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Found 20 results

  1. Hi! I'm SamAcy and I'm new here but I already felt at home because here in ProjectPokemon helps me a lot in many different ways. I'm really looking forward to have many friends as I can in this site and I'm willing to help in any possibble way I can. :kikkoman:
  2. I downloaded PkHex and try to run it, but every time it don't run and say "PkHex stopped working", I tried running it like admin, and downloading PkHex again, but the error still apearing, if someone knows how to solve please tell me how to fix this, I tried to find how to fix it but I didn't find anything.
  3. Hi everyone, i already figured out how to get the mystety gift events. This is some codes: UPDATE: NOW CODE FOR USA VERSION JAPANESE VERSION USA VERSION Bye
  4. Can someone help me with this? Also, the Action Replay code created by Pokesav HGSS (ENG) that I used worked (I edited the PokéBalls so I could have the Apricorn PokéBalls, but then there was a "save error" while the code was in effect). Saving was so fast that I thought there was a problem; I tried to enter the Union Room (to test it out), and then it said "save error" (I use Magnius's English translation patch, if that helps at all). (Editing the save file directly won't because of the in-game name thing, even though I used the guide to make Japanese characters show up). Thanks in advance for any help!
  5. Before you ask, I'm using a clean rom, since I wanted to wait until after I find problems to get patches and all. Somehow, the Wireless functions don't work with HGSS. My friend and I tried to trade with his HGSS on Acekard 2 and it wouldn't pick up the signal for some reason. However, when trying with Platinum (J), it worked properly. Now, I just need to find a way to fix the wireless issues. Why would wireless work with a flashcart as crappy as the R4, but not work on Acekard 2? The game does recognize other people in the union room, I can see my friend and he can see me, but we can't interact with each other. At first, it worked, we could start up the trade, but at the moment it went in the trade window, it lost signal. Everytime after that, if my friend was the one talking to me, it wouldn't get any signal. When I was the one talking to him, the signal would go from 0 bars to 3 bars repeatedly. Like I said, it's not a flashcart problem, since every other wireless functions work. DS download play even works when it is disabled. We only had one problem before that. When we were transfering the Pokémon from Ranger 2 to Diamond. At first, Darkrai and Riolu transfered easily. But for the Manaphy Egg, the game wouldn't pick up the signal until a while. We did transfer these to my Diamond yesterday from the Acekard 2, and everything went fine. I'm using the custom firmware AKAIO 1.5 found on the official Acekard website. (Reason why I chose that was before nesDS wouldn't work without that, lol.) In the readme file that came along with the firmware, it said under the September 12th section that HGSS was fixed on that date.
  6. hey i just downloaded the pokesav today and used it the first 2 times it was a success but now its just fucking up because i after i was finished editing legit ageron and saved it on documents and then i drag it to my Ar for dsi and i click on the code and everytime i use it freezing my game and i need i use the pokesav and i got a latias and scizor and i want to make a whole tem so if anyone cn help plz post the instructions for how to use the pokesav without errors on the action replay because i'm getting confused like alot i need help plz
  7. I was breeding today in HGSS using fast hatch and Iv check to speed up the breeding. When I soft reset the fast hatch code just stopped working, but the iv check still works. Anyone know what the problem is, cause I didn't do anything just soft reset that I always do when I see that the Ivs is bad O__o
  8. Hi guys, may be a noobish question but I've recently dowloaded pokesav - to speed things up in competetive battling - and when i try to edit a pokemon it doesnt seem to work.. Basically i'm using action replay with my pokemon diamond and i load up the codes ive created into pkmn diamond via ar, but when i press l+r and then x to view my team all i get is a blank space... Any suggestions as to what i should do?
  9. ive looked everywhere for a code that makes all pokemon shiny, including eggs, and makes it permanent, even when the ar isnt plugged into the ds. now i have one that works for platinum, but i cant find one that works for diamond. ive found one; a real short one that only works with wild pokemon; i need shiny eggs. ive also tried the one supplied on this forum, and about four others, and they dont work. can anyone either generate one for me or share one that works please?
