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  1. Now that's how you do a post! Great job theSlayer! Also how to I get rid of the "New Member" tag, have been here with an account for 2 years? And viewing for 5.
  2. EZ Flash Omega IV is a spetacular GBA flashcart, works perfectly.
  3. Did you move the saved main file to the correct location where your emulator/console will read it?
  4. Oh, so PkHeX only knows how to flag correctly events from gen 4 onwards because we dont know how prior events were stuctured and what were its properties to their full extent?
  5. I explored the sevafiles provided in PkHeX, some are still flagged as illegal, PkHeX database might have to be updated or these Pokemon might not be completely reconstructed to their fullest original state. Someone with more experience may want to look into that as I dont know how the flagging system works.
  6. Is it a full rebuild of the original machine? Will it give all the Pokemon given at the time or just the ones people were able to recover?
  7. This is not even listed on Bulbapedia! It is an amazing find. The page only shows United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland had this magazine distribution and in a different time frame.
  8. Translating from portuguese so people can understand what he said: "I need a Pokemon Ultra Sun save file without hacks, least time played (preferably under 10% completion) with all the 807 pokemons, does not need to be shiny." For/para Gustavo770 Escreva as coisas em ingles, este forum requer o uso da lingua, pois e o meio de comunicacao das pessoas aqui, elas nao vao entender o portugues.
  9. Yes it can, but there are better ways to backup and restore you savefile.
  10. Are you using the latest version of PKHeX? Some new events are flagged in old versions.
  11. Hi, I just got a wireless adapter for the Gameboy Advance and need to know if there is a way to boot a event rom (ex Aurora Ticket) in an emulator and make it connect to the wireless adapter plugged in the console to make the event item go through. Is there a way?
  12. People are not allowed to post ROM links, you will have to dump your own game and patch it yourself.
  13. You can try to unmark the pokedex entry and reactivate the event in PKHeX, otherwise I dont think it is possible for gen 2, to my knowledge there is no event flag for the roaming dogs.
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