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  1. Virtual Console Mew

    Pretty much that,a flash card,or hacking. Oh well. @Sabresite Thank you.
  2. HELP! Look at poor ACNLWOW...

    @wrathsoffire76 That poor girl... And to think that you could have at least done something.. What if that was me?! I mean, I have been wanting to open a new guild. What if that happens to me?
  3. HELP! Look at poor ACNLWOW...

    @wrathsoffire76 *SIGH* NO>NONONONONO IT DOESN'T DO ANYTHING. -_-. I've reported them over 50 times and so have others. @BlackShark I don't think you understand the gravity of the situation. WAIT. You really know nothing. You poor soul. ACNLWOW is a 14 yr. old female. Those trollers are putting STRIPPER POLES. Help me help her. No one has any authority over there.
  4. Virtual Console Mew

    @theSLAYER Which threads? I don't have access to save editing...
  5. Bad people are ruining her thread and I think we should help. Any ideas? The damn admins do nothing.
  6. Upcoming Gold & Silver 3DS Themes revealed

    @theSLAYER @Scried Yep. The newest version. Screw Nintendo. @Deoxyz Which site?! :D. PM me if needed.
  7. Upcoming Gold & Silver 3DS Themes revealed

    @jasenyoface *Sigh* I'll continue saving up for a hacked new 3ds xl...
  8. Does Fake GTS website still exist?

    @Swadloon Nah. It's easy. You just need to believe in yourself. *Plays the 'I believe I can fly' song* All you do: get a ROM and stuff on a computer,get a save tool program,select the pokemon you want,get the file,upload. Problem Solved.(TM Staples,Fair use blah blah) If you need more insight PM me and I'll explain it all. ;). *Hugs*
  9. Vanilla Minecraft Pokemon Cobalt & Amethyst

    @KaiserSpass Nice! Will check out!
  10. The Official Art Competition Submission Thread

    @BlackShark aw.. I can make one for you if you would like...
  11. Custom moves!

    Facing Life Every Day Basic gist of it: Works similar to Metrenome except based on how much you've worked on/with that Pokemon. Type: Normal Learn: Depressed but hardworking Eevees (like me,except I'm a human... *sigh*In Pokemon no affection or frendship.Gets stronger with increasing friendship and affection levels.) Base Damage: 230 (Because,duh,you're facing *sigh*.....) Damage rises by 50 for every affection heart in Poke-Amie and 50 numbers raised in friendship. Description: When one faces life every day,working hard and trying their best,but still receives no affection or friendship (for me I have lots of affection. I only have no friendship except for you guys....) and unleashes it all out. When it finally recieves friendship and love it powers up like never before... Reference: Me. I face life every day. ;_;. No joke.... I'm kinda depressed... I blame puberty since I basically feel like that all the somehow still affects me after all this time later... *sigh*..
  12. Does Fake GTS website still exist?

    @wrathsoffire76 /:( I know. I just found out. no search function... *this has been censored by the National Censorship Association for your safety...* Anyways, nice site though. Wanna make. a GTS thread? You,me,Swadly ( @Swadloon ), and @ReignOfComputer (if he can)? How does that sound? :D.
  13. Does Fake GTS website still exist?

    @wrathsoffire76 I said that in my post. It's right there. Not edited. I said it. Right there. :/. You see, I signed up for it because you said it was 'so awesome' and such. I found no such thing. Where is the search function? Where's anything? So store your own Pokes? *sigh* Fill me in if I'm missing something. @Britty Yes, one's supposed to come soon. Though soon has been an awful lot of weeks... -_-. G aren't they so nice making us wait? (I know it takes tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime.) @Swadloon Glad to hear about that trading feature. It sounds sooo nice. *sparkly eyes* *sigh* If Porygon doesn't make a search function magically appear, would you like to make a thread like that one? You know..Swadly and Eevee's Amazing Global Trade Thread. Or only the Swadly if you wish...:(. *sigh* If so, rip-Eevee..... .....pwease........
  14. Unreleased Prototype Pokemon

    @SwagKey Nice swag. :D. And Welcome back! I'm new here. :). Great job on your new awesome Darkrai. The swag is real. #Deal with it (to everyone who's not SwagKey)P.S.I hate hashtags. It's a freakin' pound or number sign. I only did that because it sounded fit for the occasion.