuno in front of Twist Mountain, or Kyogre within the Abyssal Ruins? Well, now you can! You'll be able to unlock a fraction of these around the eighth gym badge, then the rest sometime after the Pokémon League. Are you up to catching them all? Some of the trades within the game have also been edited, and given much better IVs. Players will now be able to trade for a Togepi, a Gengar and an Exeggutor before the Elite Four is dealt with. Note that any trades with Yancy and Curtis are not changed. New events have been added into the game. Apart from the aforementioned overworlds, there's also Gym Leader rematches outside the PWT, the ability to challenge Hoenn Leaders at various points in the game, Harlequins who will give out starters and even the ability to battle with Hilbert and Hilda! You'll also be given the keys for Easy Mode and Challenge Mode almost right at the beginning of the game! The Pokémon that appear within the Hidden Grottos around Unova have also been changed. This is a primary way to get the starter Pokémon that you don't receive, but also has a large assortment of other Pokémon. If you play the Vanilla version, this'll be important in order to keep your Pokémon on par! Most Pokémon with useful DW abilities will be present somewhere. There's also been some TM replacements. Say good-bye to Sky Drop, Quash and Struggle Bug, for they've now been replaced by Hurricane, Sucker Punch and Bug Buzz respectively. All of these changes are well documented in PDF guides that come with the download. If you want to know what's been added or changed, simply consult them! Screenshots There are plenty of screenshots on offer if you want to take a look! Simply open the spoiler. Credits Kaphotics: I cannot stress how helpful Kaph has been in the creation of this hack; he's been great as both an advisor and a researcher into the workings of scripts in the game. He also taught me a little about RAM editing, which made testing some things that much easier. His LUA scripting abilities were also great for figuring out file numbers and co-ordinates! Truly a saviour. likeicareusewe/kidisnice87: Another very helpful contributor to the hack, he along with one other person worked as my helpers for BETA testing. Thanks to him, a lot of the bugs that would have otherwise gone unnoticed were ironed out before release. A huge thank you! Lazerith: My other beta tester, who is also a Pokémon hacker himself (Pokémon Origin Platinum is his work). Again, thank you. pichu2001: The scripting knowledge he posted over at Project Pokémon's forums was exactly what I needed to start messing around with scripts. It's thanks to him and Kaph that I was able to get things like the legends working correctly. Pokegirl4ever: The Genesect overworld sprite used in the game is her work. knivez69: The logos at the top were made by him. They're the main people who helped with this one, but my thanks goes out to any supporters and the people who've helped me out and suggested ideas along the way! Bugs and Errors Keys unlocking will not be saved if you don't save your game before getting them. There's no way to fix this entirely, yet. The King's Rock will not currently work on Slowpoke, so Slowking is impossible to obtain short of catching it in the Wild directly. Poliwhirl, however, is fine. If you're desperate, insert this into a/0/1/9 using NitroExplorer. The Pokémon breeders aren't currently set with teams to help you EV your Pokémon. This isn't a bug per se, it's just an idea I meant to do that totally slipped my mind. Having it in the buglist should remind me to fix it, though! Version Updates Download YOU MUST HAVE ROMS WITHOUT ANTI-PIRACY PATCHES APPLIED FOR THESE PATCHES TO WORK! There are patches for both the Complete and Vanilla versions available in the download. The Vanilla version cuts out the changes to Pokémon such as stats, level up moves, abilities etcetera and the edits to the power and type of some Attacks. However, using the Vanilla version does not prevent compatibility with the three new TMs in the game. NOTE: You are able to use your 1.00 save file with 1.1. However, it will cause most of the new events (so all of the legendaries, the Veteran in Giant Chasm etc.) to appear immediately due to the changed flag numbers. You can always just ignore them (including Zapdos, who has a gap behind it), though a New Game will be required for everything to appear correct. This includes even if you've caught the legendaries before!
  4. Project Pokémon OP GBATemp OP PokéCommunity OP Reddit /r/3dshacks OP ROM hack of: Sun and Moon (3DS) Pokémon Nova Sun and Umbra Moon are mods for Pokémon Sun and Moon. Like my Rutile Ruby and Star Sapphire hacks, their main purpose is to provide a more challenging game experience while not artificially limiting the player. The premier feature of Nova Sun and Umbra Moon is the ground-up redesign of Pokémon Trainers in the world to increase the game's challenge. Every trainer in the game has been edited, and the level curve expects use of the Experience Share, which means that the player levels up very quickly. Every Pokémon in Trainers' teams has a hold item and a proper moveset. The end-game of the main story features trainers with Levels in the mid-nineties. Nova Sun and Umbra Moon's secondary focus is inspired by Super Smash Bros. Melee's "20XX Hack Pack" which enables features for competitive players to practice and grind. In Nova Sun and Umbra Moon's Legit Build, everything obtainable is 100% legal and legitimate for real online battles or trades. In all Builds, some features are designed to make preparing competitive teams much less of a hassle. Competitive hold items are much more available, a 6IV Ditto is available through an in-game trade (holding a Destiny Knot), Eggs hatch in one cycle, and Level 100 Memento Blissey battles are available in the Battle Buffet once the main story has been beaten. These mods are very expansive. In addition to Trainers, Nova Sun and Umbra Moon also feature edited: Wild Pokémon availability (in three different ways!) Wild Pokémon hold items Item availability in Poké Marts and from special vendors Evolution methods for Trade Evolutions and "Level up in a specific area/version" Evolutions And much more! Trainer Changes view spoiler for detailed information Harsher Level Curve: Balanced to the EXP Share! All-new Trainer teams, designed from the ground up, many featuring six Pokémon! All Captains, Kahunas, and other bosses have six Pokémon! Every fully-evolved non-Legendary Pokémon (and Mega Evolution) will be encountered in a Trainer's team during the main story! Totems are powered up and pack new strategies! Post-game Memento Blisseys added to Battle Buffet in Hau'oli City! Trainers are capable of EV Training their Pokémon! Wild Pokémon Changes view spoiler for detailed information There are four builds available of NS/UM! They only differ in Wild Pokémon availability: Legit Build: All Wild Pokémon are 100% legit for trade and will not appear as "hacked" by any legitimacy testers. Island Scan Pokémon are available in the wild normally. Most nocturnal Pokémon are available in the day (rarer than they are at night, usually). The converse is true for diurnal Pokémon. Rare and interesting Pokémon have been moved into more common slots. Leveled Build (Recommended!): Wild Pokémon are the same as in the Legit Build, but are leveled up to keep pace with NS/UM's harsh level curve. A quick adjustment in PKHeX (editing Met Level) will make them 100% legit. Expanded Build: Wild Pokémon are altered so that every non-Legendary (Tapu/UB/Mythical Pokémon count as Legendary) species is available, at the same level as the Leveled Build. Legendary encounters are not changed in this or any Build. Click here to see where you can catch every Pokémon! Lite Build: No changes to the Wild Encounter Tables of Sun and Moon were made. All (non-Lite) Builds feature the following: Island Scan Pokémon are available in the wild! Rarity within areas adjusted! Certain patches of grass are optimized for painless and early SOS EV training! Lots more Wild Hold Items! (Even in Lite Build) Meowth, Wimpod, Murkrow, Pikipek, and more can now hold Bottle Caps or Golden Bottle Caps in the wild! (Even in Lite Build) Item Changes view spoiler for detailed information Less useless junk in Poké Marts! Sacred Ash available in addition to Revive. Revives cost much more, to discourage their use in battle (Sacred Ash is unusable during battle). Competitive consumables are available in standard Poké Marts! Thrifty Megamart is now the go-to place to purchase competitive items like Leftovers and Life Orbs. Don't forget to grab a Discount Coupon at the door! Konikoni's Incense Shop sells the six EV Reduction Berries. Removing unused EVs (SpA on Machamp, etc.) is a great way to passively optimize your team! Full list of Shop Changes. Evolution Changes view spoiler for evolution methods Trade Evolutions now have alternate methods. You can still evolve them through their normal trade methods. Non-Eevee Pokémon that evolve in specific areas now have alternate methods. You can still evolve them through their normal level-up locations. Version-based Evolutions now Evolve using the Sun or Moon Stone. Other Changes Custom Title Screens! Eggs now hatch incredibly quickly. Every species now has a 1-cycle hatch rate. Note this doesn't apply to Event eggs or Traded eggs. Switch Mode no longer reveals the incoming Pokémon. An in-game trade for a 6IV Ditto (holding a Destiny Knot) now exists! Learnsets have been adjusted to provide better access to moves, particularly in Expanded and Leveled Builds. Species no longer "miss out" on moves because they were encountered at a high level, and most "Level 1" moves have been added to the standard level-up learnset. All Pokémon movesets remain 100% legal. Only moves in the Level-up learnset have been adjusted. New, improved Pickup tables! All species can now SOS call. Custom Banner and Icon for .cia installs! Limitations Unlike in RR/SS, I cannot add Triple, Rotation, and Horde Battles to the world. I also cannot turn Single Battle trainers into Double Battle ones. Enemy Trainers cannot use unique Z-Moves like Extreme Evoboost or Malicious Moonsault. Certain battles won't force you to black out if you lose, instead progressing the story the same as if you won. I can't change this function. Island Scan Pokémon normally cannot SOS or be SOS'd, so to preserve legality in NS/UM when encountered without Island Scan they simply SOS for normal Pokémon that are in their area's encounter table. In the Expanded Build, they can be SOS'd like any other Pokémon. Installation Instructions Luma3DS Drag & Drop Installation (CFW) (Recommended Method) Requirements: N3DS/3DS/2DS/N2DS with Luma3DS CFW (7.0+), Pokémon Sun or Moon (Cartridge or eShop/CIA) If you have previously used the SaltySD packs of Nova Sun or Umbra Moon (v1.4 or below), or any other SaltySD hacks, read this post and follow the instructions to delete the old version before updating the hack to v1.5+. You need to be on Luma3DS v7.0 or later. All 3DS models on firmware versions 11.3 or lower can install CFW using this guide with no additional purchases/hardware/games necessary. Update Pokémon Sun or Moon to Version 1.2 if you haven't already done so. Hold SELECT when booting Luma3DS (this is when you turn on the 3DS if you're using B9S or A9LH) Enable the option "Enable Game Patching" and press START to save. This is a persistent option, you don't have to do it every time you want to play Nova Sun or Umbra Moon. Download and unzip the 7z folder for the Version and Build you want to play. If your preferred language isn't English, run the NonEnglish.bat file. Copy and paste the luma folder to the root of your 3DS's SD card, merging/overwriting if prompted. Boot up your cartridge or eShop copy of Pokémon Sun or Moon and the romhack's modifications should be present! Back up your game save with JKSM, start a fresh save file, and enjoy the ROM hack! .CIA/.3DS Installation (CFW) Requirements: N3DS/3DS/2DS with Luma3DS CFW (8.0+), Godmode9 and FBI installed, Pokémon Sun or Moon (Cartridge or eShop/CIA) You need a 3DS running Luma3DS CFW. All 3DS models on firmware versions 11.3 or lower can install CFW using this guide with no additional purchases/hardware/games necessary. Installed Pokémon Sun / Moon updates will cause conflicts with the Nova Sun or Umbra Moon mod when installed as a CIA or 3DS file. Uninstall any Sun / Moon updates before using a CIA or .3DS build of Nova Sun or Umbra Moon. HANS Installation (Homebrew Launcher, no CFW) (Not Recommended) Requirements: NEW 3DS with a way to launch Homebrew Launcher, Pokémon Sun or Moon (Cartridge or eShop) Because of HANS's limitations, it is recommended you instead install CFW on your 3DS instead of using this method. All 3DS models on firmware versions 11.3 or lower can install CFW using this guide with no additional purchases/hardware/games necessary. NOTE: Pokémon Sun and Moon run in Extended Memory Mode on Old 3DS systems. HANS uses memory that is overwritten by Extended Memory Mode. Therefore, players need to have a New 3DS to run this hack through HANS. NOTE: Poké Mart data is stored in a .cro file. Without custom firmware, the 3DS will crash when attempting to use edited .cro files. Therefore, players that only have the Homebrew Launcher will not get the Poké Mart changes in Nova Sun and Umbra Moon. Special Thanks Kaphotics: for creating the stellar PK3DS. SciresM: For making everything possible and coding the tools that form the base of PK3DS. evandixon: For 3DSDotNetToolkit. smealum: For HANS, making piracy and specialized hardware unnecessary to run ROMhacks. shinyquagsire23: For SaltySD, making installation a snap on CFW systems and further bypassing the need for a pirated game install. This mod no longer uses SaltySD, but it was instrumental in creation and distribution until Luma3DS's Layered FS feature improved. Aurora Wright: For Luma3DS, especially Luma3DS 7.0+ LayeredFS. This is the ultimate form of "simple installation with no piracy required"! neobrain: For Braindump. dnasdw: For 3dstool. WolfLord: My dedicated beta tester, without her help this mod would be much more broken and much less fun. Nintendo/GAME FREAK: For making a game series I've been devoted to for my entire life. Let's Plays Sebastián Contreras: Umbra Moon Leveled (Complete) (Spanish) Cit D. Cypher: Nova Sun Expanded "Citlocke" (In Progress) (English) NeuroType: Nova Sun Expanded (In Progress) (English) Dave Sneisen: Nova Sun Nuzlocke (In Progress) (Spanish) DarkMarby: Nova Sun Randomized Nuzlocke (Failed) (Spanish) Pedro Keitawa: Umbra Moon Expanded Nuzlocke (In Progress) (Italian) AntiEnton: Umbra Moon (In Progress) (German) David Cano Gallardo: Nova Sun Expanded (In Progress) (Spanish) Azhri: Umbra Moon Nuzlocke (Abandoned) (English) Change Log Current Version: v1.9 (8/30/2017) Fixed Anabel's team having an incredibly underleveled Pokémon "Continue" on the main menu replaced with "Pokémon Nova Sun / Umbra Moon v1.9" in all languages except German (PK3DS crashes when editing the German language game text) Minor Trainer changes Version 1.8 (7/25/2017) Version 1.7 (5/31/2017) Version 1.6 (5/19/2017) Version 1.5 (5/17/2017) Version 1.4 (3/21/2017) Version 1.3 (3/12/2017) Version 1.2 (3/8/2017) Version 1.1 (3/7/2017) Version 1.0 (2/25/2017) Downloads -removed, as it contains files form the rom- .7z files can be extracted with 7-Zip. Supernova Sun & Penumbra Moon are available now! This 100% free project took over 375 hours of work (plus 40 hours of testing!) to complete, and while it was a labor of love, I won't turn you down if you want to buy me a beer. Or a pizza. Pokémon, Pokémon Sun, Pokémon Moon, the Pokémon logo, and all other related content are intellectual property of GAME FREAK, Creatures Inc, The Pokémon Company, and Nintendo. This project is a free modification that requires an existing copy of Pokémon Sun or Pokémon Moon to function. It does not require, endorse, or encourage piracy of Nintendo or GAME FREAK content. If you want to play this mod, please purchase Pokémon Sun or Moon.
