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  1. I dont want money but you can @me on discord MrsUchihaYouTube#8374
  2. Just make a gen 8 pokemon on pkhex yourself and use the converter i provided
  3. Stop with the batch edits. Just use the PK7 converter i provided. And make sure you put up mons that work and have a completely blank pc box other then the one specie you want to transfer. Rillaboom, Sobble, Nickit, Thievul, Greedent, Glossifleur and Eldegoss do not work
  4. This is to run the PK8ToPK7 Exe https://dotnet.microsoft.com/download/dotnet-core/thank-you/runtime-desktop-3.1.2-windows-x64-installer This is the exe https://github.com/easyworld/PK8toPK7/releases/download/1.0/PK8toPK7-x64.7z here's the source code I usually have the exe and source code in a file together https://github.com/easyworld/PK8toPK7/archive/1.0.zip then just place a pk8 file in the folder with the exe and drag it on top of the exe and a pk7 version of the pk8 file with be in the folder which u can now drag to a gen 7 save file
  5. Just tap the pokemon's ability in pksm on your 3ds. If not just use the pk8 to pk7 file converted i provided for everyone
  6. You cant convert meltan and melmetal. Someone already said u need the main file that has those 2 already in it
  7. You made a checkpoint and clicked the checkpoint save? And is all the stuff pk7 files? You need to batch edit or convert gen 8 or lets go files to pk7. Just use this pc data bin and drag it onto your pc box in pkhex. If anything make a second Checkpoint save that uses this file of pokemon then export your save and click the checkpoint once it's exported MrsUchihaYouTube.bin
  8. No, you have to put only Rapidash on bank and have nothing in the pc boxes at all. If you are trying to release them from the bank then you need an empty pc box entirely. Did you get the Rapidash from the main file or a singular pk7 download cause u need the main file or you need to replace the rapidash with this one 078-01 ★ - Rapidash - CCEC47B9D329.pk7
  9. also make sure that the pokemon doesnt have the ability and moves that only occur in gen 8. So if corviknight has the mirror armor ability, tap it's ability in pksm so it changes to another one in order to pass it through the bank.
  10. Rillaboom, Sobble, Nickit, Thievul, Glossifleur, Eldegoss, Skwovet, Greedent
  11. no i already sent a file with every pk8 pokemon all you have to do is put the file on pkhex and drag each individual mon through the converter and thats it. Rillaboom will never work btw
  12. You can make multiple boxes of one gen 8 specie at a time
  13. What i did is have all pokemon in one save titled gen 8 and copy one specie to an empty box and clone them then mass delete the other boxes and just click my checkpoint so it resets. I also have a save file for all shinies gens 1 through 7. I'm taking the time to Convert all pokemon from pk8 to pk7 so a nice usable charizard and all the rest
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