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  1. i am glad too that there is a resolve to the problem @theSLAYER
  2. that is fine by please re frame from doing it again thank you @ZonEnder
  3. please inappropriate language @ZonEnder please use appropriate words thank you
  4. so i have found this on the downloads page it is from @Killnator5 thanks so much
  5. @RedArrow23 i like Pokemon Soul Sliver because i like the legendary Pokemon Lugia and that i have played that game over 4 times now just finished it yesterday and planning to start it again soon last time then i am going to try get shiny Pokemon but thanks for asking me @RedArrow23
  6. thanks so much @ultrapokemon1000 I appreciate on what you said about the save file and thank you for writing a review to it as well thank you man
  7. thank you so much it took me time to finish 5 different save files @wo0ts
  8. really thanks i will download them as soon as possible when it comes out @wo0ts and by the way did you look at my recent download Pokemon USUM Save Files do you like them
  9. thanks @wo0ts for the pkm files it is really good thanks so much i was looking for some low level giratina and dalika and palika
  10. thanks very much @evandixon for your hard effort to this mod i really appreciate the hard work you have done and put into this. i am going to use this mod in the future thanks again man you are the best
  11. ok so i have updated it and i have added the images to a gif please give me a like for my all my efforts and to this save file people @Project Pokemon however there will be some more images i still need to add so sorry but i still hope you enjoy this save file people and find it useful but please do tell on what to improve in the future