  5. Project Pokémon OP GBATemp OP Reddit /r/3dshacks OP Romhack of: Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire (3DS) Pokémon Rutile Ruby and Star Sapphire are romhacks of Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. Their main purpose is to provide a more challenging game experience while not artificially limiting the player. The premier feature of Rutile Ruby and Star Sapphire is the ground-up redesign of Pokémon Trainers in the world to increase the game's challenge. Every trainer in the game has been edited, and the level curve expects use of the Experience Share, which means that you level up very quickly. You should be hitting Level 100 by the time you get to the Elite Four. The secondary focus of RR/SS is to function as a sort of "20XX Hack Pack" where everything obtainable is 100% legal for real online battles, and some features are designed to make preparing competitive teams much less of a hassle. Pokémon Rutile Ruby and Star Sapphire now feature an official Strategy Guide! Download at the bottom of this thread. As of Version 2.0, there are three builds available of RR/SS! They only differ in Wild Pokémon availability: Legit Build: All Wild Pokémon are 100% legit for trade and will not appear as "hacked" by any legitimacy testers. Post-game foreign Pokémon are unlocked from the start, and rarities and Hordes are adjusted. Leveled Build: Wild Pokémon are the same as in the Legit Build, but are leveled up to keep pace with RR/SS's harsh level curve. A quick adjustment in PKHeX (editing Met Level) will make them 100% legit. 679 Build: Wild Pokémon are altered so that every non-Legendary non-Starter species is available, at the same level as the Leveled Build. Legendary encounters are not changed in this or any Build. Click here for the list of altered encounter tables. Trainer Changes view spoiler for detailed changes Harsher Level Curve: Balanced to the EXP Share! All-New Trainer teams, many featuring six Pokémon! Even the rematches have been edited! All Gym Leaders have six Pokémon! Trainers throughout the game have access to Mega Evolution! Alternate Battle Types are more common in the world! Wild Pokémon Changes view spoiler for detailed changes Post-game Foreign Pokémon are available from the beginning of the game! Rarity within areas adjusted Hordes optimized for painless and early EV training! Lots more Wild Hold Items! Everything caught in the Legit Build is 100% legit for trade! Pokémon caught in the Leveled Build just need a Met Level adjustment to become 100% legit! Almost every Pokémon is available in the 679 Build! The only ones missing are the Kanto and Kalos starters and any legendaries not available in OR/AS. Item Changes view spoiler for detailed changes Less useless junk in Poké Marts! Sacred Ash available in addition to Revive. Revives cost much more, to discourage their use in battle (Sacred Ash is unusable during battle). Competitive consumables are available in standard Poké Marts! Slateport Market is now the go-to place to purchase competitive items like Leftovers and Life Orbs. The Pickup table has been drastically buffed! Evolution Changes view spoiler for evolution methods Trade Evolutions now have alternate methods. You can still evolve them through their normal trade methods. Other Changes Eggs now hatch incredibly quickly. Every species now has a 1-cycle hatch rate. Note this doesn't apply to Event eggs or Traded eggs. Switch Mode no longer reveals the incoming Pokémon. Level 3 of the Hatching, Experience Gain, Friendship, and Money Gain O-Powers now last much longer. Brendan and May have new outfits/designs. Custom Title Screen! Custom Banner and Icon for .cia installs! Installation Instructions CFW + Luma3DS 7.0+ Installation (Recommended!) Requirements: N3DS/3DS/2DS with Luma3DS 7.0+ installed, Pokémon Omega Ruby / Alpha Sapphire (Cartridge, eShop, or CIA) You must be on Luma3DS 7.0+. Any 3DS on a firmware version 11.3 or lower can install this by following the guide at http://3ds.guide. Download and unzip the 7z file for your version and Build from the bottom of this thread. Hold SELECT while booting your 3DS to open the Luma Configuration menu. Enable "Enable Game Patching" and press START to save the setting. Copy the luma folder to the root of your 3DS SD Card. Launch OR/AS normally, it will be modified into RR/SS. You can tell based on the Title Screen and Brendan/May's outfit. CFW + .CIA Installation Requirements: N3DS/3DS/2DS with Luma3DS CFW (8.0+), Godmode9 and FBI installed, Pokémon Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire (Cartridge or eShop/CIA) You need a 3DS running Luma3DS CFW. All 3DS models on firmware versions 11.3 or lower can install CFW using this guide with no additional purchases/hardware/games necessary. Installed Pokémon Omega Ruby / Alpha Sapphire updates will cause conflicts with the Rutile Ruby or Star Sapphire mod when installed as a CIA or 3DS file. Uninstall any Omega Ruby / Alpha Sapphire updates before using a CIA or .3DS build of Rutile Ruby or Star Sapphire. Download and unzip the 7z folder for the Version and Build you want to play. Make sure you unzip all of the files, it won't work if you try to follow these instructions from inside the 7z file. Follow these instructions to dump and decrypt your cartridge or installed copy of Pokémon Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire using Godmode9. Place your decrypted ROM in Extra_Files. It should be named rom.cia or rom.3ds (depending on file type). It should look like this. Run Extract_ROM.bat. A folder named "Extracted_ROM" should appear in Extra_Files. Don't worry about any "uncompress error" or "extract file failed" errors. Run Patch_ROM.bat. If you want to randomize your wild encounters, this batch file will give you the option to do so. Run Rebuild_3DS.bat or Rebuild_CIA.bat to rebuild the ROM. The output file will be in Extra_Files, named Modified_ROM.3ds / Modified_ROM.cia. If you dumped the game as a CIA, you cannot rebuild it as a 3DS file as it will lack the proper header data. Don't worry about any "create file failed" errors. If you rebuilt as CIA, copy the new Modified_ROM.cia file to your SD card and install it with FBI. Back up your save first, installing the ROM hack CIA will overwrite your save! If you rebuilt as .3DS for Gateway, your ROM needs to be re-encrypted. Copy the resulting Modified_ROM.3ds file to your 3DS SD Card and use Godmode9 to encrypt it. After re-encrypting your .3DS file, copy it to your Gateway MicroSD. Sky3DS cannot run ROM hacks because it can only run officially signed code. Enjoy the ROM hack! HANS installation (Homebrew Launcher, no CFW) Requirements: N3DS/3DS/2DS/N2DS with a way to launch the Homebrew Launcher, Pokémon Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire (Cartridge or eShop) Download and unzip the 7z folder for the Version and Build you want to play. Copy the Extra_Files\3ds\ folder to the root of your SD card, then launch Braindump from the Homebrew Launcher. Copy the romfs.bin file to the folder you extracted the Distribution Pack to. Make sure this file is named "romfs.bin" without the quotes. Use Extra_Files\Tools\ROMFS Extractor to extract your ROMFS file. Copy the folder \luma\titles\{16-DIGIT-TITLE-ID)\romfs\a into the romfs folder generated by ROMFS Extractor. Merge and overwrite. OPTIONAL: Use Extra_Files\Tools\PK3DS.exe to randomize the game. Use Extra_Files\Tools\ROMFS Builder to rebuild your ROMFS file. Save it as nsun.romfs or umoon.romfs depending on if you're using Nova Sun or Umbra Moon. Do not save as a .bin file. Place rruby.romfs or ssapphire.romfs on your 3DS SD card in SD:\hans. NOT SD:\3ds\hans! Place rruby.code or ssapphire.code on your 3DS SD card in SD:\hans. NOT SD:\3ds\hans! Back up your game save with JKSM, start a fresh save file, and enjoy the ROM hack! Notes Any retail cartridges in the "Requirements" area can be replaced by a Sky3DS cartridge, but a Sky3DS cartridge cannot run Rutile Ruby or Star Sapphire directly. If you're running this with HANS, it will use your regular OR/AS save file. To back up your original save file on a homebrew setup, use JKSV (included!). Do not delete your save with a save manager! Delete it from within the game itself otherwise it will become corrupted and not boot! It's pronounced "Ru-teel". This ROM hack is capable of trading locally. If using Hans to load the game, you can just run the game normally (from the 3DS System Menu) to play with updates active and online play enabled. If you compiled and installed a .cia, a modified version of the OR/AS 1.4 Update is included that will allow you to play online. You'll still be notified that an update is available (which you should NOT download), but your online features should work fine. Since this hack makes no changes to save file structure, it works perfectly fine with Pokémon Bank. If you're using a .3ds or .cia build of the game, uninstall all updates to OR/AS before playing and don't let the game update. If you update, you'll lose features. Text has been edited for the English language only. This is NOT designed for Nuzlocke play. It's meant to be challenging by itself without the players imposing their own rules on themselves, and a Nuzlocke will most likely lead to early failure. Grinding can only get you so far: the Elite Four are all Lv100 and packing six Pokémon. Boss battles play out like competitive matches, with them often revenge killing you, setting up, or pulling out surprise moves. This almost guarantees that a player will have at least one or two of their Pokémon faint, which is fun in regular play. If you insist on the Nuzlocke Challenge, I recommend you use the Leveled or 679 Build of the game. Special Thanks Kaphotics: for creating the stellar PK3DS. SciresM: For making everything possible and coding the tools that form the base of PK3DS. Asia81: For your excellent tutorial on decrypting, unpacking, and repacking 3DS roms and your Hacking Toolkit. Reisyukaku: For Ohana3DS, which allowed me to edit the costumes for Brendan and May. Pokefreak2112: For teaching me where the title logo files are. smealum: For HANS, making piracy and specialized hardware unnecessary to run ROMhacks. neobrain: For Braindump. meladroit: For svdt. Let's Plays Message me if you're doing a YouTube playthrough of these ROMs! I'll feature you in this section! MrShawnTRods Star Sapphire Nuzlocke (Discontinued) [Removed from YouTube] MrShawnTRods Rutile Ruby (Nuzlocke) (In Progress) [Removed from YouTube] KanterZ Star Sapphire v1.1 Nuzlocke (Failed/Complete) RasouliPlays Star Sapphire v1.2* (Complete) (*Incomplete installation for first few eps) KanterZ Star Sapphire v1.2 (In Progress) KiDarknessDragon Rutile Ruby v1.2 Randomized (In Progress) ThrohGames Rutile Ruby v1.2 "Eliminationlocke" (In Progress) SoulTrainerYT Star Sapphire v1.2 Nuzlocke (In Progress) (Spanish Language) Luis Gamer 3DS Rutile Ruby Randomizer Nuzlocke v1.3 (In Progress) (Spanish Language) Emulboy Rutile Ruby Nuzlocke v1.3 (In Progress) (French Language) Sirlo Star Sapphire v1.3 (In Progress) (German Language) Cizayoxy Star Sapphire v1.3 (In Progress) (French Language) Hawluchamp Star Sapphire v1.3 (In Progress) Cit D. Cypher Star Sapphire v2.0 Randomizer Nuzlocke (In Progress) Change Log Current Version: v2.2 Fixed the Slowpoke ability bug Added Drag and Drop support for Luma3DS 7.0+ Version 2.1 Version 2.0 Version 1.3 Version 1.2 Version 1.1 Version 1.0 Known Bugs Horde, Triple, Rotation, and some Double trainers have empty text bubbles when spoken to - Currently unfixable, but only a cosmetic bug In the 649 Build, some Pokémon don't show up in the DexNav. Downloads -removed, as it contains rom files- .7z files can be extracted with 7-Zip. Official Strategy Guide v0.63 (Mirror) Donate with Bitcoin: 33Li7isUuJh4AfCjkS5ixqbzzCrEfDnvjb Pokémon Umbra Moon and Nova Sun are available now!
