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  1. How do you move files from/to sd card? The game works normally? Are you playing it and have you saved in-game at least once?
  2. It seems that, with FW 12.0.0 and new Atmosphere version (0.19.0), Checkpoint no longer works. Until FlagBrew release a new Checkpoint version it's better to stay in FW 11.0.1 and Atm 0.18.1. EDIT: Meantime SciresM, the main Atmosphere developer, has released a potentially broken but working version > Releases · SciresM/Checkpoint (github.com)
  3. I noticed another probably related problem. With Pokémon Emerald old PKHeX versions show the correct amount of Coins in "Trainer Data Editor" (Misc Edit), PKHeX 20210401 says 9999. With Pokémon LeafGreen I can't open "Misc Edit" tab at all. Emerald LeafGreen
  4. I noticed a (maybe) related issue with Pokémon Emerald, Pokémon LeafGreen and Pokémon Sapphire (SAV dumped from original cartridge). When I try to open "Items" tab a lot of TMs disappears. I don't know why, they were all legitimately obtained in-game. Then TMs pouch appears empty in Emerald, an only with HM in LG and Sapphire.
  5. Hello, I noticed a little problem/bug opening a LeafGreen save file with latest version of PKHeX. As usual the software asks me if the SAV comes from FR or LG. But if I select LeafGreen PKHeX starts as I have selected FireRed (for example, showing Attack Forme of Deoxys). This happens only with PKHeX 20210401. If I choose FireRed instead, PKHeX also starts "with FireRed", so they aren't simply inverted. (I reported this bug also on GitHub)
  6. Ok, so if you want a VC save file with YOSHIRA Mew and YOU DON'T CARE ABOUT LEGALITY, you need: A modded 3DS with VC game installed A PC with PKHeX If you want to completely replace your save file with the original SAV dumped from the original cartridge they used in 1999, full of all the YOSHIRA Mews, you have to: Use Checkpoint to dump a copy of your actual save file (you can follow this guide). Insert your SD card into PC and find /3ds/Checkpoint/saves/(your game)/(your save slot) Make a backup of (your save slot) folder in a safe place. Download the Y
  7. I think the best solution is to report all these bugs in the official dedicated topic.
  8. As @theSLAYER said you can't have a legal 1st gen cart Mew in gen 8. But you can have a legit VC 1st gen Mew in gen 8. You can import this VC event Mew in your 3DS VC 1st/2nd gen game and then use Bank+HOME to transfer it in gen 8. (It exists also a dumped 3DS cia of VC Mew distribution rom, that you can use in a 2nd 3DS to transfer a legit VC Mew event in a VC 1st/2nd gen game).
  9. Yep, I tried myself and I think it is a PKHeX bug/missing data. @Kaphotics
  10. Can you attach the pk3 file of this Pokémon?
  11. Search your Wonder Card here and inject it following this guide.
  12. It works, I tried my self with Pokémon Gold. Obv save file need to be exported in another format, but it works.
  13. 15 and 4 is correct. If you want a 4 days Pokérus you have to use 4 for Y value and 3, 7, 11 or 15 for X. All the others X can't be associated to Y=4.
  14. There are different Pokérus "strains". Maximum amount of days left depends on the strain that depends on the value assigned to a "X". So Pokérus days can't be>4.
  15. The only Pokémon you can transfer is Palkia because is the only one that exists in SwSh (here you have a complete list of unobtainable mons). As @Kaphotics said, you can't change Palkia's Nature without recalculate PID. The easiest way to change Nature is using a Mint directly in SwSh. Finally, if you want a perfectly legal Pokémon, you should temporarily upload it to Pokémon HOME in order to get a HOME Tracker ID.
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