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  1. SM - Ash Cap Pikachu (EU/US)

    the Japanese Name is: ピカチュウ the last event with Surf and Fly Pikachu was in 2015 when the PC Online Opened another question my side: should Pikachu forgot HM Attacks (Like Previous Surf'chus) to tranfer it from XY/ORAS to S/M? never tried,,,,
  2. Pokemon GO Editor Tool?!

    I'm very sick abour these raids, i missed all Legendary birds and Cats... so i've been looking for a Pokemon GO Editor tool where i can upgrade my Pokemon stats.... i don't find anything, does anybody know where i can find it? or would someone build a tool like PKHX for pokemon GO?! thanks
  3. Gen 3 (FireRed/LeafGreen) Save Editor Tool

    i thought the beast were generated after choosing your starter
  4. Gen 3 (FireRed/LeafGreen) Save Editor Tool

    So we need only start a new game pickup a starter, insert the date into this tool if the shiny status is false, restart a new game until the roamer is shiny?
  5. Movie20: Marshadow

    Yes my misspell You're right
  6. Movie20: Marshadow

    German Marshadow is avaiable in the Nintendo Zone too.
  7. Question on How Serial Codes Work for Mystery Gift (SM)

    If you start a new game, your Sync ID is automatically full of 'Zeros' so you need only change the G7ID and generade the SID/TID
  8. USUM - x12 Revives (NA)

    they do everything to have high sell ratings so much keychains and download stuff
  9. General Event Archived Posts Thread

    i can't serve with WC Full...
  10. General Event Archived Posts Thread

    i want to Contribute my own don't like these server mass contribution .... European (German) Ilex Celebi SM USUM - 0630 Das Zeitreise-Pokémon Celebi.wc7
  11. SM - Pokemon Halloween Time: Shiny Mimikyu (JP)

    Yes, Maybe or ハロウィン ''Halloween''
  12. SM - NA Target Charizard (Oct 1st 2017)

    It has been confirmed that Charizard will be distributed via code at Target stores across North America from October 1st. The codes are only available while supplies last, so stop by Target from October 1–14 to add the blazing might of Charizard to your game. Level: 50 Held Item: Red Card Ability: Blaze Moves: Dragon Dance Flare Blitz Fly Earthquake Source:
  13. SM - Shiny Silvally (SEA Serial Code)

    he page is only visible to a target group in which you are not included. i tried with Hola, but i doesn't work too
  14. SM - Shiny Silvally (SEA Serial Code)

    i'll hope they open a code generator, like previous distributions i don't have access to the maxsoft site, can't find it on facebook
  15. Pokémon Gold and Silver are coming to 3DS

    You can pre-Download G/S and receive both codes read the description after purchasing the games, the codes are in the eShop Settings -> Purchased/Downloaded games -> billing information