  6. Hack of: Heart Gold & Soul Silver Pokemon Perfect Heart & Perfect Soul You set off yet again as the young trainer in your "coming of age" tale. But this time new foes and new challenges await as you attempt to stop Team Rocket on their quest for power and are soon dragged into saving the world. All while trying to become the Pokemon Master. Features: An increased difficulty to spice things up a bit and help keep the game a challenge. 493 Pokémon available Full compatibility for patching in whatever OS you use. (Windows, Linux, Mac) AP patch included. No need to pre-patch. 2 Wondercard events available - Celebi & Spiky-Eared Pichu All trade Pokémon can be evolved without the need to trade. Normal trades evolve at level 40. Item trades evolve at level up while holding the item in the daytime. Glaceon evolves leveling up holding Snow Mail. Leafeon evolves leveling up holding Grass Mail. Magneton evolves leveling up holding Steel Mail. Nosepass evolves leveling up holding Tunnel Mail. Coming soon: Probably nothing. Possibly some tweaks. Special Thanks: Mushen - My partner in crime. SCV - This would not be possible without his genius. Alpha - His ideas, patience, and willingness to fix every bug I've ever found may have saved us all. Bond697 - For his ideas and "around the corner" thinking Kairi - For her perspective on functions and their usages geox123 - For pointing out an encounter bug. Mathrian - For the location guides. Downloads: Perfect Heart: Perfect Soul: Location Lists: Perfect Heart: Dropbox Mediafire Perfect Soul: Dropbox Mediafire Bugs: None known. Should any be found please report them here on the forum and they will be investigated. Perfect Heart CE..zip Perfect Soul CE..zip
  7. I'm glad to present you my attempt at a Pokémon hack, Pokémon MindCrystal, a mod of Pokémon SoulSilver. I warn you though, this hack is available only in French. The crux of this hack is obviously the inclusion of the Fairy-type at 100%. Most of the changes were done from a technical standpoint. These are the few parts of the storyline that were changed as of now: the girl in Ilex Forest gate that gave you the TM12 now gives you instead the Eviolite, Several TMs have changed location. the Day-Care lady gives to you the Odd Egg which can hatch into any 17 non-Togepi babies. all 16 Gym Leaders first teams got revamped, as well as those of the Elite 4, Lance and Red. all 16 Gym Leaders second teams got revamped, as well as those of the Elite 4, Lance. the inclusion of Lv.100 battles against Gym Leaders, Elite 4 and Red after defeating the latter for the first time. Grab the xDelta patch at the bottom of this post and patch it with a French version of Pokémon SoulSilver. Revamped type-chart to include the Fairy-type matchup as well as all the neutral match-ups. Pixie Plate implemented. Roseli Berry implemented. Fairy-type Arceus in place of ???-type Arceus. Updated Judgment to take into account the Pixie Plate. Pokédex fully updated to take into account the Fairy-type in Research mode. Conversion updated to take into account the Fairy-type. Conversion 2 updated to take into account all 324 types match-ups. Battle Hall includes the Fairy-type row. Fairy-type icon. Pokédex Fairy-type icon. Fairy-type moves: Move Power Accuracy Category PP Priority Effect Comet Punch 18 85 Physical 15 0 - Slam 90 100 Physical 10 0 - Sweet Kiss - 75 Status 10 0 Confusion Charm - 100 Status 20 0 -2 Attack Attract - 100 Status 15 0 Infatuation Moonlight - - Status 5 0 Restore HP Follow Me - 100 Status 20 2 Center of attention Extrasensory 90 100 Special 20 0 20% flinch Covet 40 100 Physical 25 0 Steal items Captivate - 100 Status 20 0 -2 Sp. Attack for opposite gender Battle Frontier: Shiny lock removed for opponents Pokémon in all 5 facilities. New items available for purchase. Battle Frontier Pokémon will always have an IV of 31 in all 6 stats. Battle Frontier Pokémon will always have the ability who is the best tailored for a given set Battle Frontier Pokémon EV and IV generation has been modified to optimize Hidden Power, Gyro Ball and Trick Room most notably. Battle Tower: Shiny lock removed as well for the NPC partners in Multi Battle mode. Battle Hall: As said earlier, Battle Hall includes the Fairy-type row. You still fight in rounds of 10 battles. The Silver Print is now obtained by challenging and defeating Argenta on the 80th battle. The Gold Print is now obtained by challenging and defeating Argenta on the 180th battle. Other mechanics inherent to the Battle Hall were updated to grant a flawless experience of the facility. Shiny chance is now 1/4096. Having a Pokémon with the Ability Super Luck leading the party increases the likelihood of encountering a wild Shiny Pokémon. Shiny generation from "forced shiny encounters" method was slightly altered to take into account the modified Shiny Rate. Cute Charm PID generation is improved and no longer restricted, which means you can no longer abuse Cute Charm for easy Shinies. Shellos and Gastrodon East Sea forms are now available in Kanto. +50% Physical Defense boost for Ice-types under Hail. Soundproof check against Heal Bell removed. Stealth Rock damage is decreased by half. Fixed the move Hail, basically in gen IV the way Hail is coded allows you to use Hail despite Snow Warning. Fixed the move Fire Fang so that it doesn't hit through Wonder Guard anymore unless it happens to be super-effective. Hidden Power can be Normal or Fairy type now as well, the Hidden Power NPC will notice this too. Hidden Power no longer takes into account Speed to calculate the type. Some Base Stats were upgraded to help some Pokémon perform better (for example Persian or Probopass). Starf Berry can now sharply increase accuracy and evasion. Castform and Cherrim alternate forms now display their respective icon during battles. Castform's alternate forms now display their respective type when checked through the menu during battles. HP bar graphics were changed. HP are now displayed for the opposing side in single format, double format is unchanged in that regard. Fixed Strength graphical glitch that also occurs in the original versions. Fixed Facade graphical glitch that also occurs in the original versions. Battle Style is now permanently locked on Set. You can't use items from your bag against a Trainer, very much like against Battle Frontier Trainers! All Trainers' Pokémon have now 31 IVs in all 6 stats. All Trainers' Pokémon have now 255 EVs in all 6 stats. All Trainers' Pokémon have now the possibility to easily get beneficial natures. All Trainers' Pokémon have now the possibility to be shiny. IVs for opponents' Pokémon can be chosen from a pool of 64 combinations, most notably to capitalize on Hidden Power, Gyro Ball and Trick Room. All Trainers' Pokémon can now be contained in Balls other than Poké Balls. The number of possible seals combinations for opponents' Pokémon went up from 28 to 216. Ace Trainer Lois replaces Juggler Irwin in the Pokégear, you can set a rematch with her on Wednesday afternoons (10:00 to 19:59). ASM hack to allow more than 737 trainers in-game (complete with text). Continuity for opposing Trainers is preserved, by that I mean that the IVs, nature, shininess and gender of opposing Pokémon stay the same (for example Falkner's Pidgeot is canonically the same creature as when he was only a Pidgey). Alternate Forms from Trainers now have their correct Ability as well as the correct Base Stats' spread. A new item was created, the Evolutor, which when applied like an Evolutionary Stone to a Lv 100 Pokémon, allows it to evolve if it can do so! Eevee can now evolve into Leafeon if leveled-up at Ilex Forest or Viridian Forest. Eevee can now evolve into Glaceon if leveled-up at Ice Path or Seafoam Islands. Magneton and Nosepass can now evolve into Magnezone and Probopass respectively if leveled-up at Team Rocket HQ, Route 10 or Power Plant. Feebas, on top of requiring a beauty's stat of 170 min, is now required to level-up at least at level 20 to be able to evolve. Feebas gains a second failsafe evolution method in case the Sheen is maxed before the Beauty stat reaches 170. Female/Male Kirlia evolves into Gardevoir/Gallade at Lv 30. Female/Male Snorunt evolves into Froslass/Glalie at Lv 42. Female/Male Clamperl evolves into Gorebyss/Huntail with the Dawn Stone. Pokémon that require a trade to evolve all gained an alternate method of evolution. Incenses babies are now the default base form. Miltank and Tauros are now considered the same species for breeding purposes. Feebas/Milotic and Magikarp/Gyarados are now considered the same species for breeding purposes. Females can now pass egg moves as well, eliminating all impossible egg moves combinations. A new NPC, called the Egg Move Tutor, makes an appearance; as the name implies he is capable of teaching your Pokémon moves that normally it has to know from birth, but also level-up moves that only pre-evolutions can learn, and for some Pokémon moves that they have no other way to learn, but you'll have to spend 100 BP to pay for his services! The Odd Egg will be given to you by the Day-Care lady! Gender ratios are fixed, with that I mean that for example 1 male per female REALLY means 1 male per female (and not 129 males for 127 females). Ponyta, Rapidash, Gardevoir, Feebas, Milotic and Gorebyss are now female-only. Magikarp, Gyarados, Glalie and Huntail are now male-only. EV limit is now 1530, you can max all stats now. The new EV limit also applies in the Battle Frontier. Vitamins cap at 255 EVs now. Vitamins give 15 EVs per usage now. Lv 100 Pokémon can gain EVs by fighting now, but they still need to be deposited in the PC for the stat gains to take fully effect. IVs no longer have an effect on stats, that is stats are always calculated assuming an IV of 31, this is done to not disavantage you to much against Trainers, especially early-game. Updated Items: Light Ball benefits Pichu and Raichu as well now. TM45 and TM78, which contain Attract and Captivate respectively, have been updated with a Fairy-type TM icon. New Items: Pixie Plate Roseli Berry Eviolite Evolutor TMs: TMs are now reusable you can no longer throw away TMs you can no longer give TMs to hold Purchasable TMs, regardless of the currency, can only be bought one at time and only once TM56, TM86 and TM26 are no longer Pickup items and were replaced with Lucky Egg, Life Orb and PP Max respectively each of the 92 TMs is available only once! If possible, moves were upgraded to match Gen V+ information. Nerfs from Gen VI are NOT applied (this means that for example Surf and Hydro Pump remain at 95 and 120 power respectively). Even moves like Tail Glow, which should boost the Special Attack by 3 stages, have been updated successfully (complete with the text). Acupressure now works if the user is behind a substitute. Sleep Talk can now be used multiple times under the effect of Choice Items and/or Encore. SFX for some moves were altered to suit them better. Updated Abilities: Stench (Gen V+ behavior) Sturdy (Gen V+ behavior) LightningRod (Gen V+ behavior) Sand Stream (now makes the user immune against sandstorms) Simple (Gen V+ behavior) Storm Drain (Gen V+ behavior) Snow Warning (now makes the user immune against hailstorms) New Abilities: Sheer Force Contrary Defeatist Cursed Body Multiscale Poison Boost Flare Boost Overcoat (Gen V behavior) Regenerator Sand Rush Wonder Skin Analytic Infiltrator (Gen VI behavior) Magic Bounce Sap Sipper Prankster Sand Force Fur Coat Bulletproof Strong Jaw Refrigerate Gale Wings MegaLauncher Tough Claws Pixilate Aerilate Slush Rush Long Reach Galvanize QueenMajesty Text Speed is now permanently locked on Fast. Battle Scene is now permanently locked on On. National Pokédex is the default mode upon beginning the adventure. Player's Mom can now buy batches of 5 Roseli Berries as well. Roseli Berries can be occasionally held by wild Absol. Game runs now at 60 FPS ! Allowing for much quicker battles. Several sprites changed/fixed. Some shiny sprites recolored. ORAS mini-icons. Palettes for the Pokémon sprites were all updated to B2W2 and improved even further if necessary Replaced Sky Attack move tutor with Zap Cannon. Roseli Berries can now be planted in Berry Pots, they have the same growth and moisture drain rate as the other damage-reducing berries. New movesets and egg moves. Routes 26, 27, 28, Tohjo Falls and Victory Road will always play the Johto versions of the Wild Pokémon theme and the VS Trainer theme. Lyra was fully replaced by Kris. All 7 Fossils are available now at Ruins of Alph. All trees have Pokémon now and ignore the effects of Intimidate and Keen Eye. The timeframe window to react to a rod bite has been doubled to make up for to the game running at 60 FPS while fishing. Fixed the quiet tune on map 108 (Route 45), a glitch that also occurs in the original versions. Bug-Catching Contest species vary according to the day of the week, Scyther and Pinsir are the only Pokémon always available in a Contest but only have a 1% encounter rate! Score calculation for the Bug-Catching Contest was modified to take into account shininess. Pokédex entries got upgraded to match those of Pokémon Crystal (001 to 251) and Pokémon B2W2 (past 251 whenever possible). Gender will always be displayed, even for both Nidorans. Lugia and Ho-Oh Kimonos' cutscenes now co-exist. Bugfix: Fixed Kris' frames when riding a bicycle to the left. Bugfix: Fixed glitched Trainer names with 8 characters or more. Bugfix: Fixed 4 mistakes on overlay 18 that made the game hang upon sending some Pokémon according to their abilities. (thanks Asia81) Bugfix: Capture tutorial work properly Bugfix: Additional trainers work properly Bugfix: Ability Tough Claws work properly Bugfix: Non-Sturdy Pokémon no longer can benefit from Sturdy Bugfix: Player's mom can now buy all 18 kinds of super-effective Berries Bugfix: Bug catching score calculation now takes into account Shininess properly Bugfix: Egg IV calculation fixed Bugfix: Growth, Minimize, Sweet Scent and Tail Glow work properly even when called by other moves Bugfix: Acupressure now works if the user is behind a substitute, even if Acupressure is called by other moves Bugfix: Roseli Berry now always reduces super-effective damage from Fairy-type moves Bugfix: Lugia and Ho-Oh cutscenes were slowed down to 30 FPS to work properly on a NDS Bugfix: Entering a fight no longer causes a BSoD after talking to the Egg Move Tutor Title Screen: All of those modifications were carefully tested on a NDS, so as to reduce as much as possible the eventual bugs that might occur. Credits: _Nintendo _Game Freak _Creatures, Inc. _Sora Ltd. for developing Super Smash Bros. Brawl, from whom Suicune's model on the title screen is taken from _Gregarlink10 (http://gregarlink10.deviantart.com/) for making Kris' spritesheet _NyaChan (https://twitter.com/nyachan) for making the Title logo (http://forums.bulbagarden.net/index.php?threads/the-bulbagarden-conversational-chat-thread-vol-2.57572/page-31#post-1504991). _Asia81 for some bugfixes Enjoy! Link to beta 3.0: http://www.mediafire.com/file/0wwoa8sfgy8fbkj
