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All Shiny Competitive Fully Evolved Pokémon and Legendary Pokémon + Top Placing Japanese teams (Battle Stadium Singles) 100% (SWSH) 1.1.2

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About This File

Cool save with all competitive fully evolved Pokémon. Also has top placing Battle stadium teams which I've translated and updated every season. Sources are in the description. 

▫️ Includes: 

All final form Pokémon in the game with competitive sets.

All Legendary, Mythical and Ultra Beast Pokémon with competitive sets.

Top placing teams from every Battle Stadium Singles season so far. (Teams within the top 15) (Translation done by a native Japanese speaker)

Smogon Anything Goes and Over Used tier teams.

All Pokémon that can legally be shiny are shiny.

All Pokémon have Pokérus and max friendship.   

All Pokémon pass legality check and have at least 1 ribbon. (All Pokémon have a ribbon equipped) 

All fashion items including DLC releases.

Main story and both DLC are completed with 100% Pokédex and Currydex. (All 151 Digglet found on Isle of Armor) (All 3 Pokédex complete) (Fully upgraded Dojo)

Max money, BP, Rotom Rally score, Pokémon caught, Watts and at least x995 of every item. (Without the Junk Dynamax Crystals)

* All Teams in BSS S- and AG run Horizontally. (BSS = Battle Stadium Singles) (AG = Anything Goes)

* All Pokémon have a competitive set with the exception of some non-fully evolved special Pokémon.

* Please give me suggestions to improve the save in the comments.


Anything Goes teams: Anything Goes | Smogon Forums

Battle Stadium Singles top teams: ぽけっとふぁんくしょん!|注目記事 (nouthuca.com) (Message me if you need help navigating the site)

Competitive sets: Smogon Strategy Pokédex

Edited by Ikura

What's New in Version 1.1.2   See changelog


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