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  1. Topic Updated with Link to Official Page
  2. Unexpected the next Pokemon Distribution are Announced through a CoroCoro Leak... as we waited for a long time, some Shiny Pokemon will be distributed soon a Shiny Groudon and a Shiny Kyogre gift will be distributed to Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon The next one is Arceus what is distributed through a Serialcode in next month's issue of CoroCoro, January 15th. Source: Serebii & Twitter EDIT_1: We have further details of the upcoming Shiny Kyogre and Groudon events These Pokémon will be distributed via Serial Code in Aeon, Tsutaya, Amazon, WonderGoo, Yodobashi and other stores including Pokémon Centers from January 13th through to March 5th Source: EDIT_2: Arceus announcement at the Official Website
  3. SMUSUM - I Choose You Movie Lucario (Korean)

    More Infos Released: Can be downloaded with the Password: ICHOOSEYOU448 Period: 12/09~ 2018/01/31 Source; Official Movie Website
  4. Own Tempo Rockruff (Dusk)(Egg)

    can this Egg traded over to S/M?
  5. and no Deoxys too Hoopa and Meloetta are events that we get not long time ago ...why again? I Assume they don't have any special Ability or Moves could it be? Whats about the special Pikachu?
  6. Is any specific nature algorithm for the 10ANNIV? i've loaded already 60 Charizard and 20 Pikachu and never seen one natured as Adamant or Jolly the most common natures are - QUIRKY - QUIET - BASHFUL - DOCILE - NAUGHTY - SERIOUS
  7. USUM Line Rotom

    it works with my European Account too i could add the ''Pokemon'' chat through the QR code so you don't need create a new Account for this feature
  8. Mitsurin Celebi

    Official Famitsu Website with Information:,1152935014,56942,0,0.html
  9. Doesn't work with all files some of there are already listed as sav and doens't work too can you try? Save Zipped
  10. SM - Ash Cap Pikachu (EU/US)

    the Japanese Name is: ピカチュウ the last event with Surf and Fly Pikachu was in 2015 when the PC Online Opened another question my side: should Pikachu forgot HM Attacks (Like Previous Surf'chus) to tranfer it from XY/ORAS to S/M? never tried,,,,
  11. Pokemon GO Editor Tool?!

    I'm very sick abour these raids, i missed all Legendary birds and Cats... so i've been looking for a Pokemon GO Editor tool where i can upgrade my Pokemon stats.... i don't find anything, does anybody know where i can find it? or would someone build a tool like PKHX for pokemon GO?! thanks
  12. Gen 3 (FireRed/LeafGreen) Save Editor Tool

    i thought the beast were generated after choosing your starter
  13. Gen 3 (FireRed/LeafGreen) Save Editor Tool

    So we need only start a new game pickup a starter, insert the date into this tool if the shiny status is false, restart a new game until the roamer is shiny?
  14. Movie20: Marshadow

    Yes my misspell You're right
  15. Movie20: Marshadow

    German Marshadow is avaiable in the Nintendo Zone too.