  8. Pokémon Rising Ruby | Pokémon Sinking Sapphire A completed 721 hack for Pokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire. Current Version: v2.1.0 Last Updated: 16th October, 2016 Description Rising Ruby and Sinking Sapphire are modifications of Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire that allow you to play through the main game with all 721 Pokémon obtainable and go through the challenge of a significantly stronger Pokémon League. A huge emphasis has been placed on Pokémon availability, with most areas in the game offering 10 or 11 species that haven't been seen before that point. The mostly equal chance of encountering any of the Pokémon in an area also mean you're unlikely to get the same thing twice on the first encounter, making the game lend itself well to Nuzlocke runs (if you can handle the extra challenge from the trainer battles!). In addition to these two main changes, there are also modifications to other things where possible, including new convenient sets of level up moves, modifications to evolutions removing trading demands and overly high level requirements, and buffs and changes to Pokémon base stats, abilities and types. The name of the game is that hopefully, you can use whatever Pokémon you like. The challenge the hack brings is six Pokémon rosters on most important trainers, a much sharper level curve, evolved Pokémon appearing earlier in the game, stronger movesets, the use of held items and more. The game has been built assuming the Exp. Share has been turned off and you're carrying 6 Pokémon around with you, so be sure to turn the Exp. Share off if you're only using 6 Pokémon and want an optimal experience! There are unfortunately no edits to the events that take place within the game as script editing is currently not possible on any games in gen 6, so this hack is purely for an enhanced in-game experience. I'm hoping that part of it should be quite enjoyable though. (The hack itself has been around since November 2015, but I hadn't really popularised it as I wasn't completely happy with how it turned out. Now that I've fleshed the changes out a lot more I felt it was ready to bring it to more attention.) Features > The wild Pokémon lists in each area have been entirely renovated with appropriate mixes of the 721 Pokémon available in Gen 6. Each area contains 10 or 11 Pokémon, with each having a 10% encounter rate (or two with 5% in the case of 11 Pokémon), with some earlier routes containing further species in hordes such as the starter Pokémon and Eevee. Most basic forms of Pokémon are available early, with everything besides legendaries (and Spiritomb) being available for capture before seven badges, but with a huge majority playable before even the fourth badge. Pokémon are usually seen in areas that are somewhat appropriate to them, so if you see a Pokémon in a particular environment in another Pokémon game, there's a decent chance you might find it in a similar environment in Hoenn. It is worth noting that not every Pokémon in the wild is able to be captured using the DexNav, as the DexNav screen is only able to support so many Pokémon. In these cases, Pokémon with more sought after hidden abilities are more likely to be available. > The rosters of every trainer in the game has been edited, now also pulling from the pool of every Pokémon. You'll see the majority of species at least once through the game if you fight every trainer, and their levels scale up much higher compared to before; OR/AS's main game saw levels going from 5 to 59/62, whereas RR/SS pulls it up with levels ranging from 5 to 79/81. The extra experience your Pokémon will gain from fighting more evolved Pokémon and trainers having more Pokémon in general will offset the level gap, letting you keep up with the game. > Special trainers such as the Gym Leaders, Elite Four and the rivals have gained extra modifications in the form of the strongest AI setting (where not already applied), the use of held items, stronger movesets, higher IVs and ideal abilities. Most of these trainers also have 6 Pokémon, with every Gym Leader, Elite Four, and even the team admins and leaders sporting a full roster in their final fights. In keeping with the original game, these trainers will still generally have their signature Pokémon ready to go, with new species brought in either from previous appearances or just being new altogether. Additionally, you'll find a lot of trainers will start using Mega Evolutions against you as to get later into the game. > The personal stats of many weaker Pokémon have been tweaked to give them a fighting chance against the stronger Pokémon in the game. Previous weaklings such as Butterfree, Parasect, Farfetch'd, Magcargo, Delibird and Kricketune now have points invested into their stronger stats to give them a particular niche in your team, although they may still fall off as you proceed! With one or two exceptions, no fully evolved Pokémon should have a base stat total below 440. > Type and ability changes have also been given to some Pokémon, with familiar faces from my old hacks such as Bug/Water Masquerain, Grass/Dragon Serperior and Fighting/Flying Farfetch'd being ready to rumble. The addition of Fairy-type also allows a few new changes to the table, with Pokémon such as Misdreavus, Dunsparce, Volbeat and Illumise sporting the new typing. In many cases, Pokémon with only one ability now gain their hidden ability as a normal second ability, and in some cases have entirely new abilities available such as Gale Wings Chatot and Pixilate Dunsparce. > The level up pools for almost every Pokémon have been shuffled to make them a lot easier to use throughout the game, in the same style as how some Pokémon such as Marill and Eevee received new level up sets in Black 2 and White 2. Level up pools have also been bolstered with the addition of moves ordinarily learned from TMs, HMs, previous generations or egg moves. In some cases, Pokémon have been given completely new moves, with stars such as Megahorn Pinsir, Moonblast Togekiss and Hurricane Sigilyph able to pull their weight. > Some attacks have been buffed, notably making Cut, Strength and Rock Smash a lot more usable throughout the game. Special attention has also been given to some of the weaker Fairy-type moves and the lacking special Rock-type moves, with stronger powers (at the cost of reduced effects) making them feel much nicer to use. > Evolutions have been modified so that no Pokémon needs to be traded in order to evolve. Pokémon with ridiculously high evolution levels (including but not limited to many of those from the Unova region) have also had their evolution levels reduced to keep up with the pace of the difficulty curve in the game. > Some Poké Marts and item stalls through the Hoenn region have been changed, now allowing you to buy evolution stones and items such as Dragon Scales and Reaper Cloths (now USEable from the item menu) and evolve the many Pokémon you can capture. Mega Stones for Pokémon whose are normally unavailable before beating the Elite Four can also be purchased in shops after gaining six (or for some, eight) badges. The prices of some items have also been adjusted, with Poké, Great and Ultra Balls becoming significantly cheaper and heavy costs added to Master Balls and Mega Stones. > Gift Pokémon and Static Encounters have been modified to fit their levels with the new curve as well as have some bonuses if you are able to use a modified CRO file. Highlights include guaranteed 31 IVs for any starters and fossils you receive, fighting Tornadus, Thundurus and Landorus in their Therian formes, and strong, 31 IV, hidden ability encounters when Soaring in the Sky. > Some text edits have been made in the game where needed for certain situations, such as the removal of Maxie or Archie's line about being the first aside from the player to use Mega Evolution and a heavy push towards the player to not use the Exp. Share. > Trainers in the Battle Resort now act as a "hologram system", allowing you to 'rematch' the Gym Leaders of Hoenn as well as fight trainers with teams belonging to characters from other regions such as Blue, Cynthia, and the Gym Leaders/Elite Four from the Kalos region. > Almost all changes are documented and split between five different documents, which can be consulted to find out more about anything you wish. This includes the exact changes made to any Pokémon, the wild Pokémon in an area and the details of rosters held by nearly every trainer in the game, with full information of moves, items and abilities given for important characters. Screenshots Open the spoiler below to see screenshots of Rising Ruby and Sinking Sapphire. Bugs > No (fixable) bugs known at present. > Some Pokémon may be seen on the very edge of the DexNav. This is a consequence of not being able to fit every wild Pokémon on there and not much can be done about it. Suggestions > Ice Punch for Blaziken. Credits > Project Pokémon: Project Pokémon was an invaluable resource when designing the hack, thanks to the pool of knowledge given by the regulars here. I have a special thanks to give to both Kaphotics and SciresM, both for their work on the amazing PK3DS and 3DS Builder applications as well as their research, and for talking to me and probably withstanding a few stupid questions I had to ask. Couldn't have done it without you guys. > Sylphate: Created the Rising Ruby and Sinking Sapphire logos inspired by the Omega Ruby and Sinking Sapphire versions. They look great! > Chevitile: For suggesting the Rising and Sinking prefixes for the hack, the suggestions I found I liked most. > Asia81: For the guide and precise instructions on how to perform the dumping and decryption process on 3DS games. > 3DS Hackers: The creation of exploits such as browserhax and menuhax is what allows hacks like these to be playable, and it never fails to amaze me how people manage to figure out exploits in these environments. It's hard to credit absolutely everyone who had a step in making the hacks playable, but I'd like to draw special attention to smealum and yellows8 for browserhax and menuhax, Plailect for the incredibly well written and detailed guide for A9LH installation, and AuroraWright for the hugely useful Luma3DS custom firmware. > Dio_Vento: The author of Rutile Ruby and Star Sapphire, another pair of OR/AS hacks. Having this threads around provided some tiny bits of inspiration for my own hacks, as well as showing me what the standard is for distributing the files related to the hack. Download The files for Rising Ruby and Sinking Sapphire can be found in -linked removed, as it contained files from the rom- . Basic instructions are given as to how to play the game in the Readme file. I would suggest using arm9loaderhax and Luma3DS with a CIA installation to get the best experience. Failing that, use HANS via the Homebrew Channel. A Gateway cart can be used but I would recommend against it unless you already own one and are feeling lazy. I plan to offer modified versions of some of the files with the new illegal stuff (new moves, base stat changes etc) ripped out but the more legit stuff like held item changes and level up moves from alternate legal sources left in. These aren't available yet unfortunately, but you can pick and choose which GARC files you'd like to bring in. Contact If you need to get in touch with me about the hack, whether it's about a bug, help or just telling me how you're going about playing the game, either post in this thread or to really get my attention, you can talk to me directly through tweeting at my Twitter account @Drayano60.
