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    Yeah, this and others we have had since 2007. We are just uploading them now to the gallery from our GitHub collection thanks to @theSLAYER
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    Serebii lists it as Female Only PKHeX thus requires Female Only Download is male; the encounter isn't permitted to match the entree forest female-only entry, thus the invalid messages.
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    Someone should make sure we have all seeds for English then I can generate the remaining Japanese. Quicker then trial/error redemption on Japanese disc.
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    @theSLAYER nice find Fixed! https://github.com/kwsch/PKHeX/commit/a3e7c4837e8b837236c1cff8db0f12d8d17b3d51
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    ad of the event in hk TW ad
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    @theSLAYER hi friend, I think I figure it out what causes the prob, they have to be redeemed from B2W2 to be able to pass through poke transporter, the ones I redeemed from BW doesn't pass through. It's funny that one of them which I turned their balls into cherish ones still allowed it to transfer lol
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    Thank you for the report. Sabresite are you able to download it now?
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    Okay, I do hope it's just rly poketransporter's fault. I'll leave an update once it worked, thanks again!
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