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Found 11 results

  1. Is there any save with all pokemons max iv? I found one with all pokemons, but not max iv
  2. I need help with the ".IV_XXX=" commands in the PKHeX batch editor. :frown: I want to give random IV values to all of my Pokémon, but I couldn't find a way to do so. I've already tried ".IV_ATK=$rand" but I guess that's not meant for that command. Also tried using the ".IVs=" one with no success, can't get it to modify all of the IVs at once. Any help? Is this randomization functionality implemented in the batch editor? :confused: Thanks in advance!!:redface:
  3. I'm still new and have no clue where I should put this... Here seemed ok. So I was using Pkhex to edit my save file on Pokémon AS when I decided to look at the 3 starters I got for trading up some Pokémon from my B2 game. I went to look at the stats and ALL OF THEM had MAX 6IVs! I have NOT touched them prior to that since it was my 1st time editing the save file and hadn't touched them when I was using the PC data editor (I have used the PC editor hack before). All 3 also have their Hidden Abilities'. How possible is this (if at all)? If possible what are the odds of this occurring? Could this be some sort of glitch or RNG something or other? Did I just get crazy lucky? Please note that ALL 3 johto starters are 100% legit and legal, were not obtained by the means of ANY hacks, and were not edited after viewing them. I did get them as a gift from Pokémon Bank and was amazed at the gift.
  4. I really want to get them normally in game, but I don't have the money and luck to buy Pokemon Diamond, so I need help you guys to get one for me. My request is just simple legit, the one that you get in game and not by cheating. -- What I need is: Pokemon Species:Piplup [Moveset] *Defog *Water Gun *Tackle *Ice Beam Held Item:PP Max Level:1 Ability:Torrent Nickname (If wanted):Dynamite Trainer ID (If specific):34602 Secret ID (If specific):41456 Shiny (Yes or No):No Egg (Yes or No):Yes Nature:Bold Pokérus Status:Not Infected Pokéball Captured In:Poke Ball EV Stats:0 EV's IV Stats:31/0/31/31/31/31 Ribbons (If any):No Ribbon Location/Date Met:"the Sinnoh region" Location/Date Hatched (If an Egg):September 14 2008 Friend Code (If Trading):5258-1529-8539 -- What I need is: Pokemon Species:Latios [Moveset] *Defog *Luster Purge *Psychic *Refresh Held Item:None Level:40 Ability:Levitate Nickname (If wanted):GETTHEFOGOUT Trainer ID (If specific):98678 Secret ID (If specific):32322 Shiny (Yes or No):No Egg (Yes or No):No Nature:Timid Pokérus Status:Not Infected Pokéball Captured In:Poke Ball EV Stats:0 EV's IV Stats:31/0/31/31/31/31 Ribbons (If any):No Ribbon Location/Date Met:"the Hoenn region" Location/Date Hatched (If an Egg):April 30 2006 Friend Code (If Trading):5258-1529-8539 -- Pokemon Species:Swirlix [Moveset] *Tackle *Sweet Scent *-- *-- Held Item:None Level:30 Ability:Unburden Nickname (If wanted:Terry Trainer ID (If specific):32535 Secret ID (If specific):15654 Shiny (Yes or No):No Egg (Yes or No):No Nature:Jolly Pokérus Status:Not Infected Pokéball Captured In:Poke Ball EV Stats:0 EV's IV Stats:31/31/31/0/31/31 Ribbons (If any):No Ribbon Location/Date Met:Friend Safari Location/Date Hatched (If )an Egg):December 1 2014 Friend Code (If Trading):5258-1529-8539 -- Pokemon Species:Treecko [Moveset] *Pound *Leer *-- *-- Held Item:None Level:5 Ability:Unburden Nickname (If wanted:May Trainer ID (If specific):32535 Secret ID (If specific):15654 Shiny (Yes or No):No Egg (Yes or No):No Nature:Jolly Pokérus Status:Not Infected Pokéball Captured In:Poke Ball EV Stats:0 EV's IV Stats:31/31/31/0/31/31 Ribbons (If any):No Ribbon Location/Date Met:Route 101 Location/Date Hatched (If )an Egg):December 21 2014 Friend Code (If Trading):5258-1529-8539 -- (and if you can, please do it for me) Pokemon Species:Meloetta [Moveset] *Close Combat *Psychic *Teeter Dance *Echoed Voice Held Item:PP Max Level:50 Ability:Serene Grace Nickname (If