  9. Overview: This is a rom patch which reskins every pokemon, and all their forms for Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. The main game is unaffected by this patch, which is intentional so it can be combined with other rom edits if desired. [it will remove any pokemon model/texture edits or correct switched files in them however.] This patch is purely aesthetic and will not affect your save data, or the legality of pokemon obtained in any way. Every pokemon, mega and form has been editted to some degree. Some are a simple subtle underlay to add some realism to aspects of their design; others are fully recoloured and textured to look rather different. No models have been editted, only the textures. Pictures: [ATTACH=CONFIG]13709[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]13708[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]13710[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]13707[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]13705[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]13711[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]13706[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]13712[/ATTACH] If you want to see more, I have a ton of in game pics on jinglefruit.tumblr.com, and jinglesdex.tumblr.com has an in editor showcase of designs (mostly early versions of designs), and will be posting the pokedex in reverse order from today. Homebrew/hans set-up: 1) Set up homebrew if you haven't already [guide for 11.0] and install braindump [download and extract to SD card]. And download the pack hack [download] and this retexture patch. [-Removed, as it contains files from the rom-] 2) Open homebrew and run braindump on your copy of Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire. (this will take a while, make sure your 3ds battery is charged) 3) Use the romfs extractor on the romfs file created. If a .cxi file was created instead remove your version of braindump from your sd card and download it again from the above link. 4) If you intend on using any other rom edits with this patch apply them to your romfs now, then; 5) Open the retexture patch folder and drag the romfs_ folder inside it onto your newly extracted romfs_ folder from your copy of the game. Allow it to replace the conflicting files. 6) Run the romfs builder in the pack hack, and save the file to sd:/hans. (if there is not a hans folder on your sd card root make one, do not save to the hans folder inside the 3ds folder!) Name the file with the 8 digit code corresponding to your game version and region (the last 8 digits of the braindump folder name) and add .romfs to the end. If you don't know it and changed it, you can open hans and pick your game and when you switch "Romfs -> SD" to yes it tells you the code needed. eg. For my European AS game it's 0011c500.romfs. 7) Open Homebrew and click hans and select your game. Make sure the region is correct and switch Romfs -> SD to yes. If you want to skip being asked this everytime you load the patched game switch save configuraton to yes too. (holding L will override and bring up the menu if you have this set to yes.) Please be aware everytime you wish to load the texture pack you have to open the game through hans. It will not save to your gamecard. Future plans: Though I am now going to take a break from working on this, I may return to it and edit all of the shiny versions of pokemon to add more options. Currently they have been left as they are. I may also try to get the overworld models / sprites to match any recoloured pokemon. Playthroughs: If anyone does a let's play with this patch, send me a message and I can list it here if you want. Special thanks: Roselia-thorns / Viva-xocolatl on tumblr for region/version testing, providing a completed savefile for checks, and helping to check everything. You were a fabulous pink hunter. Trainboy2019 and Bidoofguy on GBAtemp for the Registeel, Braixen and Delphox help when Ohana3DS was having moodswings. Smealum, Yellows8/plutoo for consistantly providing the world with homebrew / hax. Asia81 for all the ORAS info and existing in every corner of the internet with info and suggestions. Everyone for not pointing out this is 3 months later than I intended. Links: -Removed, as it contains files from the rom-
  10. Pokémon B2W2 - Swap Curtis and Yancy I've seen demand for such a mod elsewhere, so I thought I would do a simple swap. This patch swaps Curtis and Yancy such that the male trainer encounters Curtis and the female trainer meets Yancy. This includes sprites, dialogue, and trades. A couple minor adjustments have been made to dialogue to make it more appropriate given the swap. If people are interested in a version compatible with another hack, let me know. And if you have any ideas for similar projects, feel free to send them my way. Download Black 2 Version: https://www.romhacking.net/hacks/4044/ White 2 Version: https://www.romhacking.net/hacks/4045/
  11. Pokémon PERFECT PLATINUM Hack of: Pokemon Platinum Story: Player starts out on their adventure following their overly-hyper childhood friend. In what starts out as just another innocent adventure the player soon finds them self fighting for the fate of the world against the evil Team Galactic in an effort to stop their power lust as they try to control the great Giratina. Features: All 493 Pokemon are available! 4 major events accessible, allowing you access to 4 D/P Legendaries! Notes: I have included every Pokemon scattered throughout the Sinnoh Region. Unfortunately, due to lack of scripting tools at this time many previous (pre-D/P/P) legendaries can be encountered randomly (most if not all are level 70+). I did my best to keep the Sinnoh dex somewhat accurate, but any Pokemon that is not in Platinum will not appear in the Pokedex. I apologize for any inconvienence but we just don't have the tools to edit the Pokedex at this time. I have edited every trade evolution! Normal Trade Evolutions should evolve at level 40. Item trade evolutions now evolve holding the trade item on level up in the daytime. 4 event items are available through in-game trades. Allowing access to event legendaries. (Be sure to remove the items from the pokemon once the trade is completed!) The Stopwatch and Alarm Clock Pokétch Apps can be acquired from the Pokétch President once you have 7 Gym Badges. Challenger's Edition has progressively increasing difficulty for experienced trainer's. Newest releases include patching program and your choice of patching methods. Patch should now be Linux compatible! I've included mirrors in case of server failure. *UPDATED* I found an error in Rotom's Form room and have corrected it. To-Do: Nothing. Special Thanks: Mushen - Without him, you may have never seen this release! SCV - For all his patience with me! (And the extra help you gave us at the end!) FattyFatFatFat - For her work on the location guide and her patience with my hectic life! You may choose the GUI versions (they are smaller and easier to handle) although they are not guaranteed to be bug free. The non GUI versions are Linux compatible. GUI Versions: Mirror 1 - Mirror 2 down Mirror 1 - Mirror 2 down Non-GUI Versions: Perfect Platinum Mirror 1 down Perfect Platinum - Challenger's Edition Mirror 1 down Locations List: Office DocumentMirror 1 PDF Doc Online Version Video Walkthrough: PP GUI Version.zip PPCE GUI Version.zip Location List..zip
  12. Pokémon Blaze Black | Pokémon Volt White Current Version: 3.1 Last Updated: 24th December, 2011 THERE IS NO "NORMAL" OR "LEGENDARY" VERSION ANYMORE. THE DOWNLOADS OFFERED HAVE ALL 649. Click the banner for a video playlist of the hack. Summary Pokémon Blaze Black and Pokémon Volt White are edits of the regular Pokémon Black and White versions which self-contain all 649 Pokémon, allowing a player a large amount of variety. In addition, BB/VW also have edited trainers, an increased difficulty level, improvements to many Pokémon and more. They are the spiritual successor of my two other hacks, Pokémon Fire Red Omega and Pokémon Spirit Gold. Blaze Black and Volt White were also - with one minor exception - the first of their kind to be made. I should mention that with the exception of things normally different between Black and White such as Black City, White Forest, the legendary focus and the appearance of Opelucid City, the two games are identical. Specific Features As aforementioned, the hack allows you to catch all 649 Pokémon in some way or another. This is unaffected by the version chosen to play; encounters are the same in both. Every single trainer in the game has had their Pokémon edited, fitting a new level curve and increasing the difficulty overall. While not mind crushingly tough, they're sure to provide more of a challenge than the original games were able to. The level curve takes full advantage of the new experience system in Black and White. A vast number of Pokémon have had certain statistics about them edited. This can be a number of things, including experience rate, typing, base stats and abilities. A lot of Pokémon have been given their Dream World abilities as an option, where applicable and/or useful. Pokémon have also had additions to their moveset, including additions or alterations to their level up movesets as well as TM and HM compatibility. Level up movesets in particular have been edited for 600+ Pokémon. There has also been editing of many evolutions, generally involving those Pokémon who generally had to be traded to be evolved. Blaze Black and Volt White are entirely self-contained; no outside contact is required for anything. Items found in the field have been changed considerably, to include TMs, evolution items and fossils previously only found post-League. The items have been adjusted in such a way that makes it convenient for the game's progress. Where applicable, text has also been changed to reflect these changes. Multiples of certain items, such as the evolution stones, the Lucky Egg and the EXP Share are also given out, all in the name of convenience. It isn't just trainers and wild Pokémon who have had their levels changed; event Pokémon such as Reshiram and Zekrom have also had their levels changed, ensuring that they don't become useless due to the sharp increase in levels. All five in-game trades have also been edited, giving you new possibilities for your team. A small number of attacks have also been changed to make them more useful, generally in terms of power (and rarely, type). A number of documents are included with the download that allow you to see any and all changes made. Wondering what's new? Where to find something? Consult the guides! Why play Blaze Black and/or Volt White? With the extra amounts of Black and White hacks cropping up now, Blaze Black and Volt White has lost its main edge in being the only hack of its kind. I'd like to say that it being the first means something, but unfortunately it really doesn't in the long run. The main reason for playing Blaze Black and Volt White would be its dedication to the original games; with one or two exceptions the main Pokémon of a Gym Leader or Elite Four member does NOT change, and themes (including type and general appearance) are kept as best as possible. Things must make some degree of sense, or they won't be found in this hack. Most of the time. These two also offer some "what ifs?" What if Flareon got Flare Blitz? What if Delibird actually had some stats? What if Weavile was given Technician? What if Gallade had kept Trace? What if the Gothitelle line actually had a Dark-typing? Just how broken would a Dragon-type Serperior with Contrary be? How about a Samurott with Shell Smash? (Between you and me, they are broken as hell!) The game also tries to have as many Pokémon available early as possible, while still keeping them in appropriate places. There's a couple odd balls that are late such as Torkoal or Stunfisk as they were tough to place, but the majority are available before the sixth badge is up, and the majority of them are available at Nimbasa City or prior. Blaze Black and Volt White also offer a 'clean' version, which is a relatively blank slate, keeping the 649 hack but eliminating all of the Pokémon changes. This is useful for the purist, and it's something no other hack has, as far as I'm aware. If you're looking for a challenge designed by someone who thinks they know the Pokémon games in and out (and considering my ridiculous amount of knowledge about them and my three walkthroughs, I certainly hope I do!) then this is the hack to try. If you're looking for an incredibly difficult challenge... I'd recommend a different one. Although this one has its fair share of annoyances, too. Can I see some screenshots of the hack? Certainly. Open the spoiler below to see them. These mostly just show some of the first bits; you'll have to play it to see the rest! Credits and Gratitude elementking: It was thanks to him that I even got to start hacking B/W fully in the first place. Without him I probably wouldn't have discovered anything post Wild Pokemon editing. Project Pokémon Forums: The ROM editing help section is a great way to find out if certain ideas are possible, and if so, how. Numerous people on there (as well as being found in other places) have made or stated discoveries that this hack uses, including Andibad, kaphotics and KazoWAR. Kazo in particular can also be thanked for the 1.1a incarnation of the trainer editor, a key tool for making this hack. twistedfatal: His tools help to simplify things significantly, cutting down on the amount of hex editing required. neltazero: His tools are also very helpful and quite easy to use, making Wild Pokemon and trainer editing that much easier. SegNin: It's thanks to him we have the current .bat patching system for this, and by extension for Pitch Black and Pure White. knivez69: The banner up top is his incredible work. Various Members of GBAtemp and GameFAQs: For ideas on additions/changes to make. Bugs, Changelog, Version Clarification and Download Links Bugs Changelog Version Clarification The Full version of the hack is the whole thing; the Wild changes, the trainer changes, the Pokemon changes, the item changes, absolutely everything. The Clean version takes out some of the content, so that the actual Pokemon, their level up moves and attacks are left unchanged. Trainers are edited from their Full version counterparts to clear up any inconsistencies done through adding new techniques in the Full version. Download You will need a ROM of Black or White to use the patches found in the downloads, which you will have to find on your own. It must be either English European or American, though.
