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  1. This is what I said in the first message, how you can't load gen 7 events in different generations. This problem is still caused because your gen 8 information is being used for a gen 7 event, making the program think you SwSh file self-obtained a gen 7 Pokemon Bank event. This still results in illegal Pokemon. Your fix this time is to change the OT, ID or SID on the Incineroar so it doesn't match the details of the file you're trying to load it in to. Again, you can't be the OT on a different generation event.
  2. You are loading an unhatched egg in an illegal save. Remember that you are not allowed to transfer eggs to higher generations, you need to hatch them in the specific generation first, then transfer the hatched one. What the program says you're doing is you're obtaining a gen 5 unhatched egg with the game information of a gen 8 game. You can see you have 10 options in the search. Try using the 6 that are not eggs.
  3. See the green square? That's how the program shows you who is currently holding the Pokemon. Remember that OT changes between different generation. Something hatched in gen 7, its OT is gen 7, not any other generation. Even when it gets traded to someone else in gen 7, that other person is not the OT. So the Not OT handler gets updated, because it wouldn't currently be in the possession of the OT. It's the same thing if the gen 7 OT transfers it to their gen 8 game. The gen 8 OT is not the person who hatched the gen 7 egg, so the Not OT handler gets updated. Re-set the Horsea (Right Click -> View and then Right Click -> Set), or click on the box labeled Latest (not OT) Handler to manually set the current person who is handling them, because they wouldn't currently be in the possession of the OT.
  4. Home has its own TID, it doesn't share you Sword/Shield game TID. Every Home account gets rolled another TID that should be different from your game. As far as I know you didn't say you edited your Home TID, but your SwSh TID?
  5. It doesn't seem like anything in Home is causing the problem here, since you're able to access your Home boxes through other games and by itself. Something in your Sword save file must be illegal. Have you participated in any illegal raids (x999 item drops), or have you received anything illegal through Surprise Trade? Alternatively, are you able to access online features in Sword? Make a new Switch profile and start a fresh save of Sword, and try accessing Home through that.
  6. Yes. Switch codes are not region locked, so starting with LGPE you are allowed to use different region codes.
  7. Meltan and Melmetal don't exist in gen 7, so why would you want it as a pk7 lol. pb7 is LGPE file format, so you would either need that or pk8.
  8. One of your errors comes from that Height/Weight value on your main tab. Your Cobalion comes from USUM, and for any transfers from Bank to Home, they will always have values of 0 for Height and Weight. Keep in mind this was not introduced until LGPE, so you aren't allowed to have any Height or Weight values pre-LGPE. Only LGPE and SwSh Pokemon are allowed to have them. Once you fix that you need to go to the OT/Misc tab and re-place the Pokemon back into the box slot, it fixes both errors once the program recognizes the current Handler OT is different from the OT on the Pokemon.
  9. The error deals with the green highlighted rectangle. It's not an illegal error, it just means the method of transfer between games was not done properly. The green box tells the program which OT is currently holding the Pokemon, and if it's different than the current save file it brings up the error. So the Butterfree and Hitmonlee were not caught in that save file you're showing us and they were improperly transferred. View it and set it back into the box space to fix the error to replicate a valid transfer to fix the error.
  10. Hovering lists imperfect IVs. Meaning the IVs that are not 31. The Mareep looks to be a 5 IV - Atk, while the Ledyba has random IVs which just happens to have a 31 in Sp. Def.
  11. Magearna and every other legendary gift Pokemon from gen 6 onwards are set to have at least 3 perfect IVs. They can have more than 3 perfect IVs, but they can never have less. No special PID algorithms since gen 5, so all PIDs and Encryption Constants will always be randomly generated. They don't matter much in later generations, the important part is that it was set. You're able to SR or RNG for a Magearna with perfect IVs. If you want to edit its IVs to change from imperfect to perfect, you don't need to reroll the PID or Encryption Constant (it won't be illegal if you don't), but it's a good thing to do anyway.
  12. I periodically check this upload to check if I'm wrong but, is the newest changelog not reflected in the files at all? Current save file for In-Game Trades doesn't show any fixes that the changelog made.
  13. Use RNG Reporter and generate a PID matching the method you want for the Pokemon. For legends, you will use Method 1.
  14. I see where you're seeing the error, but placing it in a position in the box makes it legal. Although, placing it in the box inherently modifies it to fix some inconsistencies. Is this your self-caught Raichu, or did you receive this Raichu as a pk7 file from someone else? There is nothing wrong with the Raichu itself, the only thing it's detecting is the Latest (Not OT) Handler, so I would believe you obtained this as a pk7 from someone else. It's detecting that the handler is still the OT of the person who caught it, but putting in a trainer name for the Not OT Handler will fix it.
  15. Not necessarily illegal, but you should put a value on it anyway. In LGPE as well as SwSh, every Pokemon that is legitimately generated in-game gets assigned a random height and weight value. For Bank to Home transfers, none of them will have height or weight values (0 for both). If you made this Seismitoad with SwSh origins, it would be good to put a random value (between 0-255) for both height and weight.
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