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  1. I found this great website (http://esper.vacau.com/voltorb/) that tells you what the best spots to choose are. Because there is an element of chance in the game, you won't always win, but you will a bunch of the time. Really angry that they got rid of the slots. I get that they don't want gambling in the games, but you compare that to pitting animals against each other (battles), I don't see why it's that bad.
  2. Is there a list of all the Rock Climb locations somewhere?
  3. I've been having trouble connecting my Pokémon Plat. ROM to my PBR. Has anyone been having the same issues? I'm using the latest version of AKAIO on my Acekard 2i.
  4. The Wonder Mail is still there but they took down the SOS mail converter… T_T
  5. I just lost in the Darkrai mission, and I wanted an AOK mail code, but the generator said I needed an SOS code? What's that and how do I find out mine? Also, does anyone know where to find the MD2 AOK mail generator? Thanks so much in advance!!!!! ---------- Post added at 08:04 PM ---------- Previous post was at 07:52 PM ---------- Okay, I got my Friend Rescue Password, but I need an AOK mail code. =X4#4N 9=+–MW 5&H04F +1R&@2 N+N@2C CXX+R@ 5NS=S1 0%N@Y3 @5=9WC
  6. ??? I have no idea what you said… ^ ^;; Awesome item, though.
  7. Really, 'cuz on Serebii, the Dungeon sprite looks green.
  8. I couldn't believe it at first, because it was pink and all, but I really think that this could be a shiny Celebi in Expl. of Darkness. Opinions anyone?
  9. Awesome. I can't wait to see this program. I presume that it'c PC only?
  10. Can someone give an example of this? I'm finding it hard to follow… ^ ^;;
  11. That's nice. I remember (back in the days of GSC), I went to the Nintendo World (then the Pokémon Center NYC) and stuck my enormous Crystal cart into this machine. I was so happy: the pokemon I had dreamed of, Celebi, was going to be mine. I turned on my game, and read: Snorlax. I was crushed, but at least now, its all wireless… :bidoof:
  12. I live in NYC, so could I take the Osaka Meowth to the Pokémon Center Nintendo World and get my free screen cleaner?
  13. How doI use this to download my game to Pokesav and edit it?
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