  13. These values also may be used to modify your Multiplayer Avatar for the Union Room and Wi-Fi. The sprite change will only occur between two Copies of either Heart Gold or Soul Silver. Details on this can be found in the Third Spoiler. Progress: As I did with Pokemon Platinum, I've taken the liberty of deriving a list of values to be used to modify your character sprite to that of another sprite in the game. The following code was created by the hackers on GBAtemp, whom I thank alot for their hard work. The code will work like this: Due to the lack of a calculator in the game, the alteration of the code is neccessary to change you character. Also note using multiple character altering codes at the same time has a high potential of crashing your game, so please refrain from attempting it. Here is the code: 62110DC0 00000000 B2110DC0 00000000 10025D90 00000XXX D2000000 00000000 First start by finding the desired value that you want. All you have to do is replace the Red X's with any of the following values and presto. You have yourself the desired sprite. It should be known, however, that although the walking animations for each sprites work perfectly fine, the only sprites capable of having a working running animations are the Hero Sprites for Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, Heart Gold, and Soul Silver. Values 000~00F: Values 100~1FF: Values 200~244***: I will update this thread as I finish more lists. Also, here are some working codes that some of you may enjoy: Play as Red: Play As Platinum Male: Play As Platinum Female: Play As Team Rocket Hero (Male): Play As Team Rocket Hero (Female): Personal Favorite Values: Pics of Modified Sprites: Sprite Set #1: Sprites #2: Sprites #3:
  14. Hi. As the title states I would like a completed save file for Pokemon X, with the gender being female. I deleted my Pokemon X when I uninstalled it for Pokemon Sun, but I want to Friend Safari shiny hunt. Name, nickname, etc doesn't matter to me, because you can change those in PKHeX. Gender, for some reason, is greyed out. Thanks if you can help!
  15. I am finally done, this patch contains every battle theme in the game. This patch changes the battle theme played in trainer battles. List of themes: Mute Rival Theme Wild Theme Trainer Theme (unpatch) Gym Theme Grunt Theme Commander Theme Boss Theme Giratina Theme Uixe/Azelf/Mesprit Theme Elite 4 Theme Champion Theme Dialga/Palkia Theme Ledgendary Theme Regi Theme Tycoon Theme Arceus Theme You can repatch the same ROM over and over to change theme. The Patch works on wifi. It also contains AR codes and various flash cart cheat files with the codes already added. These codes work like the patch, but the AR codes DO NOT work on wifi. You may need WinRAR to uncompress the the .rar file that this patch is compressed in. WinRAR: http://www.rarlab.com/rar/wrar380.exe Music Patch: http://gbatemp.net/index.php?download=5464 Enjoy!
  16. Dive into a futuristic Pokémon universe where grammar no longer exists. Screenshots: [ATTACH=CONFIG]13714[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]13715[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]13716[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]13717[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]13718[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]13719[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]13720[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]13721[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]13722[/ATTACH] What is this and why would you do something like that? Well, I watched a video on YouTube, which inspired me to create a web application that turns any text into nonsense. In order to achieve something similar, the application sends the input text to Google Translator where it is translated to a random language. The result will again be sent to Google Translator. After repeating this process, the text will be translated back to English, which often produces hilarious results or changes the meaning of the sentence completely. In order to take this to the next level, I exported all the text files of Pokémon X and changed the application a bit to obfuscate all the lines seperately... and the result is absolutely insane! I will release this amazing piece of software later after fixing some bugs and cleaning up, so stay tuned! Limitations: No Pokémon names are changed (the game crashed right at the beginning whenever I tried to change them, does anyone have an idea why?) Any text with dynamic variables cannot be changed, since Google Translator doesn't know how to process them and things would likely break Currently supported languages: English and German (more languages might be added in the future) I can only distribute the romfs for Pokémon X, since I don't own a copy of Pokémon Y. I don't know if a Pokémon X Romfs is compatible with Pokémon Y. However, you can create a custom build if that doesn't work for you (see below)! Installation: Follow this tutorial: Overwrite the files of your romfs with the files in the .zip file (download link below) Boot up your HANS application on the 3DS and run it with the .romfs file (the option "Romfs -> SD" should be set to "Yes") Note: I don't distribute the romfs directly anymore, so you'll have to dump your romfs using braindump and follow the instructions for overwriting you files. -Removed, as it contains file to roms- Custom build: Feel free to post suggestions and funny screenshots below!
  17. [video=youtube;OSOjLo2uqd8] Hello. Here is a another little 6G Hack. The most important change is the music. Half (~ 100) are from the GBA version (for a bit of nostalgia). Only half because otherwise they cause some bugs, or else simply do not exist in GBA (like the trainer music in diving). This game is also a full random world, and an hard mode! ~ ScrenShot ~ ~ Level Up ~ Levels doesn't change. Only Learnable Moves are randomized. Pokemon can learn HM Moves by LevelUP. Pokemon stop learning Moves at level 80. ~ Personal Stats ~ Hatching become very fast. The following data are Randomized : Tm & Hm learnable ORAS Move Tutors Catch Rate Possible held Items ~ Trainers ~ ALL Trainers' Pokémon are randomized (Random Trainer, Rival, Elite Four...). Moves / Hold Items / Abilities of these Pokémon are randomized. ALL Trainers' Pokémon have a level boosted by 50% and max IV. They can hold a Mega Stone and Mega Evolve. ~ Évolutions ~ Pokemon evolved (only target) are randomized. However, the evolution methods remain the same. For example, Magikarp evolve into Gyarados at level 20. He always evolve at level 20, but the target will be a surprise :3 I changed the evolution methods for those who have the happiness or trade (for example). The following list under spoiler applies only to special Pokémon evolutions (Happiness, Trade, etc ...) Pokémon with * in front are just totally for fun. ~ Mega Evolutions ~ I added Mega Evolutions for Pokémon which doesn't have one, but having a second form. For example, Giratina Mega Evolve in its Origin form by holding a Griseous Orb. ~ Items ~ I edited the prices of some common objects, and edited 2 objects. ~ Wild Encounters ~ Wild Pokémon are randomized. All 721 Pokemon can be caught, exept Mega or any Forms. See the following list to find a Legendary Pokémon. Note that I written only one place. But they all 3 places. Besides those using Hoopa's rings. ~ Textures ~ I changed some textures of Pokémon. Take it as a preview of my next Hack. Pikachu Libre (Normal and Shiny) will have a texture inspired on Captain America Dialga (Normal and Shiny) will have a texture inspired on Primal Dialga from Pokémon Shadow/Time/Sky Greninja (Normal and Shiny) will have a texture inspired on Ash-Greninja from the anime Ho-Oh (Normal and Shiny) will have a texture inspired on Shadow Lugia from Pokémon Lugia (Normal and Shiny) will have a texture inspired on Shadow Lugia from Pokémon Credits for textures, when it's not from me, are in the ReadMe file. ~ Bugs ~ For the moment no. If you find bugs, tell them to me. Maybe some musics can cause bugs, tell me, I will try to correct it. If you see a wrong english translation, let me know <3 ~ Links ~ Please remove any updates on Alpha Sapphire Or a lot of changes won't appear. TitleID is cleaned, be sure to backup your save before update the game! How to play it using the 3DS file? Just put the 3DS file on your Gateway's MicroSD Card. Can't be used on Sky3DS+ How to play it using the CIA file? Install the CIA with any CFW, and any CIA installer. How to play it using the HANS pack? Move my HANS folder and 3ds folder to the root of your 3DS' SD Card. Allow to merge if asked. Launch the Game Shortcut in your HBL. How to play it using the Patch (Light) file? Install the CIA with any CFW, and any CIA installer. Light mean it's the same content of the full hack, except music changes and textures wich are the same as the original. It's an update format! It's the original update of the game (1.4) edited. It mean you can go online with my Hack, but you need to install this CIA also. If you install it, be sure to remove the original update of the game before. How to play it using the Patch (Full) file? Install the CIA with any CFW, and any CIA installer. Full mean it's the same content of the full hack, as if you play with the 3DS or CIA. It's an update format! It's the original update of the game (1.4) edited. It mean you can go online with my Hack, but you need to install this CIA also. If you install it, be sure to remove the original update of the game before. How to play it using the LayeredFS file? SOON ~ Credits ~ pk3DS : Kaphotics 3DS Builder : SciresM RomFS Builder : SciresM Ohana3DS : Reisyukaku NTR CFW & LayeredFS : cell9 HackingToolkit3DS : Asia81 / Mizoré ~ Thanks to ~ Dio_Vento : For teaching me where the title logo files are Apache Thunder : For his help on my 3D Banner Timeboy : "Captain'America Pikachu" texture Xeogran : "Ash-Greninja" texture Asia81 : "Shadow Lugia", "Shadow Ho-OH", and "Primal Dialga" textures ScarletKohaku : Screen (Video + Photos) ~ Have a nice day ~
  18. Hello all, Over the past I have been working on my romhack of Pokémon Omega Ruby titled Pokémon Sigma Ruby. I have chosen Sigma as this is like Omega and Alpha another letter in the Greek Alphabet as well as that it feels suiting for an improved Pokémon Ruby game. I initially intended for this to go up on Rom Editing Showcase, however posts of that subforum require mod approval which is not being granted on my posts. The most important change in Pokémon Sigma Ruby is that not just the Inverse Battle trainer battles you with the types inversed, no, ALL battles are now following the Inverse type effectiveness. This is a feature that requires patching CRO0 files and it is therefore mandatory to use at least Luma3DS Version 5.5 as starting this release RO partitions are patched! This romhack will crash unless you have the latest Luma3DS version! (Version 5.5 or greater) For updating Luma3DS please use Astronautlevel2's StarUpdater on 3DS ( cia or QR Code or his Luma3DS Nightlies website. The 5.5 update (minimum required) can be also be directly downloaded by clicking here ~Screenshots~ ~List of features~ A full list of changes such as those made to Pokémon, moves and evolutions can be found in the .pdf file included in the download! The game has a new icon and banner! The game has a new title screen! Many Pokémon have had their base stats slightly updated to make them more viable. Difficult or impossible evolutions (i.e. trade evolutions) have been taken out Some Pokémon have had their typing updated There have been updates on move stats Various Slateport City Market stores have had their items swapped To improve the viability of the above various purchase prices have been swapped Various signs have had their content changed. Try to find them all ! Various gift Pokémon have been changed. Various static Pokémon have been changed. ~Download~ Probably the most important section of the post right !? To comply with no piracy rules these downloads are not directly installed games and require your own version of Pokémon Omega Ruby to be turned into just that. Click here to download Regular Version Click here to download Bust May Mod Version I have also included the required tools to build the game! If you have a Mac or Linux machine please get ctrtool from the github repo instead For creating a playable .cia please expand the spoiler below!
