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  1. Right, but I mean I was trying to say the OP's Rayquaza is also illegal for a different reason too. The Home OT changed in gen 8, but the gen 7 version is modified from the original illegal version. Does that make sense? It was not proofed for me, it was proofed for someone I know (broccoliYT -> Flareblitz13, Flare is the person I know). I asked her how her Rayquaza looked like since she was given it straight from the redeemer, but IIRC her's also has the error flag (I asked in 2017 when I traded for this from someone else, I might be misremembering). I do believe the proof is fake as well, the redeemer took pictures of these redemptions but traded Flare a genned Rayquaza that looks similar to the one in the pictures. So it may be what you said, but it applies to her. Is that correct? Let me know if I am misguided or if I should take this to a different thread, I have questioned both versions of this Rayquaza for years and my result was that they were both faked.
  2. I have the same Rayquaza, and it was redeemed in KOR language. But I have a question about this specific Rayquaza too. I traded for this Rayquaza on February 17, 2017 (the date my file says it was created). My version of this Rayquaza has an invalid OT memory flag, which to my understanding shouldn't happen, and from what I have researched tells me that the Rayquaza was genned in a gen 6 save file. The person who redeemed this Rayquaza has a history of genning other events, and they were banned by /r/pokemontrades for trading self-obtained hacks. The problem, is this Rayquaza has full picture redemption proof and it was redeemed for someone I know. I have always assumed that the legal versions of this Rayquaza were fixed from the illegal ones (illegal original, legal modified), because it would make less sense if it was the other way around. This is not the first time I have seen the same event have both legal and illegal versions solely due to OT memory errors. Is it possible for you to give your own opinion? Thanks. Here are the proof pictures that belong to this Rayquaza: https://imgur.com/a/yvII5 Back in 2017, I asked the person it was proofed for (Flare) about this Rayquaza, and she couldn't comment on it either. I think she had the same error one I have, but I have seen the legal one the OP shows too. They are the exact same except for this error.
  3. Remember to have Dynamax Level = 8 or higher, it's illegal if it's anything lower. I imagine that small detail would trip a lot of people up.
  4. Yes, ROC's Shiny Melmetal is illegal too. Just keep in mind, Shiny Meltan has had 3 different distribution times in Go, and none have happened in 2018.
  5. The problem is in your stats tab. Every dynamax legendary has a specific value for its dynamax level. If you have another Pokemon from the max lair you can check this value. Be sure to update your height/weight values and your Encryption Constant value as well before you finish.
  6. Yes, Celebi does have a fixed PID, as do other shiny gen 8 events (Korean Amoonguss). The only way it's legal is to have that fixed PID, earlier versions of PKHeX didn't account for this. What do you need a rerolled PID for?
  7. It is currently trade locked, so as of right now it can only be traded between LGPE, You can send it though to your own Home and to your own SwSh game, but you can't trade it to anyone else. We don't know if the trade lock will be released or not.
  8. Here's a hint: Partner Cap is a USUM exclusive form.
  9. Did you check any other tabs? Such as say, the SAV tab?
  10. You can't access Newmoon Island in Diamond. Change it to Platinum.
  11. The upload is in English language with its nickname set to its Japanese name. It's not legal, and I don't believe we will ever know what the correct SID would look like.
  12. IVs are 3 random max. The wondercard information hosted here does list IV data, the 3 random scrolling markings are used to note it.
  13. You know it's a TR so you got it half right, your next step is to fill out the TR section. You currently have it as if Celebi learns Nasty Plot through level up or TM, which is only an event exclusive move. Remember TMs are different than TRs, so they have different properties. I'm sure you saw the Technical Records button below the egg moves, right?
  14. Why is your Amoonguss level 1? Afaik Foongus isn't a stone evolution, so a level 1 evolution is illegal. Maybe you used the egg evolving exploit, but that's still not legal.
  15. This is what I said in the first message, how you can't load gen 7 events in different generations. This problem is still caused because your gen 8 information is being used for a gen 7 event, making the program think you SwSh file self-obtained a gen 7 Pokemon Bank event. This still results in illegal Pokemon. Your fix this time is to change the OT, ID or SID on the Incineroar so it doesn't match the details of the file you're trying to load it in to. Again, you can't be the OT on a different generation event.
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