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  1. how can i open pkhex, when i open 


  2. When I get an e-mail from the forums, and go to the forums at a secure location (like a PM box), and have to perform an authorization via 2FA, I get redirected to the Home and have to either renavigate to the target location (or easier, go back to my email and reclick on the link).
  3. Anyone got any really cool Pokémon yet? So far, I got myself a couple of Dratinis while at level 7. My leaders are Pidgeot, Hypno, and Golbat which seem to be pretty common around here (not seeing so much of Golbat though).
  4. Once you get to Level 5, you get to pick a team. Whose team are you on? Team Instinct (Yellow), Team Mystic (Blue), or Team Valor (Red)?
  5. Switching to PM. Sorry about the delay
  6. This is really interesting. I haven't looked at this in a while, but BDHC has always been bothering me because of how erratic changes would cause. Which part is the effect of stepping? It has data that says that the Hero splashes (ie puddle) or makes sand footprints, and then has the appropriate sound associated with it.
  7. Sorry about the delay. VBulletin's support for HTTPS is a bit lacking. Should all be fixed now.
  8. I tried adding some fixes for this. It will take an hour or so for the changes to propagate through the internet and hopefully they work properly. Sorry for the inconvenience!
  9. @suloku has been added to the Editors group
  10. It did take a few days, but the issue was resolved eventually.
  11. You might be interested in ROM hacking. Try having a look around there for some useful tools that work with the game. Now remember, the game does not contain direct source. We have to unbuild things in order for them to be observed first.
  12. Well, this is kind of unfair. I had noticed this two days ago and I had requested a re-review immediately. We actually were only linking to an "unsafe image" if there even was such a thing. Google said that they would resolve this within 24 hours but here we are two days later. Sorry that I was not immediately able to follow up with you guys, I had some long days at work.
  13. @evandixon Done. Also, wow, this is thread #24
  14. This does not belong in the Save forums, which involves analysis of non-running games. Moving to the RAM R&D forums.
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