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  1. I appreciate that a lot. Crazy how me randomly using the program brought up an issue that others hadn't faced yet or hadn't posted about. As a temporary solution, I was able to fix every single Pokemon in my save file by manually setting their Displayed and Language flags. So all is well that ends well.
  2. I appreciate the answer. II have never compiled from github before but I will give it a try now. Thank you so much for this information. I can just use an older version for this purpose because all I need to do in transfer Pokemon and nothing else. Glad to know that it was indeed something related to PKHeX and not just me acting stupid or unable to understand. It is insane how you were able to figure it out. EDIT: If anyone can link me to an executable or a compiled version, that would be appreciated as well
  3. Sorry for that, I make A LOT of backups so things can get mixed up. This is the actual Alpha Sapphire Save file: main - Complete
  4. @Ammako Thank you so much for detailed info as I'm not well aware of how it all works. But all I have to say for now is, take your time. My issue isn't as important and don't stress over it if you can't find an answer. I Appreciate the help but at the same time I dont wanna cause any inconvenience or bump this thread over others that might have important issues to deal with. I'll keep checking this thread every few hours except at night to make sure I can provide you with whatever info you need from my side.
  5. This was super interesting to me, so I went and did this: Exported a Pokemon (that is normal, no issue) from Pokemon X and put it into my Pokemon Y save that I dont play and therefore, hadn't seen that pokemon (Luvdisc in this case). And surprise, it became Shiny. YOU being able to reproduce the issue should tell me that nothing is wrong with my PKHeX. My Pokemon Y producing the same issue as X should tell me its not just a bugged Pokemon X ROM. However, when these same Pokemon X pokemon were dumped into my ALPHA SAPPHIRE ROM, they did NOT appear shiny. Now this one is controversia
  6. @Ammako This is the original Pokemon X Save before any transfer: main This is the original Pokemon Alpha Sapphire Save before any transfer: main This is the original Emerald Save file before any transfer: [VBA]1986 - Pokemon Emerald (U)(TrashMan).sav Please rename the last one according to whatever is required by you to load it. I used VBA-M to save Emerald. And Citra to save X and Alpha Sapphire. PKHeX was downloaded from here: https://projectpokemon.org/home/files/file/1-pkhex/
  7. @Ammako I didn't even know the box system existed before. When I posted the issue, I mentioned that I was using drag and drop exclusively. Only after I was suggested to dump boxes did I learn to do that. So my issue remains in either case. Also what @squall1989 mentioned, happened to my Charizard as well after I manually set all Pokemon to Displayed: Male instead of Shiny Male. It would show Shiny Female, but when I opened it and switched to the ACTUAL female version, the shiny one would immediately turn back to what it is supposed to be, Normal Male. I didnt mention this because my or
  8. As an experiment, I did the following if it helps you collect any info: 1- ALL the Pokemon that I caught in Pokemon X were obviously displayed correctly. So I dumped the boxes that contained all those pokemon into a "Test" folder. 2- I then deleted every pokemon from every box. 3- I opened Pokedex Editor and clicked Modify and "Seen None". 4- I cleared my part outside of the one Zangoose I had. 5- I set Zangoose as Seen: Male, Owned: Native(Kalos), Displayed: Male, Language: English. 6- I saved the file and started the game. I had only one Pokemon in National Dex, the rest
  9. It's fine, at least you tried to help. In the end, I have the same settings as you, and did exactly the steps you did. I did manage to open the Pokedex Editor which I didnt know how to do before because I was only using the program for drag and drop. There are Seen, Owned and Displayed Windows inside there. A lot of transferred Pokemon were set at "Shiny Male" in the Displayed section for no reason. Even pokemon that were EXCLUSIVELY found as female and don't have a male version at all, had Shiny Male checked and Greyed out (Obviously only Female and Shiny Female are not greyed out) Funny
  10. Just making sure you know this: The problem is with multiple Pokemon. I took him out of the box and into battle AFTER your reply to see if I can trigger the "Seen" flag. So that seemed to have no effect. As for the folder method, like I mentioned multiple times, I'm not very familiar how to use the app to its full extent. I have about 300+ Pokemon needed to be transferred. Here's what I did with my lack of knowledge lol: 1- Opened the Pokemon X save file and right clicked the "Box" tab. Delete>Clear. Cleared each box one by one, but only the ones I imported, my original Pokemon from
  11. @Ammako Hello, ty for replying and sorry for late reply. I am using which was the latest version available when I downloaded it a while ago. No files have been changed or messed with. I've only used the executable file. @theSLAYER Hello, thanks for replying. I am using version as stated above. I can update it if required but I don't believe that should be the issue. The "Modify Pokedex" option in settings is ENABLED. I apologize in advance for any inconvenience but from the earlier part of your statement it appears that I can't see the normal skin because I transfer
  12. Hello friends, I am new to PKHeX so I will try to keep it short and simple but forgive me if I go into too much detail. I come here after trying everything for hours. I played Pokemon Emerald on VBA using a normal ROM and completed a Living Dex on it. Recently I got a new PC so I downloaded Citra and completed Pokemon X and Alpha Sapphire on it. So I decided to get a shiny charm for shiny hunting. In order to complete the National Dex, I decided to legitimately own every single pokemon in it. I couldn't trade because of emulator, so I decided to legally catch every Pokemon. I caugh
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