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WC4: Debug Azure Flute + Infernape Test Card ᅟᅟᅟ

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About This File

The Key Item Azure Flute, which would allow a holy encounter with Arceus, was never legitimately released to players.
However, found within a file (decchi.bin), that was found in Generation 4 distribution carts for Deoxys, (Uploader's note: file-ception at it's finest)
It appears that an Azure Flute distribution was being tested via slot-2 distribution.

The nature of this slot-2 distribution that this wonder card was obtained from,
only allowed distribution to JPN games.

The distribution text seems to be reusing the distribution text for a Generation 3 Old Sea Chart distribution.

It was also discovered by @Deoxyz that changing the distribution type from Key Item to Pokemon,
will show complete information for an Infernape to be received.

The Key Item Azure Flute wonder card (.pcd), Modified to show Infernape (.pcd) and the Infernape (.pkm) are up for download.
[We will not host the decchi.bin or Distribution Roms for the Deoxys]

Wonder card Images

Rough Translation:

Mystery Gift Test
Do accept this gift from Friendly Shop (?)

Let's bring the Old Sea Chart to the Faraway Island! (Ikuzou!)
Let's go to the wild Mew!

While this wonder card will activate the event, the Arceus right now can be considered illegal and legal.

Do note it's possible to obtain a Hall of Fame Arceus via Tweaking, and it'll pass Pokemon Bank when it's Level 100,
but that can be easily changed, if they decide to block it.

Use at your own risk.

Images regarding Infernape:

Original Threads:


What's New in Version ᅟᅟᅟ   See changelog


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So the Arceus caught here is in a weird legal grey area as far as battles are concerned... Strange, to say the least...

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5 hours ago, TiffanyDarlet said:

so i can catch this arceus from platinum with no problem? , i realy want that arceus hahahaha

It won't be legal, but you can catch it

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