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  1. When you install a new battery, the RTC (real time clock) restarts from 01/01/2000. The game keeps track of played hours, so if you (for example) have played for 10 years and then the battery died you should wait others 10 years to reach the "next day" in-game. Imho, the best solution is to adjust the RTC and set the actual time, this can be easily done with this little Homebrew software that works with DS/DS lite (the .nds version that works with DS flashcarts, like R4, that access the GBA carts through Slot-2 insertion) or directly with GBA (.gba version with GBA flashcarts, like EZ Flash Omega, and works with cartridge swap).
  2. Try to clean cartridge contacts with IPA (Isopropyl Alcohol) and dump again. If you are using a flashcard (like R4) with your DS/DS lite with GBA Backup Tool you can try instead GodMode9i.
  3. Maybe your plugin is blocked by Windows. Try to right-click the plugin .dll file and select "Properties." In the "General" tab, look at the bottom for a "Security" section. If there is, select the "Unblock" check box and click OK.
  4. You have to save in-game and then you can use the .dsv save file (located in your DeSmuME folder\Battery) or the 512KB .sav exported backup memory.
  5. firered.sav Somehow there was a corruption in the "Previously on your quest" function, I was able to open the save if I pressed "B" to skip the sequence, but it was stucked if I tried to watch it normally. I tried multiple approaches, but at the end I simply did "something" in-game in order su overwrite the previous corrupted sequence. Now it works.
  6. I personally use GBxCart RW with FlashGBX and it works like a charm with III gen Pokémon games. @jcb753 are you sure that the cartridge is original? Have you correctly installed the GBxCart RW's drivers? Does it work with other carts?
  7. PKHeX should be able to read a .raw GC Memory Card file. There could be a problem with latest builds: your file doesn't work with PKHeX 24.03.26/24.03.10, but it works with PKHeX 24.01.12 Until a fix, you can either use an old build or use Dolphin Memory Card manager to extract the .gci Colosseum file.
  8. Same happens to me with all IV gen save files (dumped from original cartridges). Previous PKHeX version(s) works fine.
  9. Nowadays brick a 3DS while installing CFW is almost impossible.
  10. No, because you need an actual 3DS hardware in order to decrypt, as if it were a "decryption key"
  11. In this guide, one of the first steps is checking if you already have CFW.
  12. If you have a CFW 3DS you should be able to use JKSM to dump a decrypted save file from Sky3DS and inject in original cartridge/digital copy.
  13. Where did this file come from? A valid Pokémon Y save file should be a file named "main" (without extension), with the size of 405KB. In actual hardware (3DS/2DS with game cartridge or digital copy) a save file must be extracted AND DECRYPTED using a Homebrew save-manager, like Checkpoint (little guide here). This assumes that you have a complete CFW setup on your 3DS console (complete guide here). If you are using Citra you should take a look here.
  14. Maybe the data associated with this mon HOME tracker ID were incompatible with the changes you made. I tried to clean the HOME Tracker ID, so your Manaphy will receive a new one. Let's try 0490 - Manaphy - 471219D1B3B3.pb8
  15. This. A Pokémon that evolve through trading has to be seen as "traded" by the game, otherwise it's flagged as illegal. You can "emulate" a trade by drag-n-dropping a mon between two PKHeX windows.
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