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  1. There are many Hadou Regis available, but all of them are either available in gen 4 or higher. The problem is that there's almost no more Hadou Regis that haven't been transferred from gen 3, and aren't recreations.
  2. I do not, only the ones available here in the gallery. I got the Sylveon in the top screenshot in a trade, and the one in the bottom screenshot has characteristics of it being Powersaved. The one in the top screenshot matches the other Sylveons I have too: 01044 ENG XY Sylveon [Naive] Jan 19, 2014 (Quick tempered).pk6 01044 JP XY Sylveon [Bashful] Jan 18, 2014 (Somewhat stubborn).pk6 01044 JP XY Sylveon [Serious] April 13, 2013 (Highly persistent).pk6
  3. Hi. For a while know, I've had these 01044 XY Sylveons that keep getting flagged in PKHeX. I had no idea why because I'm sure they're legit, but today I found the reason why. Apparently PKHeX is indexing the met location 1 off from the correct location. The correct location, as seen in the wondercard uploaded here and the info on Bulbapedia, should be "a Pokemon event." But PKHeX is indexing it to "a Pokemon movie". Legit Sylveon: Hacked Sylveon:
  4. There should be a Chained Shiny option in RNG Reporter, but honestly I've never touched that option so I'm not sure what PIDs it generates. It should give you what you want though.
  5. 1. Yes, the correlation loosens from gen 4 to gen 5 but there is still a small relationship between PID and IVs. Each PID is correlated to an RNG frame, the problem lies within how gen 5 RNG works. Gen 5 RNG is based on your physical system, so theoretically there is no way to reverse search a PID and find a matching RNG frame. The relationship between PID and IVs only determines the charateristic; Technically, any combination of IVs are valid as long as the characteristic is the same. Just make sure you don't get confused and say "all PID and IV combinations are valid". IIRC Encryption Constant has the same effect in gen 6 and 7. but I'm not completely sure. Kind of answered the other two questions with that lol. Yes, characteristic (as determined by IVs) is tied to PID in gen 5, and Encryption Constant in gen 6/7. In gen 5 you wouldn't be able to reverse search a PID, but you can find a valid PID and apply different valid IV spreads on them, as long as the characteristic is the same.
  6. Lake of Rage Gyarados uses a Chain Shiny PID Algorithm, instead of the Method 1 PID you're currently using. Try finding a PID using Chain Shiny
  7. Are you placing it in a gen 7 save file through PKHeX? Please don't. Since the Mew is a .pk1, it can only be traded through gen 1 and gen 2 games, no Virtual Console releases either. Gen 3 was designed differently and didn't have backwards trading compatibility, so there's physically no way to get a gen 1 Pokemon into a gen 7 game. Placing it in gen 7 will make it illegal.
  8. Korean Zeraora isn't officially announced yet, but it supposedly comes with the Korean Lugia code later this month. The only Chinese Zeraoras are the CHS and CHT language tagged events of the Japanese, NA/PAL, and the recently announced HKTW/SEA distribution.
  9. ICanSnake

    pichu event ilegal

    Are you editing the IVs and possibly shininess or PIDs on the Pichus? I think these Pichus were hosted by Ahiru's Wonderland, so it's important to leave their information alone when hatching them. Unfortunately you gave them the wrong IVs so they will become illegal. In gen 3 and 4, there is a relationship between the PID, IVs, and nature.
  10. Yes, @Poke J is correct. Gen 3 has no met date data, Gen 3 obtains a date when it's Pal Parked to gen 4. Gen 4's dates are its original obtain dates. When transferred to gen 5, gens 3 and 4 will have overwritten dates to match the day it was transferred to gen 5. Gen 5's met date will be the original obtain date. After gen 5, met data will stay the same and won't be overwritten. Transferring to gen 6, the only thing that's gained is a 3DS location, the 3DS data that transferred the Pokemon from gen 5 to gen 6. Gens 3 and 4 will have the date when it was transferred to gen 5, and gen 5 will have the date it was obtained. I don't know about the met level though, but I guess Bulbapedia says the met level gets changed from 5 -> 6?
  11. Taillow can't be caught in a Method 1 PID type, so it's most likely a cut and pasted PID edited onto that Taillow. It would be hacked.
  12. The problem is because of the wondercard itself. Yes it was only obtainable in Platinum, but just like many gen 4 wondercards there are static information on them, and origin game is one of them. Although PKHeX will flag it as illegal, it is correct for it to say it came from Diamond.
  13. It is possible to convert it without emulation, there's a site that can do it. I have the .sav of it myself, but unfortunately it's currently on my broken laptop and it's taking a long time to get fixed.
  14. I believe this GameFAQs save upload by ShinyCelebi should be what you're looking for.
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