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  1. That's amazing thank you very much, I've tried making a forced shiny Drakloak and it says it's not working, the Square shiny and regular are fine though, I've attached the files thank you New Drakloak files.rar
  2. Hey, I downloaded the program and managed to generate a legal mark shiny Dragapult, unfortunately star (keep TID and SID) still changes my SID but its all good, thank you very much will use this program in future 887 ★ - Dragapult - C3249A68B12E.pk8
  3. No I am extremely grateful for the help, I just was unsure if the lazy comment was a joke or not, thank you for the help
  4. I was not trying to be lazy, I was genuinely unsure if it was a glitch or not, I apologise if you thought I was trying to blame PkHex but I said “I dunno if it’s a problem with PkHex or not” thank you for the help I appreciate it but I’m not trying to be lazy I just wanted help
  5. Hey, I've checked Serebii, and it says that Dreepy, Drakloak and Dragapult cannot be found in raids at the lake of outrage, I've uploaded two more dragapults but these ones are from the threepoint pass and can't be encountered in raid battles there, thank you, I dunno if its a glitch with PkHex or not 887 ★ - Dragapult - 2E5CF43EF135.pk8 Dragapult with Mark.pk8
  6. Hey, my shiny Dragapult is legal, but when I give it a mark, it flags it as illegal, it's a wild encounter, I thought that wild area Pokémon can get marks, I've attached the two files below thank you Dragapult files.zip
  7. I understand what you are saying here is the Roserade to show what I mean 407 ★ - Roserade - 230DB2BE8730.pk8
  8. Hello, is it possible to know when pokemon that can be caught in Safari balls and bred onto pokemon into sword and shield like Roserade will be changed to legal in PkHex? and the new events like the Bulbasaur and Squrtle raid events, also when I try and add the Smiley Mark onto my pokemon it automatically gives it the Jittery Mark and the smiley mark does not show up at all when you gen the pokemon in game, thank you very much for everything you do
  9. Hello, I've discovered a bug if you change a Pokemon's mark to the Smiley Mark and then check the Pokemon's marks again it automatically changes the Pokemon's marks to the Jittery Mark and also the Smiley Mark but when you trade the pokemon and receive it you only get the Jittery mark, thank you
  10. Hello, I’ve got a friend who trades Pokemon to me and I wanted a Shiny Zacian Zamazenta and other shiny locked Pokémon, I’ve seen online that people have received shiny Zacian from wonder trade and people selling shiny Gmax toxtrixity, I messaged them asking how they did it and they did not wanna tell me for some reason? Could someone tell me how people are able to wonder trade shiny locked Pokémon or post the files so they can be traded? Thank you everyone
  11. I see that is unfortunate, I wanted to get Pokémon but not sure where to go, and I wanna do some mods on the switch but like there is no localfriendcodeseed_a method on switch so it’s like worrying
  12. I did not know that it was a risk going online on a switch, thank you for telling me though
  13. Hello, I don't have PkHex and I'm struggling to get these pokemon could someone please get these pokemon for me I'd be extremely grateful my discord is YoshivsJoshi#5408 or I will add you. Here are the pokemon I am looking for thank you Mew Ability: Synchronize Level: 50 Modest Nature IVs: 0 Atk - Dark Pulse - Ice Beam - Psychic - Sludge Bomb Melmetal (Could it please me in a Masterball please) Ability: Iron Fist Level: 50 Brave Nature IVs: 0 Spe - Double Iron Bash - Earthquake - Ice Punch - Superpower
  14. Hello, Necrozma is one of my favourite Pokémon so subsiqnently I have him on my VGC 2019 team I’ve seen a few online wifi battle videos where people have used shing Necrozma I’ve tried using shiny Necrozma online but can’t pass the hack check, any advice would be great thank you
  15. Would of been a perfect opportunity to release the Darkrai with Special rend and Roar of time, disappointing
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