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  1. What the hell means the first screenshot? xD
  2. it's not the normal or ''legit'' way to obtain jirachi as shiny you chance the code in the data to make it shiny....and this makes me sad
  3. we or I knew already about the japanese Daisuki club article about Deoxys, it's not a secret http://www.pokemon.jp/info/game/detail/20150317_13224.html
  4. wow amazing this going very fast thanks
  5. How's about dumping the 3 Fura City Pokemon from the Battle Video? QKUW-WWWW-WWWL-J75L
  6. Oh yes i see, it's the same Picture, but this isn't the blog or the owner where i have this picture from.... add it without comment..or (internet source)
  7. I saved many images of pokemon distribution in my folder so after all i don't know anymore where i found all these ....maybe own source or twitter
  8. i don't think they distribute these another time, bacause the most legendary were distributed at Movie 18 zoroark was distributed 2011... and giratina through nintendo network...
  9. A new Pre-release Page for Dialga and Palkia distribution Details will be later announced and this page edited too http://pokemonkorea.co.kr/m10?present&uniqueId=YwLXzdqYAZ1
  10. More Details of Darkrai confirmed: (SM distribution too) http://pokemonkorea.co.kr/m10?news&uniqueId=hjHaBWW94nC Lv. 50 Berry? and moveset who i can't translate EDIT: I've found this picture of Darkrai distribution back in 2008 in my Imgae collection
  11. NICE! so they release all Missed Pokemon Movies but why they distribute 10th Movie Darkrai twice?
  12. poor Argus and Purin you must always travel to the events to collect the Data if i could and live in japan, i would go there