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  1. ive used this and for some one who has the game fully up to date the codes on this thing are useless and only crash your console because they are out of date. so for games that are not up dated to the current version 1.2 if yours games not updated at all use these codes. if how ever your game does have the 1.2 patch DONT use these they will crash your console. i know it kept doing it to me till i stopped using this then my console stopped crashing. be warned if your game is NOT up to date and patched with 1.2 by all means use these but if your game IS UPDATED to patch 1.2 and you dont take the patch update off expect your console to crash. the codes have not been updated to the 1.2 patch so most codes either wont work or they will CRASH the console.
  2. just wanted to say you are a wonderful person thank you for uploading the wonder cards

  3. thank you so much for showing me the wonder card for zeraora got it now thanks again

    1. BlackShark


      No problem, you're welcome.

  4. so because i'm not in japan i cant get zeraora legitimately so i tried making one with the beautiful power of pk hex but it keeps saying a bunch of things that don't make it legal here's the list of don'ts it keeps coming up with invalid: unable to match to a mystery gift in database invalid: encryption constant matches PID invalid: invalid ribbons wishing (only ribbon wishing event) invalid: cant have ball for encounter (i've put on a cherish ball) invalid: fateful encounter should not be check (yes it should its a event) invalid: OT memory should be index 0 invalid: OT memory intensity should be index 0 invalid: OT memory textvar should be index 0 invalid: should have HT memory textvar value somewhere invalid: should have HT memory feeling value 0-9 this is every thing that the red triangle says so how do i make my pokemon all legal cause i know no one out there is going to give me a legit one so i'll make myself one instead AND NO I NEVER EVER BATTLE ONLINE i hate battling i just want one to keep so can any one help me plz i just wanted the event zeraora either reply to give advice or reply to tell me to up load the file dont know what good that will do but if you want to see the file plz reply to let me know thanks for any help
  5. so if your NOT going to help me WHY THE HELL REPLY what the hell is wrong with you ?
  6. I used to be able to use pk hex myself but since they patched it I don't have homebrew on my 3ds's systems so I cant use this wonderful thing any more can some one please make this pokemon for me a shiny 6 iv ditto English name with a ability capsule on it my ign is raven im playing a girl my trainer number is 158395 my friend code is 1590-5990-3906 im not going to breed from it im not going to battle with it I hate battling any way I just want one other wise im gonna have to wait to see if the pokebank have got good at detecting hacks because I have afew dittos in my other games that come jan im going to try to transfer over so if some one with access to this wonderful thing could find a way to help me out thank you in advance if some one chooses to help me
  7. a real smart ass aren't you @Favna if you aren't helpful then shut up and by the way I don't want to screw with my 3ds so I wont be using any of that
  8. I don't know how to do that that's why I rely on this it was so simply thank you for replying @Deoxyz
  9. this has stopped working on my 3ds and NO I have NOT updated it its on firmware 9.5 can someone help it wont crash and say there is a error and yes I did clear the cookies and history but it still wont crash
  10. i have seen one passerby on omega ruby that has 999999 nice's and who ever it was said it was from a made qr code so im wondering can this qr code be made cause i tried to google it but nothing has come up who ever this person was they were from japan my question is is it possible if yes can some one make it and post it on here i would do it myself but i dont know how other wise id do it
  11. if your talking about powersaves NO you cant MAKE pokemon on the program i know i have powersaves hope that helps
  12. so let me get this right you want someone to scan these into there game then trade them to you ? that right ? what are you trading in return to get these pokes
  13. volcanion CAN NOT be traded yet hoopa now can though so maybe you can get someone to trade you hoopa
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