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  1. I found this great website (http://esper.vacau.com/voltorb/) that tells you what the best spots to choose are. Because there is an element of chance in the game, you won't always win, but you will a bunch of the time. Really angry that they got rid of the slots. I get that they don't want gambling in the games, but you compare that to pitting animals against each other (battles), I don't see why it's that bad.
  2. The Wonder Mail is still there but they took down the SOS mail converter… T_T
  3. I just lost in the Darkrai mission, and I wanted an AOK mail code, but the generator said I needed an SOS code? What's that and how do I find out mine? Also, does anyone know where to find the MD2 AOK mail generator? Thanks so much in advance!!!!! ---------- Post added at 08:04 PM ---------- Previous post was at 07:52 PM ---------- Okay, I got my Friend Rescue Password, but I need an AOK mail code. =X4#4N 9=+–MW 5&H04F +1R&@2 N+N@2C CXX+R@ 5NS=S1 0%N@Y3 @5=9WC
  4. ??? I have no idea what you said… ^ ^;; Awesome item, though.
  5. Really, 'cuz on Serebii, the Dungeon sprite looks green.
  6. I couldn't believe it at first, because it was pink and all, but I really think that this could be a shiny Celebi in Expl. of Darkness. Opinions anyone?
  7. Awesome. I can't wait to see this program. I presume that it'c PC only?
  8. Can someone give an example of this? I'm finding it hard to follow… ^ ^;;
  9. That's nice. I remember (back in the days of GSC), I went to the Nintendo World (then the Pokémon Center NYC) and stuck my enormous Crystal cart into this machine. I was so happy: the pokemon I had dreamed of, Celebi, was going to be mine. I turned on my game, and read: Snorlax. I was crushed, but at least now, its all wireless… :bidoof:
  10. I live in NYC, so could I take the Osaka Meowth to the Pokémon Center Nintendo World and get my free screen cleaner?
  11. How doI use this to download my game to Pokesav and edit it?
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