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  1. How does PKHEX work in Gen 8? After Sun Moon i couldn't use it anymore because it's not more compatible to the switch (lite) RIP
  2. That s not all, at the end of the research task you have to make 999 great throws
  3. The Last Pikachu Code is online You can get Pikachu with a World Cap with the code K1NP1KA1855 KIN = Kinyobi = Friday 1855 = 18:55 Timeslot
  4. the nature in the anime was never revealed
  5. Strange, nothing online and it's already 08/01 in Japan
  6. Berry Gift isn't far away so in Japan it's Online soon!
  7. i Use the 181202 Ver. and can Open it. maybe load the old PKHX version
  8. it's not possible to recive a shiny one without emulation
  9. I am not familiar with the html codes, can not decipher the numbers so it's impossible to restore it
  10. i looking forward for this save file, pkhex can't open, the file is corrupted i know the owner of this file by myself, but he don't wan't talk about this
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