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  1. The Runerigus and eiscue worked for me. You have to make sure to not have it show its gen 8 moves or ability when sending it to Bank. Just go to pksm on your 3ds and literally tap on its ability so it turns to something else then send it to bank. And ive sent full files, working pk7's and have my own forum with em, Also go to my profile, i made a file for all square shinies so you can convert those using the pk8 to pk7 converter 867 ★ - Runerigus - 26460BDA0177.pk7 867 ★ - Runerigus - 26460BDA0177.pk8 875 ★ - Eiscue - 96F6C208D696.pk7 875 ★ - Eiscue - 96F6C208D696.pk8
  2. You can if you want. All you have to do is just make the pokemon in pkhex thats all. They will not be legal though until dlc is out 811 ★ - Thwackey - 0EDB12F0B81E.pk7 811 ★ - Thwackey - 0EDB12F0B81E.pk8 815 ★ - Cinderace - 0313CD676573.pk7 815 ★ - Cinderace - 0313CD676573.pk8 818 ★ - Inteleon - A18A42AC7226.pk7 818 ★ - Inteleon - A18A42AC7226.pk8
  3. Version 1.0.0


    DISCLAIMER FROM MODS (DO NOT REMOVE THIS DISCLAIMER): 1) It's not known when/if this is going to be patched (refers to transferring Gen 8 mons from Gen 7). 2) There's a chance that (in a future) people can get banned for using this method. I (theSLAYER) personally don't recommend it, but I also know we can't stop people. File info: This Converter is Free and you must follow all the steps to get it working. This is to run the PK8ToPK7 Exe https://dotnet.microsoft.com/download/dotnet-core/thank-you/runtime-desktop-3.1.2-windows-x64-installer This is page contains any updated releases, if this page doesn't update. https://github.com/easyworld/PK8toPK7/releases/ here's the source code I usually have the exe and source code in a file together https://github.com/easyworld/PK8toPK7/archive/1.0.zip then just place a pk8 file in the folder with the exe and drag it on top of the exe and a pk7 version of the pk8 file with be in the folder which u can now drag to a gen 7 save file Pokemon Such as Melmetal and Meltan being a pb7 file you cant use this on
  4. If you have any questions about the sets used on the Pokemon, you can contact my friend on Discord- Vejeta#5763 If you have questions in general about Batch Editing, Or would like to know my own personal Pokemon Sets, you can contact me on Discord- MrsUchihaYouTube#8374.
  5. The command for square shinies is to do .PID=$rand in the Batch Editor for Pkhex. Then in Batch Editor do .PID=$shiny0
  6. Version 1.0.0


    I took my Friends Save File and just batch edited for all the pokemon to be square shiny. Some of the pokemon you just have to remove their ribbons to make them Legal
  7. I said you have to put the origin back once its in your gen 7 game
  8. Like I said if anyone has questions just dm on discord MrsUchihaYouTube#8374 because seems like nobody answers anyone except for me. And this is all easy for me. PS: When you dm me plz stop asking to buy me a drink or offering to owe me one. I get so many messages saying thx for the help I owe you a beer. I dont drink and im only 19 so chill lmao
  9. Or just edit the melmetal to origin game sword and shield with no met location then place it in the converter then drag it to your gen 7 save and go to tools and click batch edit and edit it to .Version=43 which it has the proper origination (Lets Go Eevee) when you transfer it
  10. This is simple. just use the file that already has the pokemon on there you can't convert a pb7 this is a gen 8 to gen 7 converter for a reason
  11. Thanks If anyone has questions about anything you can message me on Discord- MrsUchihaYouTube#8374 and I'll answer questions or help when I can
  12. use this file and if you didnt already, download the pk8 to pk7 converter and files main [Optimism (SH) - 2000-01-05 19ː17].bak
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