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  1. Hello, i ve found this article and i read everywhere: JSKV and hacked switch i ll need a tutorial for dumies: How to do? what does i need to inject this file in my switch and where my last hacking skills are on the 3DS with the microSD card with homebrew in the sound app thanks for help
  2. N O only in ha**ed and R** customized game possible
  3. The 2022 Pokémon World Championships are just around the corner, taking place August 18-21 at the ExCeL London Event Center. And as in previous years, the Pokemon that is distributed is hidden in the logo. Let's take a further look who could it be: Roserade or Stonjourner? I / We will update this post after it's officially revealed
  4. I don't think this will be possible, because Korean payment methods are very difficult, you need a special korean ID and korean banc account... international credit cards are not accepted ....so far as i bought in the korean 3DS e-shop
  5. How does PKHEX work in Gen 8? After Sun Moon i couldn't use it anymore because it's not more compatible to the switch (lite) RIP
  6. That s not all, at the end of the research task you have to make 999 great throws
  7. The Last Pikachu Code is online You can get Pikachu with a World Cap with the code K1NP1KA1855 KIN = Kinyobi = Friday 1855 = 18:55 Timeslot
  8. the nature in the anime was never revealed
  9. Strange, nothing online and it's already 08/01 in Japan
  10. Berry Gift isn't far away so in Japan it's Online soon!
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