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  1. Darn it; I only just bought Pokemon Y and OR a few weeks ago, having only just back into the series after getting a bit bored with Gen V. I was hoping to be able to use PKHeX to inject the Mega Stone Torchic Wondercard into my save and then put it back on the cartridge before proceeding with my game, but after a lot of reading about the 3DS scene it seems the options to do so are ridiculously limited compared to the DS/DSi days. My trusty NDS Adapter Plus and similar devices, so useful a few years ago, are completely useless now. I hope access to the 3DS system evolves over time to eventually give us more control over stuff like dumping and restoring saves. Anyway, since it's only been 33 days since the 9.5.0-23 firmware was released, would it be a fairly save assumption that the 3DS XL units being sold in stores right now are still loaded with a firmware compatible with the Ram2sav trick?
  2. And of course nobody really has any way of knowing whether a GAMESTP Celebi they received might be one of those few or not; I wouldn't be surprised if the community just wrote it off as not legit.
  3. Interesting, if true. I'm glad I didn't give myself the GAMESTP Celebi Wondercard early on any of my legit cartridges.
  4. Yeah, I"m definitely going to go in on the 21st to check what's happening. If they haven't been able to get it working, I'll most likely offer to show them how to fix it.
  5. Although, the Celebi has now been announced on PokemonGoldSilver.com, and the US version of the site lists the same 21st-6th date window.
  6. That would seem like a lot of effort and expense to go through on their part for no reason. More likely their instructions to Gamestop employees will simply feature a note to set the DS system date ahead to the 27th on the first day of the event, and then on the actual 27th correct the date to normal. Why they'd do that I have no clue, unless the change to the Celebi giveaway's date was a very last-minute change.
  7. I'd have thought so, but apparently someone took this picture at a Canadian Gamestop (I think somewhere in BC); so if it's a mistake and someone made a typo in their order for the promotional material, nobody at Gamestop has figured that out yet, lol.
  8. Now that there are indications that the Celebi distribution begins on the 21st, I'm really curious why the start date in the software is the 27th. I'd be willing to bet that a lot of Gamestops won't have the Celebi on the 21st, as they won't be able to figure out why it's not distributing.
  9. I'm not sure if it's possible for this to be known for sure before Black & White are released in regions outside Japan, however maybe it is through examining the Japanese games so I thought I'd ask. Something I've been wondering, is whether or not it's possible that the Wi-Fi Mystery Gift in Gen V has been designed to discriminate based on something more than just the language of the game? Such as the UK and North American English games no longer having access to all the same Wondercards, whether an event is advertised in both regions or not?
  10. The announcement of this event has been removed from TRU's website, for whatever reason. But today, PokemonGoldSilver.com announced the event itself with an extended date range. It also confirmed that this Pikachu will be distributed at Puerto Rican and Canadian TRUs, as well. The US/Puerto Rican event will be Jan. 30 to Feb. 13, and the Canadian one will be Feb. 9 to 20. http://www.pokemongoldsilver.com/us/#/news/ashspikachu http://www.pokemongoldsilver.com/ca/#/news/ashspikachu
  11. This is also the case for many of my Pal Parked (to Platinum) GBA pokemon. I hatched and Pal Parked them myself. I can only assume Legality Checker isn't fully updated for Platinum trashbytes? I hope someone can confirm this.
  12. I have a CycloDS (bought well over a year ago), and a Supercard DSTWO bought fairly recently. Both are quite good. I also have an M3 Perfect Lite, though, which I found really useful for dumping DS saves until I picked up the EMS NDS Adapter.
  13. You can also use Rudolph's GBA Backup Tool, which has worked pretty well for me.
  14. Fascinating... makes me wonder what other useful little utilities for GBA saves may've been lost to the depths of the Internet. I make sure to save the stuff I come across now in a zip file so I don't lose track of it; definitely adding this one in. So far I've got Pokestock, Ciro's Pokemon maker, and something called Enciclopedia Pokemon (with a rudimentary english translation) as far as GBA stuff goes. Wish there was more, though.
  15. A bit curious and can't test right now, but will sending yourself a foreign Pokemon using this GTS glitch unlock the "Beyond the Sea" Pokewalker Course, or does it need to have been a full trade?
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