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  1. It is working with eggs? @Sienna Uchiha. The injector
  2. Just put galarian rapidash in the box, don't randomnize the pid and encrypt just put one by one, you probably see little shadow of galarian rapidash through the normal rapidash, just try to transfer into pokebank they see looks like the normal but it's the galarian one.
  3. That's right just one specie in every save, I have 15 files with one different species on that xD it's just patient
  4. Batch edit is not necessary u can make legal poke from swsh pkhex and u save the Pokemon on your desktop for example like a file, u put that file on converter and it's all done, but in the usum or s and m file u only can put one type of Pokemon in that file, one by one randomnize the pid and home encrypt, put it in the box after this and save the main in your sd card, if the save goes well that Pokemon it's right and pokebank don't freeze, but if an error appear next from the sav, something is wrong in that pokemon, make it again an that's all, I recommend u put maximum level around 92. For the egg Location valley bridge.
  5. I mean from the Asteroid pizza file not from yours haha it's fine
  6. It Works I make my own pk7 files and it works perfectly, thank u so much~~
  7. Files of Pokemon that doesn't work (Dragapult, Stonjourner) Files of Pokemon that have wrong xp rate, like Boltund and Indeedee, they have -200.000 xp
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