  19. Relive the adventure of the second generation Pokemon games in a more challenging and complete way! Hack of: Pokemon Crystal Features Very exhaustive work on the selection of wild Pokemon including fishing, headbutt, rock smash and all types of event Pokemon, and trainer parties including every single trainer in the game as well as around 100 additional trainers carefully distributed throughout the adventure. Similar work on choosing the items found, sold in marts, or obtained in any different way, as well as on adjusting their prices. Plenty of mechanical changes that contribute to the difficulty increase, such as the progressive level increase of wild and trainer Pokemon, the inhability to use healing items whilst in battle, a forced "set" battle style, developments regarding the experience mechanics, a trainer EV system, the removal of badge boosts, improved AI, and more. Extensive work on the balancing of learnsets (without altering the movepools), evolution levels, base experience, growth rates, catch rates, held items and other aspects inherent to the Pokemon, adequated to the usefulness and strength of each Pokemon species and other characteristics of the game. Enjoy additional events and other existing events that have been modified, explore new places and plenty of remodeled maps like caves and several routes, and fight lots of additional trainers distributed in caves, routes, gyms, or in the new events. Most of these features are located in Kanto to extend and make more enjoyable the second part of the adventure. Speaking of Kanto, now you can enjoy the Kanto journey following the order of the first generation games! Screenshots Want more details? AI: Improved the AI of the lesser trainer classes as well as a few other aspects of the AI. The 25% added chance of missing with a status or stat reduction move by the opponent has been removed. BADGE BOOSTS: Stat and type boosts provided by badges removed in order to give the game a more "professional" feel and increase the difficulty by removing an unfair advantage. BASE EXPERIENCE: Adequated to the stats of each Pokemon (proportional to the base stat total of each Pokemon). BASE MONEY: Adequated to each trainer class, and to how early can it be found for the first time and in general. BATTLE STYLE: Battle style option removed; it's SET by default. BERRY TREES: A few different berry trees, and two berries found per tree instead of one! BERSERK GENE: Berserk Gene is no longer removed permanently once used, similarly to what occurs with other in-battle effect items such as Quick Claw and Leftovers. However, it's temporarily removed for as long as the current battle lasts, meaning that it will only activate once per battle. BUG CATCHING CONTEST: The formula that determines the points obtained has been adjusted according to the changes in Pokemon and levels. CATCH RATES: Adequated to how common and useful each Pokemon is. CATCH RATE FORMULA: Four minor bugs in the catch rate formula of the original Pokemon Crystal have been fixed. EXPERIENCE GAIN: The changes in the experience mechanics have been mainly applied to encourage training a full team of Pokemon over training just one or two Pokemon. The experience formula has been modified to make the experience gain increase by multiplying the original experience with the result of player's Pokemon level / enemy's level (*). The other main change consists on a badge-sensitive experience cap, that prevents your Pokemon from growing up past certain levels depending on the amount of badges collected. EVOLUTIONS: Changes on evolution levels, adequated to the strength of the evolution chain and to the level at which the Pokemon appears for the first time. For a few Pokemon, different methods in which they evolve. Trade evolutions have been replaced. ** FLEEING POKEMON: Some different species of Pokemon that can flee. GROWTH RATES: The growth rate of each species of Pokemon has been adequated to the general usefulness of the evolution chain the Pokemon belongs to. Every Medium Slow growth rate has been replaced. GYMS: The player is unable to leave a Gym until he or she beats the Gym Leader or all his/her Pokemon faint in battle (blackout). Thus, Gym trainers and the Leader have to be beaten in succession. Gym Leaders all have 6 Pokemon, so do members of the Johto League. HEALING ITEMS: Properities of healing items (potions, berries...) edited so that said items can't be used in the middle of a battle. However, no changes in the functions of the items when held by a Pokemon (berries still heal, boosting items still boost a type etc.). Trainers no longer will use healing items themselves either. HELD ITEMS: Different wild held item data and increased probability of appearing the second item. More emphasis on generic items but rarer or unique items like Leftovers, Scope Lens and type boosting items can also be found. ITEMS: Different items found in the floor, and different hidden items. Some differences in items sold in marts as well as in other events such as the Game Corner, Lucky Number, Bug Catching Contest or Buena's Show. As usual, lower profile items are found earlier while higher profile items are found as the game progresses, but more emphasis on more useful and obscure items. Different item prices (or coins @ Game Corner), adequated to the utility and accessibility of each item. LEAGUE REMATCH: Rematch a stronger version of the Johto League after completing the Kanto adventure! LEARNSETS: Minor changes on learnsets like level modifications or twists and, to a lesser extent, egg moves or RBY/GSC TM moves made level up moves as long as legally possible. In any case, move compatibilities and illegal combinations are left unchanged. ** MONEY LOST: Money lost upon losing a battle is no longer halved, as the money lost depends on the highest leveled Pokemon in the player's party, following the formula [ Level * (No. Badges + 4) * 10 ]. MOVE TUTOR: A new unique move tutor found in Johto that can teach your Pokemon a variety of R/B/Y TM moves, always accounting for illegal move combinations. NEW MAPS: Visit Viridian Forest, explore Cerulean Cave and Seafoam Islands, enjoy the remodeled caves, routes and gym puzzles, and more! OBEDIENCE: The obedience will never be a factor due to the experience gain capping at a certain level (see EXPERIENCE GAIN) before the obedience level is reached. POKEMON: Modified wild, fishing, headbutt, rock smash, trainer, and event Pokemon species and levels as well as amount of Pokemon used by trainers and their movesets. Logic prevails on wild encounters. Pokedex completion is possible. SHINY POKEMON: Different DV requeriments and increased probability (1/256) for a Pokemon to be shiny. The properities of the shiny Gyarados and Odd Egg Pokemon have been adequated accordingly. In addition, new shiny Pokemon colors. TEXT: All the corresponding text edits to make everything coherent to the changes applied in Pokemon, mechanics and events. THIEF: Thief has no effect unless it's used in a wild battle (no wild Pokemon knows Thief), or in a link battle. TIME OF DAY: Morning, day and night times delayed two hours (06-11 morn | 12-19 day | 20-05 nite). TRAINER DVs: Different trainer DVs (usually higher), mostly adequated to how early a trainer of that class can be found. DVs of many classes are maximized. TRAINER EVs: A Trainer EV System that provide trainer's Pokemon a gradual and controlled boost of their stats according to their levels to simulate boosts provided by EVs. TRAINER HOUSE: The Trainer House event (in Viridian City) now includes battles that become more difficult progresively and the player will receive a prize after a win. X ITEMS: The use of "X Items" (besides X Accuracy) such as X Attack and X Defend limited to one at the same time (in other words, these items are not stackable). **: Since the gradual level increase inevitably makes the player's Pokemon grow much faster, a general delay on evolution levels and learnsets has been applied in order to prevent the player from obtaining fully evolved Pokemon or powerful moves early on (which, subsequently, would imply the need of making early trainers have, similarly, overevolved Pokemon or overpowered moves to make the game competitve enough). Every learnset and evolution level has been modified accordingly, and the availability of some TMs has been delayed as well. (*): The effect will only take place if the opponent's level is the highest of the two, meaning that a high leveled Pokemon will not get disfavored. In addition, this factor caps at 2/1 to prevent ridiculous experience gains. Bug fixes (Updated 20/9/2015) Unlimited berries Kadabra not evolving into Alakazam Traded Pokemon possibly not obeying at high levels Possibly getting stuck in Viridian Gym Losing to Blaine and still getting the badge Cooltrainer inside Victory Road challenging multiple times Moltres not disappearing immediately after being fought Names of some Elite Four members being incorrect Cleanse Tag and Mystic Water properties (game crashing when depositing the former in the PC) Some trainers in Rock Tunnel or in Vermillion Gym acting as "already fought" if found before beating Misty Cinnabar gym statues freezing the game if talked to before defeating Blaine DOWNLOAD LINK (Updated 20/9/2015) http://www.mediafire.com/download/l748f91qs461dt8/Pokemon+Pyrite.ips Used Tools Gold Finger BGB Debugger CrystalMap The One GSC Trainer Editor GSC Moveset Editor GSC Evolution Editor GSC Wild Pokemon Editor MartEd GSC Tile Layer Pro (Titlescreen) Title Screen Color Editor G/S/C (Titlescreen) Credits The community of Skeetendo for opening me up to the world of Pokemon hacking. Everyone that helped me when I was stuck or needed advice. I'd especially like to thank Miksy91 and Comet for their help. Tauwasser, for his amazing G/S Scripting Compendium that basically taught me how to script. Everybody that contributed to the Disassembly of Pokemon Crystal. Without it, I wouldn't have been able to do half what I've done. Last but not least, everybody that supported the hack and encouraged me to keep working on it, notably LC.Drake.
  20. Attualmente il reclutamento è aperto a tutti! Lista files da tradurre: Esclundendo alcuni files in giappo, insieme ai no data e ai test message, mancano -54 alla fine della traduzione storia Quindi abbiamo tradotto circa +419 files per un totale del 89% Regole per tradurre/far parte Allora, come tutti o quasi sapranno, io Naxx, faccio parte del team di traduzione in italiano di Pokémon Versione Nera e Pokémon Versione Bianca, (forse l'unico team di traduzione in italia a parte Cinnabar). Quindi, fooorse potrebbe essere la nostra, la vostra unica possibilità di giocare a B\W in italiano prima dell'uscita ufficiale.. ecco, questo se andiamo avanti così NON può realizzarsi per i seguenti motivi: 1° siamo in pochissimo (3 al massimo) 2° c'è qualche deficiente (scusate la parola) che si aggrega, traduce qualche file importante e se la fila, lasciandoci con i suoi file o tradotti male o pieni di errori e di bug inguardabili. Ora, se qualcuno vuole unirsi a noi, ben venga! Siamo a disposti ad accettare qualunque persona a questi requisiti: 1° Deve sapere piuttosto bene l'inglese 2° Deve avere molta logica e intuizione 3° Deve conoscere bene i metodi di traduzione (come dopo tot lettere bisogna mettere un a capo, cioè \xfffe, bisogna salvare in UTF-8 ecc...) 4° Dovrà sottoporsi a un periodo di prova di 2 settimane, inviando i file tradotto al sottoscritto, a David23 o a Melo-hk, che lì correggeranno ed eventualmente applicati o gettati nel cesso (scusate il termine) 5° Deve conoscere i linguaggi specifici dei giochi di Pokémon, e adattare di conseguenza la traduzione. Bene, questo è attualmente l'elenco dei traduttori (attivi); qui sotto aggiungerò alla lista anche le "reclute" che hanno superato decentemente il periodo di prova: Gruppo correzione storia david23 JJ Metal Gruppo correzione menù Naxx Max2348 Gruppo traduzione storia Black CDD The Gamesking Gruppo traduzione Menù Marcotti IAL32 (altri) TRADURRE I FILES Per tradurre i files è semplicissimo: basta che mi chiediate a me o a david il link e il permesso per modificare i files su github (una modifica online), e andando su quel sito ci saranno i vari files.. A breve una guida completa. (ovviamente bisogna registrarsi sul sito e passarmi il nome utente) Siamo autorizzati a bocciarvi senza preavviso, siamo autorizzati a giudicare il vostro lavoro e siamo eventualmente autorizzati a eliminarvi dal team e a segnalarvi a chi di dovere
  21. Pokemon Origin Platinum V1.4 Hack developed by Lazerith Current Status: Working Attention: I have begun working on a second Pokemon hack, so unless a bug that needs urgent fixing occurs, I will probably not update Origin Platinum. For more details on my new hack, or if you have any other questions feel free to private message me. Summary: Pokemon Origin Platinum is a self-contained hack of Pokemon Platinum developed by Lazerith and inspired by the hacks by Drayano. Origin Platinum features the ability to obtain all 493 Pokemon without having to do any sort of events, trading, or going underground. Features: Pokemon Origin platinum includes the following features: Ability to catch all 493 Pokemon without the use of any outside source, while still being able to trade and battle with friends. Every non-legendary Pokemon can be caught before the elite four, and most added legendary Pokemon are located in post-game areas. Regigigas no longer requires having the Regis pokemon to catch, but has been changed to a fateful encounter so that it may allow the player to catch the other Regis Pokemon. Giratina now has Griseous orb held when you catch him. I know many people do not like the way he looks without it. I am one of those people. Items such as Metal Coat, which originally were given as a held item to allow a Pokemon to evolve by trading can now be used to evolve Pokemon in the same manner as the evolution stones. Pokemon that evolve by simply trading them now evolve at certain levels. Check the documents provided with the patch for more details. Wurmple now evolves into Silcoon/Cascoon based on its gender. Spiritomb no longer requires going underground and meeting 32 people to catch. Simply use the Odd Keystone where you normally would. Once a player has caught 492 pokemon, he/she will be given the Azure Flute by one of the residents of Sandgem Town. This item is required to catch Arceus. Catching Arceus is pretty much the goal of the game. Players wishing to make competitive teams using any fossil pokemon, spiritomb, or Pokemon that evolve via evolutionary items will now find that all fossils, odd keystone, and all evolution items are now sold in Veilstone Department Store. Event items such as Secret Key, Membership Pass, Oak's Letter, and Azure Flute are now given to you at certain parts of the game. The Super Rod is now given to you by Jasmine right after you beat the 8th gym. There are some pokemon that can only be, or are a lot more common when using the super rod. Check the Pokemon Locations document for more information. The game now features a second master ball. So don't fret if you accidentally use it. However, there are still only two in the game, so still use them sparingly. Many NPC's that used to say pointless, meaningless, and useless text have been changed to say references to various types of media such as Anime, Games, T.V. Shows, and Movies. See if you can find and understand them all. This is the one change that I have made that I didn't include a document. I figured that would ruin the fun. More details on these changes are included in the documents. Replayability: With the ability to catch every Pokemon, as well as all of the included references to look for, Pokemon Origin Platinum gives players a reason to talk to everyone and examine every object. Screenshots: Bugs: None as of now If you encounter any problems, please pm me or post a reply so that I can fix them as fast as possible. Most recent changes: Future changes: Future changes I plan on doing include but are not limited to the following More references will be included with every update. Currently, references are abundant in each town/city up until and including Eterna City. After that, they are sprinkled throughout the game. I want to make this part of the game be something that involves everyone, so please suggest references to put in. =] I am very busy, so the following future changes are merely an idea I plan on changing surf/fish pokemon to be the same levels as pokemon in the same and surrounding areas. I want to make low level Pokemon in post-game areas such as Turnback cave higher leveled. Credits: Drayano for walking me through what programs I needed, and how to use them. Taught me how to use hex editing for this hack, and helped me check and make balances to what wild Pokemon can be found where. Also for helping me make decisions throughout my time making this hack. Drayano's Blaze Black, Volt White, Sacred Gold, and Storm Silver were what inspired me to do this project, and without him, Origin Platinum would not exist. My girlfriend for making the Title image used in this post. Various friends of mine for helping me think of references to put into the game and looking for bugs. Tools used: PPRE CrystalTile2 TheNewPokeText Download links: The following links are where you can download the patch and documents. You will need to provide your own Pokemon Platinum rom and download xdelta to apply the patch. Rar: http://www.mediafire.com/download/qzswwobradcplec/Pokemon_Origin_Platinum.rar Zip: http://www.mediafire.com/download/348ldzrfwx4x4lv/Pokemon_Origin_Platinum.zip Recommendations: I highly recommend the following hacks developed by Drayano, who inspired and helped me make Pokemon Origin Platinum. Pokemon Blaze Black/Volt White Pokemon Blaze Black 2/Volt White 2 Pokemon Sacred Gold/Storm Silver
  22. I'm looking for a save file with (almost) every pokemon (legal) in the pc boxes. Can someone help me with this? Or does it simply not exist?
