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  1. Hm, I keep wondering, are all the natures D/P/Pt the same as the ones in emerald? I've been trying to get a Registeel with a relaxed nature for HOURS and have yet to find one (thats right wraith I'm playing a game with moderate graphics and have yet to fall asleep from it ) I didn't know if this was a D/P/Pt question or emerald since they're kind of a combo
  2. bleh, how is raichu cuter, and have you ever used a pikachu in a battle, see what it does when it comes out, but I don't know if raichu does the same. anyways I was also curious about the shellos thing, I might try it in a moment, need to catch a shellos first
  3. Aw, so no pikachu, but I think raichu is just...... ew, but thats imo, so is a good item for raichu focus sash? And can a pikachu pass on surf if its female you breed it with a ditto?
  4. Well, I've been thinking this for a while, is a Pikachu better with a light ball or an ordinary Raichu? I want to use Pikachu but Raichu seems better. Cause on one side, Pikachu gets high atks but at the cost of an item slot.
  5. Hey, anyone want to go at PBR? My FC is 1032-7980-2335. PM or post your FC to battle
  6. Well, since you changed the future then that celebi never existed, or so I think
  7. Ugh, I don't understand a thing, if I leave the pokemon like that can the pokemon still be traded over to PBR? And whats the class for?
  8. Does the Hex values have to be like that with all pokemon, or does it vary?
  9. I can't seem to be able to use the legit checker so can someone check if tis pokemon is legit? I want to be able to send pokesav pokemon into my PBR Scizor.pkm
  10. I'll choose totodile, I used him in a battle a while ago and did pretty good so I might consider taking him, and did Nintendo spell Feraligatr like that because they ran out of space for the name?
  11. Hm, well [sprite]093[/sprite], just ask wraith what he does
  12. geodude, then haunter
  13. Oh, you can check it that way also, but how, doesn't your number come up when you activate the code?
  14. Wait, so your making a whole new team, but what about your Walrein? I remember when I first went up against that with my old team it completly killed me
  15. Ugh, last time I was in the hospital was because my appendix was about to burst, I hated those days, anyways get better soon.
  16. No problem, if there are any problems just pm me and I'll fix them
  17. The problem is, you need yourself an action replay so you can figure out your own code, if you give someone your pokemon it will always display the sid of the person using that code.
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