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  1. it's not possible to recive a shiny one without emulation
  2. Mine and Me too ! since i looked for first time Sleeping beauty, there was my fav colors PINK and BLUE !
  3. actually i using Flash IV and i'm very happy with this
  4. i've found that Jirachi can be received with Emerald too! i don't know if it's important but is a new update Emerald Jirachi Uploaded but it has as Origin game Ruby 385 - JIRACHI - FE8655DAE36B.pk3
  5. what is a xk.3 file and how to use it? for Gen 3 games or gamecube files?
  6. I've been looking for Someone in Japan that can get a QR ticket for me for the ''Special Weekend'' Tickets can be obtained by answering questionaires and shopping at various stores and exchanged for participation tickets on: Softbank/Wy Mobile - July 5 McDonalds - From July 11 Toho Cinemas - From July 13 Aeon - From July 13 Joyful - From July 15 Tully's Coffee - From July 24 On the weekened of July 26th through 29th, there will be special events held at partner locations across Japan. These locations require purchasing a ticket at stores which then allow you to check in at participating sponsored PokéStops on the day. When at the event, from 10:00 to 18:00 JST on particular days, there will be increased spawns of various Pokémon and Double Experience for all participants with the spawns happening anywhere in Japan.
  7. it's not the normal or ''legit'' way to obtain jirachi as shiny you chance the code in the data to make it shiny....and this makes me sad
  8. wow amazing this going very fast thanks
  9. How's about dumping the 3 Fura City Pokemon from the Battle Video? QKUW-WWWW-WWWL-J75L
  10. Maybe for the Villain Pokemon Center Rainbow rocket Organisation.... each week another 3DS screen with all 7 Villain Teams?!
  11. I'll hope the code you requested works? have fun
  12. i can only offering European Marsh. codes...
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