  23. [bYes, the project is complete. 95+% of the game is translated, including the entire plot. Feel free to hire your own private translator to get the rest translated[/b] I will infract people who respond to potential rule breakers. Don't respond, hit the Report button or contact an Smod or Admin. A list of staff can be found here. Project Pokemon Rules. Second translation thread First translation thread Welcome to the Japanese to English translation thread for Pokemon Black/White. This first post is ONLY going to cover the rules because frankly, a lot of you aren't following them. The second post, by Kaarosu, is constantly updated on the latest research shindigs, and the third post is a FAQ. Check all three every now and then because they may be updated. There is to be absolutely NO discussion about piracy!. What this means is: Do not ask for links to ROMs Do not give links to ROMs Do not say you downloaded a ROM. Do not give "subtle" hints on how to locate ROMs. I can't speak for all staff, but I'm just going to ban people for 2-4 weeks right off the bat from now on for doing any of this. If all you're doing is asking for updates or generally being an annoying leech who contributes nothing to this project, expect to get a hefty infraction and/or a temporary ban. Finally, if someone in here is breaking the rules (trolling, piracy, or any of PP's rules) or you THINK they might be breaking a rule, DO NOT RESPOND TO THEM! It only encourages them. Use the Report button. The Report button is the triangle with the exclamation mark inside it. It is in the lower left corner of every post. REVIEW. Do not ask, brag, link to, or give advice on how to get ROMS. Follow all other PP rules. Read the first three posts of the thread, and the most recent page or two of the thread before posting, ESPECIALLY IF YOU'RE ASKING FOR HELP! Check the first two posts frequently for updates. This is a research thread. Off-Topic conversation should be taken to the appropriate forum, or to Private Message. Similarly, annoying questions such as "when is the next patch released" or "will X be in the next patch?" and other useless chatter may end up with your post being deleted along with possible infraction points. If you think someone broke a rule, do not respond to their post or private message. Just hit the report button. Also, please don't PM me questions about the translation project. I just moderate the thread. Please direct those to Kaarosu.
  24. Um... hello, everybody, Blazin' Gyarados here. Alright enough with the small talk, time to get straight to the point. Today we're here to discuss the release of my SS mod...Just read what the logo says Da Rom's Intel Game which was used to edited: Pokémon SoulSilver (U) ~This means use the same type of rom, when patching da game, folks~ Language: Only current one right now is English Available Versions: Version 3 When the Version Stops: Actually you can play the mod full through. Mod's Current Progress: I'll say at least 97-99 percent of everything have been edited... Mod's Patching File:http://www.mediafire.com/?g21n28cn06nkn6r (Neo SoulSilver V3) Here's version 3's log: ~Freeze Fixes: This includes- Goldenrod City Radio Tower, Violet City, when the man gives you a Miracle Seed and when meeting Baoba; the Safari Zone guy, for the first time. ~New Items can be found all throughout Johto/Kanto Regions. This also means some people might give you different items than what they usually give you. ~All Event Pokemon are now on new levels when encountering. Example: Sudowoodo will be on Level 25 now. ~Some Gym Leaders also gives out new TM when beating them. Of course, I had to change the dialogue, so it'll match up the TM they give them. If you find any dialogue that doesn't make with the item the NPC gives...please tell me, cuz I fix this. ~Even more new dialogue: Yep. I added a few more dialogue; hopefully you'll find it funny. I also repointed summa da messed up dialogue I did in my previous version ~I did a complete overhaul on the Pokemon stats and moveset: I pretty much completely revamped almost every Pokemon def and off stats and moveset, so it'll be a bit more balance...(All starters now have two abilities) ~All Stone Pokemon now have their very own moveset pool. Most every Pokemon have an increased moveset; with the exception of Legendaries... ~Harder Trainers/Gym Leader: Every trainer...even the weakest of trainer, should at least be able put up some sorta fight. I jack up their AI...And this time, I actually did it. LOL ~Also included with the patch is the Rudolph's AP patch, so you can patch it your game, before patching my...um, well...patch. Anyways, I hope this urge you all to give my hack/mod…whatever a try. A Few words: Now just so you know, the patch file is Gui type and you're gonna have to patch the Ruldolph Patch first, before ACTUALLY patching the game. That's the only you can play this without any crashes. For all of those who want to play with the National Dex at the beginning of the game; I'll suggest downloading PokeGen and activating your Pokedex through your save file. It works, I test it. Now, to tell you all what's features included in this mod...For all those who are curious. First, I suppose I should explain what difference I did from the original game. First of all, I've add slightly new dialogue, basically only menu stuff and things the Poke Mart Clerks and Nurse Joy says. I've also changed some of thing said during Pokemon Battle; if you saw my vid, you've already seen some of the stuff I did. I also changed some of the HGSS Pokemon sprite. Mostly, I just switched their stationary sprite with their moving sprite, but they're still good nonetheless. I've also customized a few Hoenn Sprites (Spoink, Taillow, Numel, etc. There's just few in screenies down below), I think I did a good on them...If I say so myself, but I suppose it's up to you all to judge me. Now, for the changes I did to the Pokemon. In this mod, you'll noticed that the Pokemon's stats has been slightly alter. Here, I give all a couple of example: Mareep base speed now 60, but once it evolves into Ampharos, it speed will drop below 60, but its Sp.Defense and Sp. Attack will soar. Some Pokemon will have Special Abilities that they wouldn't usually have. Example: Phanpy with Huge Power, Chingling with Magic Guard and Spearow with Anger Point or Gible with Inner Focus. Some Pokemon will learn different attacks that don't usually learn on the real game. Like, Flaaffy with Swift, or like Mawile, who levels up learning all three elemental Fangs. There's a few more, like Wartortle, who learns Ice Fang when first evolving and Kirla who learns Psybeam when first evolving. Some Pokemon learn, I would say, a whole new moveset pool. Here's a few: Delibird, who NOW actually worth training, on an account it learns some pretty decent attacks...And it's Special stat isn't all that bad, if you get my drift. Tyrouge, now his own set of attacks (Even though, it's still weak as hell), and it even evolves a new way, but we'll get into that later...Volbeat, Milotic. I've even made my own new attack...even though it's just a replacement of an old attack (Razor Wind to be exact) I renamed the attack Malestrom; it's a Flying Type attack that take two turns (hence Razor Wind) deals 100 damage and has high ratio for 'CRITICAL HIT'! I'll just tell you one of the Pokemon that actually learns Malestrom-Xatu...But remember its not the only one that does. Here's a couple of things that were added in Pokemon Neo SoulSilver Version 2 Some Pokemon attack moves strength have been increase to match the move strength off Pokemon Black & White. Example: On the HGSS Petal Dance usually takes 90 damage, but on Black & White its takes 120 damage...So, that's how much it takes on this mod. Except Tackle, it still takes 35. Also, I increased attacks that I thought was just too weak; Mega Drain now take 55 and Absorb now takes 40. Leech Life takes 30, Poison Sting, as well. Now, when getting hit by Hyper Voice, there's a chance your Sp. Defense might fall and Vicegrip; when getting hit by that, there's a chance your defense might fall. Needle Arm takes 80 and Poison Tail take 75. Attacks like Lock-On and Mind Reader are repectively Steel and Psychic Type moves. Spike Cannon is now a Steel Type attack. I think there's more, but I can't remember. Also, in version 2, I added a couple of Black and White sprites. Mainly Hoenn Region Sprites, with a few customized sprite; such as my Lombre sprite, you just go to check it out, it's awesome. I also got some up-to-date screenies, but I think I'll wait before posting them up in this thread. Also, Gym Leader, Elite Four and Lance, all of their rematches has been edited and should be able to put up a decent fight against your Pokemon. I also finished editing Bell Tower and Mt. Silver...I dare ya to go inside Mt. Silver the Pokemon levels in there, deep in, is insanely high...I'm talking Lv 80+ Now for wild Pokemon differences Well, obviously all Pokemon are available, even the non-regional starter Pokemon! All the Water-Type Pokemon that appear in the sea and during fishing (Good Rod, only) are all available. (Johto Only) Unfortunately, I didn't edited the Water-Types that dwell inside cave area, there's just a hand-full currently, and NO I'm not going to disclose which caves you can find'em! Every Pokemon that appears in grassy area have been completely edited in the wild, it goes without saying that this rule applies to both Kanto and Johto Region! Except for Route 48, everytime I'll pull it up on PPRE nothing would ever be displayed there. Every cave area have been edited in the Johto Region, with the exception of Bell Tower, I was gonna wait until the 2nd Version to finally edited. Bell has now been successfully edited. I'll say about 90 percent of the Kanto Region cave area have be edited, the only place that I didn't edited was Mt. Silver (Outside and Inside) That cave's really is really a pain in the ass, when editing it. It's just so painstakingly long, so many floor in that dungeon. Mt. Silver has now been successfully edited. Here's a little info, if you want to find Heart Scales, catch wild Eevee. They live around route 36 (day, only), don't forget to collect them. There's a whole lot of Pokemon that have Heart Scales moves on this mod; Mamoswine, Arbok, all the starters except for Meganuim, and all the Eevee evolution stages. Another mentioning I forgot was, I didn't edited the wild pokemon that appear in the morning; well, I gonna say up to route 36. Pokemon that appears during day and night has been completely. Now moving on to Battle situations:Johto Gym Leader Walkthrough/Kanto Gym Leader Walkthrough I've edited majority of all the trainer's battle on this mod; Gym Leaders Elite Four, and Champ-Lance (Who's, harder than holy hell now, trust me) Field-Trainers, Rival (Silver) It goes without saying that I've includes both Kanto and Johto Regions. (Wait, I just said it, didn't I) I would say the only thing I didn't edited was gym leaders, elite four, and trainer who call you back for rematches (I'll say I only edited some of them, not all) I've also didn't get around in changing all the trainers that appear on the boat; I've only edited for the first time you arrival to Kanto. Now for a small and short Gym Leader Walkthrough (Second Update) If you don't want to see what I've got here, you don't have to worry about...That's why we the spoiler button for. Check it out I decided to put Silver's battle walkthrough on a seperate section then the Gym Leader section. Okay, please jot down...Oh, my bad you're gonna have to click the spoiler button to acess the walkthrough. Here's the Pokemon Evolution summary. Once again, if don't want to see it, don't click the spoiler button. I'm really reconsider changing some of the evolution, mostly the one's that evo with friendship evolution. I think I made too many of them evolved that way. And now to end this wonderful post and a couple screenies...once again, it's spoilers. Programs I used to make this Mod possible PPRE 0.14 (Obviously! I used this for mostly everything) Paint (For the customizing of the sprites) PokepicDSPlatinum (For updating the modified sprites into narc. file it's a/0/1/4 something...I think. Ah, shit whatever) NitroExplorer (For extracting the updated narc files back into the rom) thenewpoketext (Pretty much self-explanatory, right) No$Gba 2.6a (For beta-testing the mod) Pokemon SoulSilver (It was the rom I used) And AttackEditorDS (For editing some of the attack move's type) Now I leave you with a vid of me (actual my little bro) facing off against the Team Rocket Admin Proton...However, in order to see you're gonna have to click the little spoiler button. :rolleyes: Closing notes: Don't forget to report all bugs here, thank you! That's all for today...Stay tune for anymore updates.