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  1. Translating from portuguese so people can understand what he said: "I need a Pokemon Ultra Sun save file without hacks, least time played (preferably under 10% completion) with all the 807 pokemons, does not need to be shiny." For/para Gustavo770 Escreva as coisas em ingles, este forum requer o uso da lingua, pois e o meio de comunicacao das pessoas aqui, elas nao vao entender o portugues.
  2. Yes it can, but there are better ways to backup and restore you savefile.
  3. Are you using the latest version of PKHeX? Some new events are flagged in old versions.
  4. Hi, I just got a wireless adapter for the Gameboy Advance and need to know if there is a way to boot a event rom (ex Aurora Ticket) in an emulator and make it connect to the wireless adapter plugged in the console to make the event item go through. Is there a way?
  5. People are not allowed to post ROM links, you will have to dump your own game and patch it yourself.
  6. You can try to unmark the pokedex entry and reactivate the event in PKHeX, otherwise I dont think it is possible for gen 2, to my knowledge there is no event flag for the roaming dogs.
  7. I will try to do that, have no experience on how it is done, but I`ll search it up. Thanks! (Btw 111k wow)
  8. I saw that in the tutorial section, but I have not been able to put it in number order (PkHex Database UI). I created folders numbered from 001-810 and the pokemons keep apperaring out of order. (Maybe could be added a A-Z or Pokedex order button to be toggled). Edit: I know you can search by species, but I want to make it ordered in the sprites section.
  9. I have been trying to organize my own pokemon database from the save files I extracted from my cartridges in PKHeX, but it defaults for sorting from A-Z but I want to make it go from 001-800, is there any way to do that?
  10. Hi, I was thinking of buying two wireless adapters for my GBAs but I do not know if they are region locked or region free, does anyone know?
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