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  1. Sorry for the double post and all, but I'm still completely lost. I want some Max BP and change the nature of my Pokemon. D:
  2. Yup, DS is turned on. I'm at the screen where it shows the Updating... bar at the bottom. Still has Waiting for DS. </3
  3. Alright, this is all confusing as shit. Mostly the problem is that I connect my ARDS, while it's in my DS, to the computer via USB cable, and the manager comes up, and it's forever waiting for my DS. I don't know why that's happening. Also, when I downloaded the firmware zip file, all that's in it is a .bin file that's full of complete gibberish to me. Help? D:
  4. You could just do the Global Trading trick for Pokemon that evolve by trading. Place the Pokemon with it's item it needs to evolve, if it needs one, into the GTC, asking for an insane Pokemon in return, like a level 1 Ho-oh or level 100 Weedle. Then make a trade with someone on the GTC, and take your Pokemon out. Voila, evolved. Some people don't need to make a trade with someone, but I have to.
  5. Make sure you read PokeSav tutorials so you don't glitch your Pokemon and your game to hell.
  7. Darn. >: Thanks for the help anyway, I appreciate it. You know, I didn't see the x86 one. The x64 didn't work, Win 32 didn't like it, I was halfway through x86 and I got an error. Do I put the codes in the DS list on the left side? >.>
  8. I'm putting the new codes in that, yes. Do I have to delete the other codelists in order for it to run?
  9. Not sure what you mean by that, to be honest. >.> Summer has me running blank on most things lately.
  10. I'm getting this window everytime I try to update the AR.
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