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  1. my favourite Legendary pokemon is mew because i like the shiny Pokemon to mew and that it can learn a lot of moves
  2. PokemonKing99


    hello @Mizat welcome to the site
  3. please tell me what kind of Pokémon U would like to see in Gen 8. for example tell me what typing's a Pokémon should have. like Ghost, flying and anything else. if u can think of the pokemon name please also tell me that ? Sorry for the edit
  4. hello @KillerCorgi welcome to the forums man
  5. if I had a superpower I would like the power to change the weather
  6. i am glad too that there is a resolve to the problem @theSLAYER
  7. that is fine by please re frame from doing it again thank you @ZonEnder
  8. please inappropriate language @ZonEnder please use appropriate words thank you
  9. i have got a Pokemon diamond and pearl save file do you want it @DaWiseOne
  10. so i have found this on the downloads page it is from @Killnator5 thanks so much