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  1. Is there any code that unlocks Reflecting Mirror?
  2. Oh I see. Yeah, it seams to be working for me now. Kinda annoying thought, I wanted to have my Larvitar hatched on 31 oktober
  3. I was breeding today in HGSS using fast hatch and Iv check to speed up the breeding. When I soft reset the fast hatch code just stopped working, but the iv check still works. Anyone know what the problem is, cause I didn't do anything just soft reset that I always do when I see that the Ivs is bad O__o
  4. I don't really understand how the code works? I press select but I don't see the pokémons iv's? Do they show up in the sumary screen or tm bag or what? :bidoof:
  5. I would like a code to check a pokémons Iv's, fast hatch and getting max BP in Battle frontier (for move tutors) ^^
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