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  1. Never mind, just leaving the PID empty before saving did the trick somehow O_o I just went to the name rater and gave them all a nickname. And now the pokecheck legality analysis says this about all my pokemon: Picasso\xFFFF\xFFFF\x0000\x0000 All characters in name are valid. Invalid terminator sequence in trash bytes. And one last thing. I can't get Cofagrigus on GTS to check it with pokecheck even after giving it a nick name (because Game Freak messed up and filtered the 'fag' in co'fag'grigus >_>). Everything else is all good to go (well except the "probably RNG-abused IV's" So how do fix these last things?
  2. This is a trick room team and I want to fight my buddy with this (we both generate pokemon). But I want them to be 100% legit so we both first have to get them in a random battle (is there a better way to check legitimacy? I found something on this forum but that was from 2011 so I wasn't sure if that would still work with B/W 2) I've used PokeGen before but only messed around with the PID finder today (I updated it to 3.1.13 today). So please do explain me what I did wrong, if that's not too much of a hassle I thought the error would be in the dreamworld Slowking, the Mesprit or the Configragus (because of its hidden power PID). But when I removed them from my battle box the remaining three still didn't get in a random battle and got the "There is something wrong with your pokemon" message. Would anyone be kind enough to help me out? PS if you somehow manage to find a PID for Configragus with an even lower speed IV that would be great but it has to retain HP Fighting 70. (I tried 2 sp IV before but it wouldn't find a PID with high enough Sp.Att/HP).
  3. Just to make something clear: It will only be available for Diamond and Pearl because Platinum isn't released in Europe yet.
  4. There is exactly the same post in the Save editing boards The option is not yet available on this version of Pokesav Platinum, you'll just have to wait to show your complete pokedex to the "developer" in the lake verity hotel...
  5. Couldn't that be fixed if I selected Save file 1 or 2 instead of auto in pokesav?
  6. If it's a hatched pokemon you can give 2-3 stats 31 IV's and you should only give stats EV's if you need that stat, 85 all is not a good idea, the most standard for offensive pokemon is 4 HP EV's, 252 Attack/Sp. Att EV's, 252 Speed EV's and if it's a hatched one give the Speed and Attack/Sp. Att stat 31 and give the others random numbers.
  7. Is this bad, because I won't have problems if I save twice right? I edited quite few things but when I do something with pokesav now it will always say my Savefile is corrupted but when the game loads the previous one it will have all my hacks:confused: Will I still be able to play online or against friends with a semi-corrupted save file? Or is there some way to fix this? (In Platinum on my R4 btw)
  8. Remember to always copy and paste your save file before editing, sometimes it will say the save file is corrupted and it'll load your previous for some reason...
  9. Someone said it was because of the wrong save slot. But I tried Auto Save, Save 1 and Save 2 and it still won't work. ***Breaking Rules*** But I hear that other people are using Pokesav without problems... I also ***Breaking Rules*** and I can perfectly edit that .SAV file the exact same way I'm trying it with Pokesav Platinum... I don't know if it's against the rules but if it isn't could you tell me wich ROM someone is using with Pokesav?
  10. I'm also having the exact same problem... It really pisses me off, I tried everything, EVERYTHING.
  11. But then it won't have the ID, Secret ID, level, moves, IV's, EV's, ability, ball caught in, and nickname that you want it to have... But why would you even want to "have" all pokemon anyway:p
  12. You have to hack create them one by one if you want to have all of them in your boxes, but if you're just doing it to get the completed pokedex you should just tick the boxes that say "Sinnoh Pokedex" "international Pokedex" and "Complete". After you saved that in your game your pokedex will be completed :3
  13. I started Platinum on R4 and wanted to change my Piplup (it was adamant) I opened the .SAV file in Pokesav PT and changed it to modest. When I put it back in my R4 it still says I have an adamant Piplup but when I open the exact same .SAV file in pokesav again it says it is Modest. What the hell? Is this a major bug? If so, where should I report it?
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