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  1. @Kaphotics sorry for disturbing again, but yesterday I forgot another little related bug. If I take the Manaphy Egg from the postman, the language is the same as the game. But when importing pgt file into Boxes it is automatically set in English, even if both save file, from IV gen game and Pokémon Ranger, are in another language (Italian in this case). NA - Raw Gift (Uovo di Manaphy PR1).pgt
  2. Hello, today I noticed two little bugs about Manaphy Egg. I used a real Pokémon Ranger game to send the Manaphy Egg via Rangernet (with real hardware) into a Pokémon Diamond cartdridge. I made different backups before and after receiving the Gift from the postman in the Pokémon Market. 1) The Manaphy Egg received is shown illegal in PKHeX, but, after hatching it, the newborn Manaphy became legal. 490 - Uovo - 1A26464EBFD5.pk4 2) Then I tried to import the .pgt file (previously extracted) directly into Box. Here I noticed that the Met Date and Date in Egg Met Condition are inverted. It should be today's date in Egg Met Conditions and a "placeholder" date (01/01/2000) in Met Date, until the Egg is hatched (like in the original Egg shown in the other picture I attached). These aren't very big problems, but I thought it was better to report them
  3. Yes, as @theSLAYER said, we have just to wait the next release. I noticed I've the same problem with two other mons in my Pokémon Yellow VC. But I'm sure everything will fixed soon. 056 - MANKEY - FC0C.pk1051 - DUGTRIO - 3185.pk1
  4. I use SaveGame Manager GX to extract Battle Revolution save file both from my Wii and my vWii (on Wii U). Everything works. The save file is 3584 KB large, it's placed in 0001000052504250 > GeniusPbr and it's named PbrSaveData (without filename extension).
  5. I solved transfering Pokémons with this problem to HOME and then retransfering back to Sword. Everything was fixed. Thanks @SkyLink24. (Then I used PKHeX to clear all HOME Tracker values).
  6. I tried, but he's not KO. His PS are 0/0, not for example 0/200. Also all stats are 0. I mean not IVs/EVs, but in-game stats.
  7. Hello, yesterday I tried to import wc8 of Zarude from event collection into my Pokémon Sword save file. I'd like to have a Japanese one with Japanese OT so: - I opened another PKHeX tab with the same save file (in Italian); - I changed language to Japanese; - I imported wc8 into a Box to generate a Jpn Zarude; - I exported .pk8 file of him; - I imported it in my untouched save file; - I restored save file with Checkpoint, as usual. Everything looks like legit, but when I went to Boxes to see Zarude's stats every values were 0, also PS was 0/0 (so the pkmn looks KO). I think that something was happened when I changed the language, but the .pk8 seems legal (I attach it here). I don't know... (I tried twice, also with Celebi, same problem) 893 - ザルード - F43173F0D32F.pk8 ______EDIT______ I solved transfering Pokémons with this problem to HOME and then retransfering back to Sword. Everything was fixed. (Then I used PKHeX to clear all HOME Tracker values).
  8. Your welcome! Yes you can try with Ninjax if you already have a compatible game and you just want to run Checkpoint .3dsx via Homebrew Launcher, but it is a old method and it's not as safe as newer ones. I still think it's better to set up a complete LumaCFW with boot9strap. With Luma you won't loose access to online communication and you can safely update your 3DS firmware without loosing access to Homebrew, then Luma is still in active development and you could update it in the future directly using LumaUpdater app. I also use Homebrew mainly for backup save files and I think it's better to have Checkpoint directly on the console menu with a strong CFW behind everything that can help if there will be some problems. Than there are a lot of useful Homebrew .cia that you can install, for example FTPD, that can transform your 3DS in a FTP server so you can drag and drop files, like save backups, without taking off SD card (especially useful for New3DS). At last consider that with GodMode9 you can backup your entire NAND and you can restore it if something in the future goes wrong. It's similar to the power of BootMii on Wii.
  9. Hacking 3DS is easier than you think. I recommand you to follow new Seedminer + unSAFE_MODE method on 3DS Hack Guide, it works on last system version (11.13.0) and it use a new exploit recently discovered. Read the guide twice before starting and then follow correctly all the steps. I advise you to avoid videoguide on YouTube, because they are often outdated or some important parts are missing. At last, if you are in trouble, you can ask for help at Nintendo Homebrew Discord Server. ... I see you mentioned Homebrew Channel, so I think you have installed it on Wii in the past. The main concept behind hacking 3DS is slightly different. Following the guide you will install Luma3DS CFW in order to remove lot of Nintendo limitations, like region-lock and signature checks to run Homebrew contents. At the end you'll have on your console menu the Homebrew Launcher that is the way to run *.3ds or *.3dsx files on your console. But, like in Wii, you can install "stand alone" software in *.cia format from your SD card using FBI, also included in your system menu. In order to use PkHeX, you can backup and restore your save files using Checkpoint, avaiable both in .cia and .3dsx format (cia version is included in 3DS Hack Guide). You'll also have access to GodMode9 a very powerful tool that has the capability to modify essentially anything on your console, read here to learn what it can do.
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