  10. I very recently dowloaded pokesav to make some minor adjustments on my platinum sav file. It worked fine and i was able to tweak a few things. I was going to use pokesav again today but when i open to sav file, all that comes out as my name is ‚|||||. None of my pokemon, items or any other data appear anymore except for my money. Im using no$gba emu to play the plat rom and evrything works fine so it has to be pokesav right? all help is appreciated:confused:
  11. Both DP and Pt are not working. You can load it with Applocale, but the .pkm loading/saving is messed up. You can't load .pkm files, when you save them, it shows up as "pokemon.pkm)" What's going on?
  12. I have this pokemon I got from a friend, a new Pichu thing from down in Japan. My friend went to place himself, and gave me a copy of it. However, I checked it in legal and it comes up as a hack. I trust me friend, and this program isn't working. The same thing happened to some Metagross my friend gave me as well. I think it was like Red Metagross or something like that. They all come up as Type: Hacked Pokemon. How can this be incorrectly checking my pokemon?
  13. K, so I make the poke, legalize it, trashbytes, the whole thing. When I try to put the code on the the ARDS Manager, it says there is something wrong with the code. Apparently it needs to be put in neat lines, so I opened it with Microsoft Word, Notepad, all the recommended things, but it still comes up as a mess of codes. Is the a program for it to be in even lines?
  14. for some reason i can no longer click the stats edit button on a storage pokemon using the platinum pokesav or the platinnum compact pokesav, can anyone help?
  15. Hi everyone!!! I´m new in the Forum, i´m so happy to find codes for my Platinum game hehe, i hope to see more codes of the requeset thread (like re-battle legandaries arceus, girtaina in distorsion world, etc) I have a doubt and i hope that you can help me: I made a Shaymin with the POKESAV in SKY FORM. The Shaymin appeared in the Box succesfully in sky form and bla bla bla. Then i realized the Gracidea flower doesn´t change my "created" SHAYMIN to the sky form!!!. If i put it in a Box it changes to the LAND FORM right? BUT when i took it from the boxes to my PARTY and try to use the Gracidea, it doesn´t change to SKY FORM :(:mad::confused::confused: what´s happening?? i hope you can help me. i´ll be so grateful, greetings !!!! :kikkoman::kikkoman::kikkoman:
  16. The game doesn't freeze up on me with the Radar code, the game doesn't start at all. I activate the code normally, the game intro begins, the press start menu appears, then finally the continue game appears. Everything starts normally, however, when I press A to continue the game just goes blank and restarts. These are the two codes I've been trying to use. 62101d40 00000000 b2101d40 00000000 20008088 00000032 20000e26 00000064 d2000000 00000000 b2101d40 00000000 00008088 00000032 d2000000 00000000 Is it my AR or is it the code? Some members claim that the code is working, but for me it simply is not. And yes, I am using the US version of Platinum.
  17. hi, i'm new to the pokesav thing and have some problems when using it, i recently put the oaks letter and members card on so i can catch shaymin and darkrai but they don't work. i can't enter the lodge still and shaymin isn't at the end of route 224. Also, when i added gba event pokemon to my game, their pokedex entries are still blank. 151 on the dex is still empty instead of there being a mew there. help please!!! thanks =)
  18. hi, i'm new to the pokesav thing and have some problems when using it, i recently put the oaks letter and members card on so i can catch shaymin and darkrai but they don't work. i can't enter the lodge still and shaymin isn't at the end of route 224. Also, when i added gba event pokemon to my game, their pokedex entries are still blank. 151 on the dex is still empty instead of there being a mew there. help please!!! thanks =)
  19. I started Platinum on R4 and wanted to change my Piplup (it was adamant) I opened the .SAV file in Pokesav PT and changed it to modest. When I put it back in my R4 it still says I have an adamant Piplup but when I open the exact same .SAV file in pokesav again it says it is Modest. What the hell? Is this a major bug? If so, where should I report it?
  20. I have created 3 parties of Pokemon, on the correct Pokesav version, and gotten the ARDS output code. When I put it in my AR, start up the game with it, and then use it, I go to look at my party and all I can see is a black screen. Frozen. Can someone help me on this? :confused:
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