wanted):SPR2013 Trainer ID (If specific):03013 Secret ID (If specific):16687 Shiny (Yes or No):No Egg (Yes or No):No Nature:Hasty Pokérus Status:Not Infected Pokéball Captured In:Cherish Ball EV Stats:252 Spd/252 HP/4 SDef IV Stats:31/31/31/31/31/31 Ribbons (If any):Wishing Ribbon Location/Date Met:"the Unova region" Location/Date Hatched (If )an Egg):March 7 2013 Friend Code (If Trading):5258-1529-8539 -- The reason I want a defog move because I don't have the access to teach to my pokemon but to force transfer it into a fourth gen game. The reason I want a swirlix and treecko because I have no luck finding them online Meloetta because IV's
  5. I've been doing a little digging and can't seem to find this information anywhere. I'm trying to find the Relation of the IVs to the PID in GEN 4 Pokemon. It also be nice to know the GEN 3 correlation as well. thanks in advance!
  6. Hey, does anyone know if you can get away with your pokemon having all IVs at 31, because while unlikely, that is possible if you are lucky enough and take the time? If not, does anyone know how I could go about choosing the right IVs to max the Strength of the Pokemon, but also make it look legal?
  7. I'm looking for a legal shiny charmander, or any of its evolutions, with perfect ivs. I'd be willing to trade for it as well. I have all of the events listed on this site as well as most of the japanese gba events. I also have shiny 10 ANNIV's but I'm unsure as to whether or not they're possible because there seems to be some debate over the issue. Thanks, ProjectDestiny
  8. I downloaded this site's PKM file of the Pokemon Box Zigzagoon and it passed the Legality Checker... I then tried to edit its IVs so it had IV's of 31 in Attack and Speed, with a legal (or I thought) PID, but it showed this in the "type" field of the Legality Checher when I replugged it in Type: Never seen this. B-A-D-E (Unrestricted) How do I make my Zigzagoon so the type shows as "Common GBA Event (Unrestricted)" like the readme says it should be? I really want its IVs in Attack and Speed to be 31, but I want it to pass the Legality Checker! Is there a way?
  9. Just so I know once and for all, can hatched Pokemon legally have 31 in all IVs?
  10. Alrighty, I'm new to this whole editing thing, so I have several questions which may or may not be a "duhh" thing to you lot (I'm still not clear at all on a lot of basic things), but I'll say anyway. 1. Is there somewhere I can see the average IVs of a given Pokemon species, with a certain nature, perhaps? I know what nature I want my Pokemon to be, but I don't understand this whole business with IVs determining it. How do I figure out what IVs will give me a certain nature (for instance, a brave Torterra)? I don't want my Pokemon to be godly with all 31 IVs, I just want them to be able to hold their own in online play. 2. What's this whole business with EVs? I thought they came from simply defeating other Pokemon and getting XP from them... They're the things affected by vitamins and some berries, right? How do I know the average EVs for my Pokemon? 3. Earlier this morning I made my first Pokemon in Pokesav and stuck it in my team. It was a Torterra that looked like this in Pokesav, but it came out a level 1 with measly stats. What did I do wrong? More questions will come later, because although I can't think of them at the moment... they're there.
  11. Could anyone give me good examples of IVs set for the different types of Hidden Powers? I know there's a lot and that's a lot to ask for. I actually knew nothing about the different forms of HPIVs until recently. So in creating teams using different Hidden Powers, I need something to go by so I know what to look for in using the even-odd system. I've been trying to calculate them on my own recently, but can't seem to do it correctly. It would be nice to have something to go by! (As I am not a math person, it makes this all the harder x__x; ) Thanks guys!
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