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  1. no problem, shiny version are coming soon.
  2. Giratina is already holding a Griseous Orb these are exported from Soul SIlver (.PK4 files) and if Giratina is put into a gen 4 save it will be holding the Griseous Orb. I suspect you put it into a later game which may have changed the held item. I'm uploading a gen 7 versions now as well as shiny versions
  3. Version 2.0.1


    All three creation trio Pokemon from the Sinjoh ruins event, including shiny versions. Includes PK4 and PK7 files for each (normal and shiny) As of the latest update (5/16/18): Gen 7 versions are added w/ a few medals on each from past games Shiny version were made using RNG abuse and not actually encountered as shiny on the Soul SIlver cart Gen 4 Non-Shiny Versions were encountered at the Sinjoh Ruins on a Soul SIlver cart All three are level one and have whatever nature/IV spread that they were assigned when I received them. They do have changes made to their moves however they're movesets are still legal I have included a copy of my save right before receiving any of these pokemon Also checkout the Sinjoh event creation trio mons from the In-Game Series portion of this site uploaded by @theSLAYER as these uploads also feature shiny variants.
  4. Lol thanks, Idk who drew it but it seemed appropriate
  5. Version 1.0.0


    All three starters with their hidden abilities, bred from the pokebank eventmons
  6. are you getting the "there's something wrong with this pokemon" message?
  7. Here is what I want expect is %100 necessary for gen 8 be able to send pokemans from 3ds to gen 8 games on the Switch(?) nameable rival pokeblock minigame w/ friends at least some form or real time multiplayer interaction, even if it's limited to a single location/feature no outlines 1080p 60fps increase subtle* adult humor by 420% microtransactions an unfinished story that can be completed with a later revision of the gen 8 launch titles, maybe a year or two after release old music companions crafting system settlement building multiple endings casinos robots cowboy robots vengeful mail men checkered suits gold/diamond encrusted pokedex memes
  8. wo0ts

    Oblivia Shaymin

    Can this be shiny due to the random PID?
  9. What was changed in today's update for this card and Kyogre?
  10. Does every VC Celebi receive the fateful encounter flag even if it is not obtained via the GS ball encounter?
  11. i did not know that thats what the QR scanner feature was for lol, i though these were for the old web browser exploit.
  12. oh that is incredibly helpful thank you, to be sure im reading it correctly.. for example the brthday pokemon (comfey/evee/pikachu) I would technically have to be in japan to receive them legitimately, however they are not region locked so i could legally receive them on a US console however the Wondercard language, for this example, is always going to be japanese (according to this chart: https://projectpokemon.org/home/files/category/6-generation-7/), and as for the name of the pokemon after being received on a US console with a english language save; the name would be in english (according to the post you linked). So the only time I would need to edit a pokemons console region/language after receiving it to make it legal would be if i injected a region locked wondercard into a save from a console region that the event was "locked" out of?