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  1. I will be taking a vacation to the Caribbean to visit some family members for a week haha.
  2. Great, thanks! It's just weird how most of my set is fine except for those two.
  3. Hi. So for context, back in 2009 I was obtaining a self-caught Distant Land set and I was getting other people to turn them into .pkm files for me, since I wasn't able to do it until I got my DSTT in 2010. In this case, I Pal Parked 6 Pokemon from Gale of Darkness on November 5 2009, and had them turned into a file on November 10. They haven't been changed or modified since then, since the modification date on the file still says November 10 2009, and I still have the email from the person who filed them for me. I took a look at them a few days ago, and there are two of my self-caught Distant Land that give an Encounter Type PID Mismatch error, a Wooper and a Surskit. Both are PokeSpot Pokemon, but a PokeSpot Aron from the same file batch shows a correct PID Type. I know that means my Wooper and Surskit are hacked, because RNGReporter can't find a matching seed that I caught the Wooper and Surskit on. My question is, how did it become hacked if I caught them and transferred them? Here's a screenshot of Wooper: And here's Aron:
  4. Not OT Handler would have to be your name, since you're the one handling someone else's Pokemon. It would automatically get set when loaded into PKHeX, so there's no need to change that. What you do need to change is the TID, SID, and the OT. You're able to easily check in game: as long as it had a different TID/SID/OT than your own save file, it'll be treated as a traded Pokemon and will get the EXP bonus.
  5. Parasect, Hypno, Luxray and Herdier can't be caught in Friend Safari. Paras, Drowzee, Luxio and Lillipup can, though. But they would need to be leveled up in order to evolve and be legal. Same with Gothitelle, it can't be caught in Pokemon Village, but Gothorita can be caught. Togetic is not a Dream World Pokemon, but Togekiss is. It was only available in BW, not B2W2. And it has the wrong moveset and wrong gender. Shiny Haxorus is caught at level 60, not 57. Nothing is wrong with the Xerneas, it only shows Unable to match a Mystery Gift error because the wondercard isn't in PKHeX's database yet.