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  1. It works, I tried my self with Pokémon Gold. Obv save file need to be exported in another format, but it works.
  2. 15 and 4 is correct. If you want a 4 days Pokérus you have to use 4 for Y value and 3, 7, 11 or 15 for X. All the others X can't be associated to Y=4.
  3. There are different Pokérus "strains". Maximum amount of days left depends on the strain that depends on the value assigned to a "X". So Pokérus days can't be>4.
  4. The only Pokémon you can transfer is Palkia because is the only one that exists in SwSh (here you have a complete list of unobtainable mons). As @Kaphotics said, you can't change Palkia's Nature without recalculate PID. The easiest way to change Nature is using a Mint directly in SwSh. Finally, if you want a perfectly legal Pokémon, you should temporarily upload it to Pokémon HOME in order to get a HOME Tracker ID.
  5. AlamosIT

    Movie Shaymin

    Hello, I've a little correction about this event dates. Movie Shaymin, in Italy, was released in 3 different events in 2009, called Pokémon Party: Pokémon Party – Fiera Bimbo & Family di Galatina (LE) May 16 – 17, 2009 Pokémon Party – Museo della Scienza e della Tecnica di Milano June 13, 2009 Pokémon Party – Bioparco di Roma June 27, 2009 P.S. I know that distribution cartridge worked only if the date is ≤ June 25, but the receiver DS can be June 27. I tried with dumped distribution ROM. Source
  6. Ok, I supposed there was a reason like this. Thanks and sorry for wasting your time.
  7. Hello, I noticed that every PK3s from PCNY Distribution Machine shared by Deoxyz are flagged as illegal. PK2 are ok. I think you already know it. But maybe not. Thank for your work
  8. As @theSLAYER said, the vulnerability used in non-patched Switch is an hardware vulnerability, that Nintendo corrected on patched, Mariko and Lite units. Main Atmosphere developer is working to bring Atmosphere CFW on Mariko Switch, but it will need likewise an hardmod. Probably Mariko will never have a softmod.
  9. Save files are always stored in the internal memory of your Switch. In order to extract them you have to install CFW on your Nintendo Switch and use tools like Checkpoint. You can install CFW only on first generation console, following the guide linked by @SkyLink98 . Do this at your own risk.
  10. In HGSS, when you edit something in PC/Party with PKHeX, then you should save in-game until you see "Saving a lot of data...". This was an already known bug that should has been fixed. But maybe the issue is still present, just try.
  11. I reported this issue on GitHub. Developers shoud have solved, so the next release will show the right icon.
  12. I suggest you drag this gp1 (from Pokémon GO Park) into a Pokémon Let's Go save file: 809-shiny (wo0ts).gp1 And then transfer it to Pokémon SwSh
  13. Consider that you can use Atmosphere CFW only on a 1st gen Switch. If you buy a new console now, in 2020, you can't use Homebrew softwares, such as Checkpoint, and so you can't use PKHeX. Obv you will always able to use PKHeX on 3DS and then legally transfer your mons using Bank and Home, but you can't use the software directly with SwSh.
  14. Ah che bello un altro italiano! Ti allego direttamente il mio file della Scheda Segreta. Card # 2046 - Il Liberticket in regalo!.pgf
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