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Found 5 results

  1. for some reason i can no longer click the stats edit button on a storage pokemon using the platinum pokesav or the platinnum compact pokesav, can anyone help?
  2. When I was a kid (in year 4 when the anime first came out), I admit, I was enamored by the anime and always wanted to watch it. But at some point in my life I stopped watching... I'm not sure why but I think I know the reasons. - Misty's attire bothered me - Misty's attitude bothered me - Brock was funny, but the flirting part turned me off too much when I was little - Ash is an idiot who decides not to evolve his Pokemon - Pokemon that aren't supposed to beat some other Pokemon beats it (example: Misty's Goldeen takes down James's Victreebel, Ash's Bulbasaur single-handedly takes down wild Gengars and Haunters with VINE WHIP, etc...) - The case for anime ubers (see below) Uber # 1 [sprite]025[/sprite] Ash's Pikachu The menace that ruined the show for me. It ALWAYS wins! ALWAYS! Ha ha ha! So that Ground Pokemon Onix is immune to Electricity? I'm afraid not! Thundershock! Boom! Geodude? Pssh... Thundershock. DAI. Rhydon? AIM FOR TEH HORN! DAI BIG RHINO! That Marowak that took down Bulbasaur? Thundershock! It's a OHKO! Marowak becomes emo! Marowak left his trainer! (I'd be upset too if I got defeated by something I SHOULDN'T be defeated by) Seriously? How strong can this thing be? Pokemon the First Movie: a single THUNDERSHOCK takes down Venomoth, Pinsir, and GOLEM! Seriously, this yellow rat is overpowered! Pikachu vs. Raichu: Hey guys that yellow rat won! You know what that means kids: NEVER evolve your Pikachu! Seriously, how lame! Oh yeah, I heard from the 3rd generation anime (I stopped watching after the middle of Johto) that Uberchu took down a Regice. A... GIANT... LEGENDARY... WALL... OF... SPECIAL... DEFENSE... REGICE! Why do you pick on the ice Pokemon you anime producers? But you wanna know this rat's losses? Rudy's Electabuzz rings the bell. Gary's Eevee and Electivire (I hear) is another. And another one I heard... Uberchu lost to this bloke Paul's Elekid. A... STUPID... ELEKID. Really? So that's what causes Pikachu to fall? The slayer of Rhydons and Regice... falls to the ALMIGHTY ELEKID?! I'm sick of this nonsense... really. I think Pikachu's my number 1 reason why I stopped watching this anime. It ALWAYS wins... but won't win against the Electabuzz family for some reason. Yeah, I couldn't resist, but this made me feel MUCH better: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=45Ybhv7mP-4 Take that, yellow rat of the secret uber powers no one can unlock! Uber #2 [sprite]039[/sprite] Destati, er, I mean Jigglypuff Jigglypuff used Sing! EVERYONE FALLS ASLEEP! Jigglypuff is MAD! Jigglypuff used MARKER! IT'S SUPER EFFECTIVE! Aside from that giant Pokemon episode, when has Jigglypuff ever failed? Sing NEVER misses! Uber #3 [sprite]054[/sprite] Misty's Psyduck! Just wait until this stupid thing gets a headache, and what happens? The ultimate attack! CONFUSION!!! Destroys EVERYTHING in sight... I'll bet even Mewtwo wouldn't stand up against it had Psyduck used it on him (but too bad it has never happened... muhahahaha!). Ash almost beat Misty with a Kingler at one point, but then she brings out that Psyduck... and Kingler uses HYPER BEAM! But did Psyduck fall to that? NO! It uses Confusion and bounces back that Hyper Beam destroying that poor king crab. Then what about a dark type? Shouldn't it resist it? Nope. Or at least that's what I heard... how Psyduck's Confusion hurt a Poochyena... X_X This duck's too uber... and in the hands of one of the most annoying characters in the anime... ugh. Uber #4 [sprite]175[/sprite] Misty's Togepi Togepi used Metronome! Need I say more? Uber #5 [sprite]006[/sprite] Ash's Charizard Okay, at least this one makes sense... somewhat. But still, it shouldn't take EVERYTHING down with its HAX0R Flamethrower! It takes down Articuno (poor Ice types! Stop PICKING ON THEM and HUMILIATING THEM!), takes Gary's Blastoise down and loses to a certain fighting chicken. That's retarded. So what caused you to stop watching the anime?
  3. Hi, I can't get the Action Replay code manager, nor my computer at all, to recognize that my AR is plugged in. I have it set up like I always do: AR in the DS, DS on, hooked via USB cable. I used to get this problem, but after unplugging it and plugging it back in for whatever reason the hardware had to reinstall itself, but then it would work. But this time it won't do that. I Googled around for a while and found some solutions, such as stuff in the device manager, uninstalling/reinstalling the code manager, etc. Nothing fixed it. Do any of you know what may cause this? Btw, I'm running XP, so the Vista issues aren't a problem. EDIT: I now constantly get the message that Windows failed to recognize the device when I plug it in. While it wasn't recognizing it before, at least it's aware of it now. But it doesn't give me any options to fix the problem.
  4. I was breeding today in HGSS using fast hatch and Iv check to speed up the breeding. When I soft reset the fast hatch code just stopped working, but the iv check still works. Anyone know what the problem is, cause I didn't do anything just soft reset that I always do when I see that the Ivs is bad O__o
  5. I very recently dowloaded pokesav to make some minor adjustments on my platinum sav file. It worked fine and i was able to tweak a few things. I was going to use pokesav again today but when i open to sav file, all that comes out as my name is ‚|||||. None of my pokemon, items or any other data appear anymore except for my money. Im using no$gba emu to play the plat rom and evrything works fine so it has to be pokesav right? all help is appreciated:confused:
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