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  1. Hi, just wanted to separate this thread from my previous one because I figure I need this right now; ASAP. Need this for catching desired Rayquaza (SRing for good stats in ORAS )
  2. Hi, this is my first thread and I figured it might be the best way to get what I need. First off, none of these are for competitive play as I suck at it and probably won't bother with it until S&M are out. Second, I'm online usually every day from 6am to 8am SAT-MON (I work from 5:30pm to 6am so no internet or DS ) Tue-Fri from noon till midnight generally (PACIFIC TIME -8) I don't mind HOW you get them, as long as it'll count towards my Pokedex~!
  3. Just wanted to make sure, but there's no way for a US player to use these codes right? (I tried and it said my game wasn't eligible to receive them on ORAS)
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