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  1. No, i did it on daytime obviously hehe :(
  2. No i didn´t. I obtained the Gracidea for catching the "LEGAL" Shaymin in the Flower Paradise by the Oak´s Letter, the Gracidea was given to me for the lady in Floraroma Town and it only changes the "LEGAL" Shaymin but my Pokesav´s Shaymin doesn´t change when i use that Gracidea on it. What´s happening?
  3. WOW i try the code on my DIAMOND game and it WORKED!!! and yeah... it is in "CURSE" form and when you send it to battle it changes it form to NORMAL :mad::(:( hahahaha. I back up you "derrick" it is TRUE!!! i´ll be waiting for the development of a legal curse arceus , Um, um... I saw a video in YOUTUBE and it shows a guy that catch arceus in hall of origin and then appears the ??? PLATE :eek::eek::eek: but it´s a ROM hack
  4. Hi everyone!!! I´m new in the Forum, i´m so happy to find codes for my Platinum game hehe, i hope to see more codes of the requeset thread (like re-battle legandaries arceus, girtaina in distorsion world, etc) I have a doubt and i hope that you can help me: I made a Shaymin with the POKESAV in SKY FORM. The Shaymin appeared in the Box succesfully in sky form and bla bla bla. Then i realized the Gracidea flower doesn´t change my "created" SHAYMIN to the sky form!!!. If i put it in a Box it changes to the LAND FORM right? BUT when i took it from the boxes to my PARTY and try to use the Gracidea, it doesn´t change to SKY FORM :(:mad::confused::confused: what´s happening?? i hope you can help me. i´ll be so grateful, greetings !!!! :kikkoman::kikkoman::kikkoman:
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